‘6’ Parts to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign [plus COPY]

Email Marketing Campaign
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Every business should be doing email marketing because every product or service on, or offline with a successful email marketing campaign launch is exposed to way more potential customers. 

Precisely a whopping %4,400 sellability market, where even the least capital investment stands the chance to hit a home run.

… obviously, more than virtually every other marketing model you may know of.

And the good news is that it’s meant for everyone who knows how to use it. 

From bloggers, affiliate marketers, content creators… to product creators, manufacturers, consulting firms, etc.

In this post, we are going to dissect the six parts of a very successful email marketing campaign. 

We’ll take a look at what makes email copies successful and drive more conversions and sales, then discuss how to create and launch yours ASAP. 

Along the line, we will also get to review a real-world email copy that is reported to have ended up generating well over $15,000 Return On Investment(ROI) in as little as 30 days of launch.

If you are ready, I am, so let’s dive in together.

Firstly, Why Email Marketing?

An email address is ranked first before any other means of personal contact, and second to your mobile phone. 


  • Email address is what any form you’re required to fill online makes a compulsory field.


  • Even though there is a viral adoption of social media of different types with different features as faster means of sharing information, still, every one of these new modern social media means of communication has its place.


  • Based on stats, email marketing has always topped the chart for benefiting a business the most compared to any other marketing model.


Email Marketing allows you to personalize Your Marketing Message: 


  • While the success of the advertisement industry can be (in part or whole) attributed to the interest-based targeting mode of advertisement, email Marketing even doubles the scope of personalization by allowing you to narrow it down.


  • Despite the number of people a campaign is hitting at once, the top most interesting fact about email marketing message personalization is that you can #mention subscribers in your email copy. 


  • [bcct tweet=”Reports show that for every $1 you spend on email marketing campaigns, you make more than $42. This is higher than Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization, and others combined.”]


Email Marketing is not dying anytime soon: Currently, there are four billion email users in the world, and this is expected to hit 4.6 billion by 2025. 


  • Some time ago, the ready Radicati Group released research it has had just concluded on email marketing. Of many other facts, it found that there are a whopping 146 billion emails sent per day of which 109 are business emails.


  • Email Marketing is effective cost-wise and otherwise.


  • It is straight-to-the-point marketing for the right eyes who are genuinely interested and ready to buy your products.


  • Every email marketing campaign is trackable and can be improved in Real-Time.


  • An email marketing campaign is a double-edged hyper-effective marketing model in that,


  1. … you make %4,400 percent as ROI and,
  2. … retain made customers who could become returning buyers and possibly have them refer new customers to your business.

The list can go on and on…..

Hopefully, now you know why it’s probably a mistake not to take email marketing seriously.

So let’s get into what the six paths to a successful email marketing campaign are.

And towards the last part of this content, we are going to review a real-world email marketing copy that has made money, and how to create one yourself.

At the end of this post, you’ll understand why and how email campaigns are always very successful.

1. Get an Autoresponder [Step 1: Email Marketing Campaign Success]

Choosing one of the best email marketing campaign autoresponders will provide you with many benefits.

Those will including a place to store your email lists, a way to group them, and the ability to send as many email campaigns to any number of email lists. 

With an autoresponder, while customers and potential converts will be receiving your e-mails at the preset intervals, you’re allowed all the free time to invest in other aspects of your business that may be needing it the most.

And as long as you have access to a well-to-do email campaign autoresponder and a few hundred, or even millions of valid email addresses, you can do a whole lot with the right tools.

Deliverability and pricing are the two most important words to keep in mind while considering an autoresponder service.

Email Delivery

An autoresponder allows for a means of mass communication while also supporting an individual-based personalized marketing message.

It does this just as if you were reaching out to only that one particular person. 

So talking about delivery, getting to the user or target audience’s inbox is the ultimate goal.

That makes it probably one of the most important features to look out for in an autoresponder.

The success of every email marketing campaign starts only when the delivery is in the user’s inbox already. Then the campaign copy can do its work.

Hence, the delivery status of your email copy needs some guarantees from any service you will want to choose, maybe even before you do so.

Fortunately, that can be found on the home page or list of features of the product.

It turns out that some free autoresponder services do not meet up this expectation while others do.

That means they are not only limiting your email list size, sometimes their email delivery may not be guaranteed.

Few of the mail of some free autoresponders get blocked before it gets to the user, or just ends up in spam or promotions tabs. 

It’s also worth mentioning that several free autoresponders perform very well too, but it requires your own scrutiny.

If you can, it’s recommended that you purchase a paid autoresponder service that somewhat guarantees that if your email marketing campaign copy is good enough (that is, it does not sound spammy), then their technology can guide it into users’ inboxes safely. 

Also feel free to check out this service which I use for my email campaigns. Since I am an affiliate as well as a customer you will get a discounted sale on my behalf.

Note that Afonne SEOBlog may get commissions for purchases made with some links on this website, but at no extra cost to you.

By any means though, if you aren’t flamboyant enough at this time to get a paid service, do well to check out MailChimp’s latest launched here!

Cost and Pricing

For some beginners, service pricing could be a thing since autoresponders charge monthly. 

It’s great you consider the pricing of an autoresponder service especially compared to the services they provide.

Though on the norms, the higher the price of a product or service, there’s likely higher value or professional services rendered. 

As long as this norm holds, some companies also do not only sell their services but also the name they’ve made in the industry. 

You wouldn’t want to go for such services especially if you are starting now.

