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Affiliate Marketing Vs AdSense [Why Affiliate Marketing Wins]


When talking about making money from blogging, or generally online, affiliate marketing or AdSense would always be found in the heart of the discussion.

One works for both beginner and advanced bloggers with the least significant input, even with the least traffic. While the other tends to favour a set of people only.

There’s no law that says we should use only Affiliate Marketing or Ads- AdSense and colleagues- as the only means of monetization- far from that.

In fact, the combination of several successful money making strategies is undoubtedly the ultimate good that can happen to a blog.

But we are going to pick out which performs best, in this case, Affiliate marketing hands-down is the way to go.

Why You Should Listen To Me

This section may not seem necessary but it will do you a lot of good if you’re a beginner blogger. Why?

There is a big different between, when someone who is already making so much money and has being in the business since forever is trying to make you believe that something is possible, and me.

As at the time of this post, I’m just an average blogger who has tasted it and in the best position to tell you what and how it is.

AdSense for Making Money

If you have applied for AdSense already, you already know how it works.

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Applying for AdSense (the-How to)

In order to apply for an AdSense account, you’ll need to meet some requirements which some are not so easy.

How AdSense Pay You

You’re are paid through the popular mediums such as Paypal but only when:

  • You have a minimum threshold of $100 and your earning is at least 30days old
  • Your traffic is real (according to Google)

How Your Earnings Are Calculated in AdSense

how adsense calculate your earnings

Above is a screenshot of AdSense revenue calculator. It estimates how much one can earn, according to the number of traffic and the location of the visitors.

And from this estimator, it is easy to discover that you need a phenomenal number of visitors to see a positive number (something like $100), else it looks like a child’s play.

My Summary for AdSense and it’s TAKE-AWAY:

  • AdSense is great for high traffic websites.
  • It turns websites ugly and sucks-up user experience.
  • It has much terms and conditions, policies and all what not, to adhere to.
  • Knowledge is power, but in the case of AdSense, there’s little to none you want to learn about it because your control over its display is way very limited.

Affiliate Marketing As A Money Making Model

  • You’ll sell only the things you like and can stop promoting any, without seeking anyone’s permissions.
  • How much you make from Affiliate Marketing is solely determined by you and your approach.
  • Learning hubs like The Largest Affiliate Academy Online” will teach you [FREE] from grounds up to a Pro-Affiliate Marketer who is making $10,000+/m.
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Calculating Affiliate Earnings

In order to calculate how much one can make from Affiliate Marketing, let’s borrow the AdSense revenue calculator and key-in our own values.

From our AdSense calculator earlier, 50,000 visits from North America within a month interval will result in a $3,000+ of income.

Doing our own affiliate earnings based on the same 50,000 visitors from North America…

Assuming we have a piece of Ebook that’ll be sold for $27 and our commission on every sale will be 30%;

That is- 30/100 x $27 = $8.1 commission from each sale.

Our revenue within the same 1 month as our AdSense colleagues will be $405,000 ($8.1 x 50,000).

Who wouldn’t give this a go (?)

And this is only based on a flat-out $27 valued product/service, still not one of those recurring commissions.

What of a recurring $50 – $200/sale FastCloud hosting affiliate program? Become An Affiliate Instantly Here (Look at t

The “Naked Truth” About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is not magic but a truth proven overtime by facts and figures.

However, as much the possibility of making a whopping amount of money, are also the likelihood to fail.

It all boils down to a razor-sharp affiliate marketing skill in your arsenal.

I may not be able to teach you what it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer, but I can confidently refer you to a community of expert affiliate marketers (I belong), that is open and ready to walk you through [step-by-step] for FREE in “7 days”.

Drawing the Curtains

The only proof that affiliate marketing is better than AdSense is to hear your testimonies in the comments section after 1-week.

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I hope I’ve driven home my point home.

Drop your comments below, the discussion just started.

Note: What is contained in this post is my opinion.

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