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4 List of Blog Niches To Start A Blog

4 List of Blog Niches To Start A Blog

The last time I checked, there was at least an uncountable number of niches to host a profitable blog about. There is also the giant established top blog niches to start a blog.

Do you want to know the blog niche ideas with an already thriving market, a queued-up audience, and a guaranteed much bigger chance for success?

Welcome! Let me be your niche finder…

And You Need To Know That

Because bloggers are making six-figure of revenue coupled with the fact that it is open and free to all, everyone hops in.

These are 3 of some of the lessons I have learned so far from the blogging business. Any of these prerequisites gone wrong will be a very big question mark? And the answer will be a = struggle.

  • Niche Market: We will go into detail later on this “4 List of Blog Niches To Start A Blog “.

  • What is Your Blog To You? Is it another way to make some quick bucks, a hobby, experiment or business?

  • Your Blog Host: On what foundations have you built your site? This is a simple choice to make but matters the most. Just one or two Google Search results and you are done.
    • Who hosts your blog?
    • Are you going in because of a cheap welcome price?
    • How satisfying are the customer's reviews so far?
    • Is it reliable?

Take The Success Recipe

Your blog should be driven by three Ps; ‘Purpose, Passion, and Patience.'

To start, and remain, and make money, you will have to – with passion – treat your blog or blogging as a business while you do it as a hubby!

The Best List of Niches And Blog Niche To Start A Blog – Blogs To Read

Creating an entirely new profitable niche market that will make a good amount of money is very possible.

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But hello here me out Bro, I am basically comfortable going for a SURE than a LIKELY.

So you are a wannabe, or already into blogging but wants to diversify or get an insight about some best blogging niche website/blog ideas to create a new blog in.

We have researched and from experience, come up with a list of 4 blog niche lists that will surely give you a head-start with a little effort.

1. Health/Fitness/Beauty Niche (1 of – 4 List of Blog Niches To Start A Blog)

A successful website/blog on this niche is the WebMD

The health niche has been my first and best blog niche since forever. Hence, it comes first on this list of niches to build a blog on.

Niche blogs in the health, fitness and beauty niche have the largest audience and could be getting the highest number of visits. 

This is for the obvious reason that it appeals to everyone.

No matter your industry or career, at one time or the other, you want to be healthy, become or keep fit, look beautiful or handsome, get taller, shed some flab, take care of skin or hair or treat one sickness or another

And also, the health and wellness niche is a multi-billion niche with many competitors on the ground.

PS: I don't believe in any such thing as a too much competition niche as some people may believe. In fact,

. . . you should not think of starting a blog if you are not ready to accept challenges and competition, because it is all part of the game.

Afonne Onlinebiz Hub

Earnestly, the money is in the mainstream or crowded niche markets, because the population is just a sole indication of healthy and profitable opportunity. 

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Top Niches in The Wellness Market

  • Pet
  • Fat burning
  • Fitness
  • Hair loss/ hair re-growth
  • Depression

Any of these sub-niches are evergreen and fully-blown blog niche ideas to build your blog about in the health niche. 

2. E-course Niche (2 of – 4 List of Blog Niches To Start A Blog)

A success website/blog on this niche is the LINDAikejiblog

How many times have you taken an online course (paid or free)? At least twice.

Even if you haven't, there are a thousand and one out there that have and will always pay you for the knowledge your course conveys. 

Folks make an average of $10,000/m from one average successful online course. Obviously, the best on this list of blog niches for a successful blog, in terms of reward for service.

By now, you may be wondering why everyone is not on this promising niche. 

So that you may know: It requires a significant amount of knowledge, time, marketing skills and bills.

Sure! Nothing valuable comes at no cost (even when it seems).

It requires time, skill and effort to start, finish and market a professional course, and after then… You still need time, skill and effort to create a loyal audience before the BOOM!!! If there will actually be any 🙂

But with consistency and skill, this niche market idea is wonderful and worthwhile!

3. Entertainment Niche (3 of – 4 List of Blog Niches To Start A Blog)

A success website/blog on this niche is the UPI

It takes no more than what you can give to set up a blog on this profitable market.

How did you get to know the latest hit? Somebody writes what you read on entertainment blogs.

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And every 24hours, you are 90% likely to interact with the media. Only a 10% chance of staying a whole day without listening, or watching or singing.

You sure have gone to Youtube today right? If not, please do.

The traffic an average entertainment blog receives can pay bills. So, it is time you started one!

4. E-Commerce Niche (4 of – 4 List of Blog Niches To Start A Blog)

A success website/blog on this niche is Amazon

No wonder the owner of Amazon is one of the richest men in the world.

The number one unit that has, and is still linking people of different skin colors and home countries is the internet.

I have also come to realize that this is a great opportunity for people of my like. A very ample opportunity dances in the eyes that see.

And why wouldn't it blossom? Online-based shops earn the credit for being one of the sources of original products.

Aside from that, the web-hosted shops give everyone access to any products, despite their location on the map.

The advent of the internet is more of a blessing than a blessing (hey! it is not a mistake).

So dig deep and you will see a very big potential hanging low.

And there you have them

This is the 4 List of Blog Niches To Start A Blog I think will skyrocket faster.

Which do you think is the best fit for you and what other niches should make the list.

Let us know in the comments section!

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