In summary, pricing is one of the ways to choose an autoresponder service for your email marketing campaign needs, but it should not be the only yardstick to it. 

Check out GetResponse with this link to get a 30-day completely free trial period to experiment in real-time on your business if what you are paying for is worth it.

Also, remember that FREE can be awesome sometimes especially if your email list is below 1k in number. 

Check out MailChimp here for a free-forever account to kick-start your email marketing campaign today.

2. Host A Webinar Towards The End of An Email Marketing Campaign Series

In case you don’t know, webinars come packed with a whole lot of advantages and a new window to grow your online business exponentially.

To be clear, a webinar in simple terms is a seminar that is hosted online. 

Best-selling products and newly introduced services have over the years utilized webinars during launching.

This has worked to get new customers familiar with a product or service, and ultimately take them by the hand step-by-step on the customer purchase journey. 

There are more benefits to utilizing webinars…

  • …Opportunity for more sales
  • …Getting to build trust on a personal interaction basis
  • …Opportunity to get new visitors… and more

Most autoresponders may come with the feature of a webinar platform. So if yours does, that becomes a huge plus to your marketing success as you will not have to get a separate service to handle this phase of your campaign.

Inviting customers to your webinar and pairing that just completed webinar series with a sales page by pointing to a converting sales funnel is a combination you’ll have to try out.

This puts hosting a webinar as the second part of a very successful email marketing campaign.

GetResponse (with my link here) renders all the benefits of integrating a webinar, sales funnel, and lots of other features that will allow you to make the most of your email marketing campaigns, only if you’ve got a copy that begets sales.

3. Point Customers To A Well Crafted Sales Page/Landing Page

In your email marketing journey, there are words you can’t use in your campaign copy.

Email clients determine what should go where (inbox or spam) by analyzing the content of every mail word for word.

Another way is by the rate of an email opens from a particular sender over some time. 

If your emails keep coming for a long period without the receiver reading your emails, the email bots where the email is hosted automatically assumes it to be of less importance and redirects further receipts to the promotions tab.

This particular scenario can be handled by writing better copies.

See the real problem…

When a receiver’s email client algorithm perceives your email as spammy, that’s probably worst as there’s little to no remedy.

And if you are initiated, you already know that the power of every marketer is in words (content and copies).

This is one of the reason you will want to minimize your copies as little as possible. And also, the words you use your email campaigns matter alot.

Let your call to action direct readers to the main landing page for the whole discussion.

Because apart from being sidelined to spam folder, you have more chances to make a sale or enlighten converts on a specifically dedicated page for such purposes.

…like a landing page or sales page.

So reserve your sales words and simply point your subscribers to the right direction for the full gist.

4. Share Value for A Few Days (with No Sales Talks)

This method of sales magnet will always work.

Take Google and Facebook and all the big brands for instance.

They all delayed monetization for years, and when they finally did monetize, they sold and still sell.

The 4th part of a successful email marketing campaign is delaying your sales until you have built trust and enough brand awareness.

If you can pick up your phone and check your mail right now, the senders you are still reading their emails are the brands you either discovered yourself and signed up with them, or others who had to be patient enough to let you get to know them.

To kickstart, with your autoresponders, just pre-set automation to run for say, 7-days for an email course or awareness campaign based on the group of the subscribers you are sending to.

Always make a mention of your webinar of anything that may be coming up in the rest of the upcoming days your campaign is meant to run for.

Then let the 6th or 7th day be for monetization or webinar launch.

Note that 7-days here is an example… Do what works for you and your business.

5. Bang-up Powerful Email Marketing Copy

Content is king 👑 always king.

Every word in your copy leads to the next, the next to the next…

While you keep yourself in the know of the shift from only textual content to include more virtually appealing content like infographics, images, and videos…. let’s review an email copy to give you an idea of the different parts of your next email marketing campaign.

‘6’ Parts to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign [plus COPY], Afonne SEOBlog

The first part of the copy as we clear see is a hyper short and sharp intro to a product.

‘6’ Parts to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign [plus COPY], Afonne SEOBlog

The next thing that follows immediately is a catch bird’s eye view, should the reader not have much time. All the copy is about is to get you to a convertible landing/sales page.

‘6’ Parts to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign [plus COPY], Afonne SEOBlog

Now some more hypes to draw you inner and get you thinking…

‘6’ Parts to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign [plus COPY], Afonne SEOBlog

Finally it’s time to drop some product description with the list of all how it makes life easier.

‘6’ Parts to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign [plus COPY], Afonne SEOBlog

This section of email copy tries to let the reader know that this project does need a degree to start using… it only needs your genuine interest and money (that is if you are convinced enough).

‘6’ Parts to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign [plus COPY], Afonne SEOBlog

And lastly, the deal is called to a stop with a call to action like below… Click on the link to see the full copy in a colorized and glorified form.

That’s all to it. Simple to the ground, powerful as LOVE!

6. Too Frequently (is Too Bad for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign)

Finally, the last part of your next email marketing campaign should be the awareness that excessive of anything is probably bad.

Do not have to go into my email every day to get my attention or convince me to buy your recommendation.

That will be being too straightforward and spammy. Three times per week email schedule or once a week is just enough to hit your weekly sales goal.

This also boils down to a neat email list of interested subscribers built from scratch.

To take your email marketing campaign to another level with Ai powered automation [for Affiliate Marketers only], Check out “EasyPro Funnels Here” to UP your game and thank me later :-).

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