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6 SEO Reasons Every Blog Should End With “.Com”

6 SEO Reasons Every Blog Should End With .Com

Hands down, the .com domain extension is undisputedly the most popular and valued domain extension on the internet.

Geo or industry specific domain extensions such as .org or .us have their own benefits, but the benefits of a .com extension is not comparable.

It is the king of all the Top Level Domains (TLDs) and you’re soon going to be discovering 6 SEO reasons every blog should be a .com domain and you should be considering getting one for yourself. And, if you already have, congratulations, still read through to equip yourself with this kick-ass knowledge.

Shall we?

Assumption Mentality

[1st SEO Reason Every Blog Should End With “.Com”]

Visitors most likely will assume that your domain ends with .com when they are just getting to know your brand and you’re expected to help make their assumptions true.

Nobody wants to task their selves to do what they could easily get somewhere else with ease. That’s why people tend to like stuffs that are really simple to understand and easy to remember like domain names as usual and common as a .com domain.

Think about the first time you heard of a business, brand, product or service, it is very likely that you do not have their website url yet.

One of the first things you’ll have rushed out to do is probably to look up the combination of the brand name followed by a .com. That unconscious and automatic act of using what you always see is called cognitive fluency.

So if you have not, leveraging the .com domain extension is a great opportunity to get what your audience are already familiar with, easily trust and able to relate to.

Great isn’t it?

Now, their’s one road block to by-pass and that is the fact that the availability of short and interesting .com domains is drastically reducing on a daily basis.

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It is very likely that the first domain name idea you’ll want to register was registered 10 years ago.

So start checking the availability of your .com domain name today.

PS: Probably you’ll not find your first or second or even third domain idea. But a good combination of words, or even your names will just be fine. While doing that, remember to keep it short, simple, familiar and memorable for your blog visitors.

Rank Higher

[2nd SEO Reason Every Blog Should End With “.Com”]

Google and all other Search Engines are always committed to delivering great user experience to Googlers.

It is now a proven behavior (with no statistics to show for it) that users are more likely to search and to click on .com domain SERs, and based on that behavior, Google may prioritize search request results.

This .com domain name is so much of what we think a complete website should have, especially for fellows who have very little understanding of how site addresses work. Fortunately and unfortunately at the same time, these people will make up a great percentage of your potential blog visitors.

In most cases, Google will be biased to favor .com domains over other Top Level Domains (TLDs) and if you can key-in to this rare gem, your Google ranking odds will have been increased by 10%.

Talking about rankings, your domain extension benefits are hugely influenced by users.

That means that your sure fire strategy to rank even higher on Google SERPs is ingrained within your good SEO practices, quality of content, ease of blog navigation, popularity and number of backlinks.

Though your domain extension (in this case, .com) may turn out to be an added advantage over your competitors, and as we have already discussed, it is highly influenced by user behaviors which can change at anytime- take for instance our example of an interesting product, service or brand you’re just getting to know about, what of when you now know their URL?

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Obviously, that means the cognitive fluency benefit has been removed. So, play your inner and outer SEO games well so that luck as well as expertise will both work in your favor.

Credibility for Your Blog

[3rd SEO Reason Every Blog Should End With “.Com”]

Inherently, .com domains sound more reliable and professional besides being shorter and memorable.

Plethora of benefits and features just for having a domain that ends with a .com?

You do not even need to have deep pockets or rub the bank to have a .com domain. Something as cheap as a cup of coffee.

Amazingly, rocket-speed, air-tight and SEO ready web hosts even give away free .com domain names if you purchase their hosting package here.

So why won’t you want to have one?

And just upon all the goodies, visitors will also view your blog as credible; assuming your branding is one of the best in your niche – which is as easy as a click away – and you have the pen-skills every successful copyblogger celebrates; the real holy grail of writing razor-sharp contents on the fly.

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More Value

[4th SEO Reason Every Blog Should End With “.Com”]

Domain names (and especially .com) have an impact on your SEO, hence, automatically accelerates your search engine placement and automatically tons of more traffic.

So yes, instead of the many new domain extensions out there in the market today, you can choose what has being existing since the establishment of the internet.

This way, you are sure of your domain property.

Your blog value or rather put digital worth does not only matter when you want to sell your blog. It basically empowers your brand and exposes you to more greater potentials.

That will translate to more sales, more money, traffic, credibility, popularity, you name it…

Good For SEO

[5th SEO Reason Every Blog Should End With “.Com”]

Every domain you choose, or will be choosing has a SEO value.

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SEO is not a particular unit or rule to stick with. But a myriad of practices that translate to the blogging phenomenon word SEO.

Everything being equal, when you have a domain that is short and simple, popular and especially a .com domain extension (and in rare cases, your blog has other domain extensions), it has a lot of SEO goodies.

Firstly, you’ll starting ranking higher and higher overtime. Then, more people will visit your posts because they can easily get to your homepage from your URL.

Ultimately, there is very big possibility that your sales will increase.

Growth And Scalable Ready

[6th SEO Reason Every Blog Should End With “.Com”]

My big blogging goal has been to turn this little blog of mine into a billion-dollar business. If you are like the 70% of beginner bloggers, that may not be your thing from the onset.

Let’s call you Jerry. So Jerry?

On this faithful day, you suddenly discover that you are earning more from the once-a-hubby thing, than you actually make per month from your 5-6 job.

Then, you finally decide to resign from your work and dedicated more time to your blog. I mean, it’s definitely doing great and you even have the freedom to spend quality time with your family and loved ones and leisure time for yourself.

Are we on the same page? 🙂

So today, you were just thinking out loud and was like, No! No!! No!!!. I want to be like or any of the big names and voom… you just discovered your domain is limited to a particular geography.

And to you, nehi, that’s a small deal. Let me quickly register the .com version of my domain, it just a few bulks after all. And.. yet another surprise- NOT AVAILABLE!

Do you really want to be like Jerry?

You’ll read this post once again and you’ll never be like Jerry.

See you at the top.

Your comments!

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