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7 Best Blogging Tools For Beginners [Must Have]


I am going to point out the 7 fundamental tools you surely can't afford to miss as a beginner to be a successful blogger.

Blogging is an actual job where a lot of readers depend on you for solutions.

Though you may have to sit behind your computer screen, the truth of the matter is that there are real clients at the other end.

All you'll want is to satisfy every one of them and keep them coming for more. Doing just that couldn't be easier now with these blogging tools.

The blogging journey all starts with the content. And with the blogging tools below, you will be writing:

  • Charming Headlines
  • Fluff-free (grammatically correct) posts
  • Optimized blog posts
  • Reader-friendly content
  • Plagiarism-free write-up (Google hates this one so much 🙂 )
  • More SEO rank and Traffic
  • Money !! Money !!!

Here is the deal!

The blogging tools cater for all levels of bloggers, but if you start using them right off the bat, you sure will a head start, blogging like a pro.

Blogging Tools For Beginners

Keyword Research


It all starts with a phrase that people are really looking for, after you should have set up WordPress on your host.

There will be no need sweating to write a copy that nobody will want to give a read, sales apart.

So we fall back to keyword research.

Fortunately, KeywordEverywhere is an all-round keyword research tool you can use right from your tab bar.

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Anytime you search for something on Google, KeywordEverywhere will show you a lot of stuff about the keyword you search for.

  • The monthly search volume for that phrase
  • The amount that advertisers are paying for every one click on this keyword (Cost Per Click).
  • How many people will be competing with you for that keyword?
  • A list of alternative keywords, etc.

You can't go wrong with this free extension software.

Re-wire Your Headlines

CoSchedule #Headline Analyser

Once you are done with your keyword research, that means you now have a keyword (preferably- long-tail) that your post will revolve about. Great.

Welcome to the next blogging tool that beginner bloggers will find handy. CoSchedule #Headline Analyser will help you write headlines just that way your readers will want to click on.

This is so important. An average reader will take the decision to read or skip based on how promising, charming or persuasive your post title seems.

So take your keyword now, customize it and head over to CoSchedule #Headline Analyser to analyze it.

Congratulations! You are making “momentum”.

Optimize Your Post

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Before trying to optimize your post, you first need to have a post.

There are two great ways to go about creating content.

The later is what lots of people do. And it is great if you have the skill.

Getting someone to write for you so that you focus only on optimizing for SEO comes with a fully-pack benefit too.

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You'll get more content done, even better than you would have…because you can always request a rewrite.

Any which way, get the content into your WordPress editor, let Yoast SEO give you the finishing touch for traffic.

Edit Your Post

Hemingway Post Editor

Hemingway‘s post editor is a beginner blogging tool that will help you to proofread your content and get rid of possible unnecessary additional sentences.

Reducing just to the minimum without downing communication and flow.

Apart from blog posts and online content, you can use this tool for any other type of writing at all.

With Hemingway, you get to make your writing bold and clear… making every single word count.

Grammarly Pro Touch

Grammarly Checker

Grammarly is a pro tool. I always smile with confidence when I remember the backing of Grammarly.

The free version is more than enough, but if you need more, you definitely cannot go wrong with a pro subscription to Grammarly grammar and spelling checker software.

But hold on. Do not let anyone know this…

I have a way of taping into the pro features of this tool.

Extension all the way! With the Grammarly extension, you'll get more from Grammarly. Check it out and let me know of your experience in the comments.

In Grammarly, someone got your back tight!

Email Marketing AutoResponder

GetResponse Email Marketing and Automation (30days FREE)

This list of blogging tools for all bloggers will not be complete without a way of reaching out to the visitors that showed even the least interest in whatever you have to say.

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Think of an email list as a reservoir. When visitors come, read, comment and share, it means that they enjoyed their stay.

A way of telling them that… look, this is how your stay here will always be (even better), is by humbly asking for their email address.

A good tool to help you do just that, send them emails every time you have a new post, communicate of all the latest and many more is – GetResponse!

It comes with a free 30days (no credit card) full features intact trial.

GetResponse has a whole lot of features that are beyond the scope of this post. You'll want to check out the features for yourself here.

Share To Your World

Go to… Pinterest

Don't tell me you don't know about Pinterest yet. A platform with over 300+million monthly visitors looking for a blog (like yours) to visit.


Pinterest is the surest shorter smarter smooth way to getting thousands of visitors to queue up at your blog's doorstep.

Did I tell you I discovered this recently (?) …

Forget Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As a beginner, those will take a very long time to pay off.

Head over to Pinterest now and rock your world!

Is there any tool that should be added, let me know in the comments box below.

Talk soon.

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