6 Gentle Landing Page Hacks To Get Your First 143,176+ Subscribers

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Obviously, putting together an engaging, brand-interested email list can unlock layers of value for your business, a dream come true for 96% beginner bloggers.

While everyone has their recipe of strategies they think are most valuable to their digital marketing model, a good percentage of businesses say there’s one, absolutely critical for exceptional success in blogging. 

And this is not one of those random talks with no stats. 

Basically, when it comes to measuring the number of purchases that were actually triggered as a result of receiving a marketing message, email at a percentage of 66% emerges the highest in conversion rate, compared to other marketing methods; hence the famous 3,800% ROI (Returns On Investment).

But, building an email list is more than throwing together stuff in its literal sense- it is about how to actually go about the building of that email list- stunning, conversion-friendly landing page comes to rescue! 

People who grab it early get in front of the others and stays onward with higher revenue!

This is the fastest elevator on-line to lift your revenue to the peak.

** What are Landing Pages? These are specially made pages on your blog for the sole purpose of conversion and sales.

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** An email list is a database of email addresses of similar interest, gathered through one or more of the different email building strategies.

1. Turn Your Homepage to A landing page Today

To get started, you’re going to remove the basic static homepage you have now on your blog. Yes!

Lots of blogs that really convert don’t even have any link to their blog on the home page. Instead, visitors are welcomed with a landing page with a popup that persuades visitors to subscribe with an incentive.

The key is to only allow visitors to leave your homepage when they’ve signed up for your email list (when they must have… rather:-) )

2. Include Popups On Every Page of your Blog (To Help Your Landing Pages)

Popups still work amazingly well, up to 1,375% of the time.

With a 3% conversion rate, popups help you easily increase your blog’s traffic and subscribers.

A 3% conversion rate may not sound that impressive, but 3% of every website visitor becomes a significant number over time.

So that, when your sidebar blog subscription prompt does not do the work, or the one in your website footer fails, a popup is seen, right?

3. What’s the call to action, Are You Selling At All?

Grab this free copy now! Looks familiar right?

The call to action is a key element of a landing page, acting as a signpost that lets the user know what to do next. 

For example, if a reader lands on a blog article and there is no clear call to action at the bottom of the post, it is likely that the reader will leave the site without completing any other tasks.

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And you wouldn’t afford to lose not even a single visitor.

4. Create a landing Page Specific to Your Audience

Most people will send traffic directly to the home page. If you want high conversion rates for your traffic, then you need to create a landing page designed specifically for the traffic that will be arriving on your landing pages.

5. The Whitepaper Effect (A Content Upgrade)

Include whitepapers on your landing page for free download! These are free document downloads that try to sample a problem and then present a solution! 

A good approach to this will be to choose topics that are of concern to your industry and publish it on your landing page! 

Highlight the whitepaper with a call-to-action and ask for the contact information of the visitor for downloading it! 

6. Exit Popups Will Be The End Game

Exit popups aren’t exactly a new tool in the digital marketing world. We talk about it all the time but they can be used in a new way to help increase the number of conversions on your landing page.

The exit popup as its name suggests detects when a user is attempting to exit your page and is automatically triggered to display.

PS: Do it with a last-minute offer to harness the effectiveness of this form. Your offer(s) can include discounts (for e-commerce sites), free ebooks, a simple PDF, newsletter subscriptions, or anything.

You use these techniques to attract your visitors and get them into your sales funnel and email list Now.

Wrapping Up

Matter of fact is that you do not have enough landing pages already, there’s room for more.

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Get down on it and see you at work!


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