6 Best Keywords Research Tools for SEO [Fress and Paid]

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Best Keywords Research Tools for SEO

The one formula for a successful blog post that will get lots of traffic, a Youtube video that attracts millions of views, prosperous PPC and even that kick-ass email marketing campaign… is simply “giving needed value at the right time and to the people wanting, willing and capable to pay for it.

To negotiate through, we’ll want to look out for some of the best keywords research tools out there.

A great keyword tool will get you the number of people that are currently searching for the solution to the problem you are about to solve.

So, we are going to discuss the best keyword research tools (paid and free) and ultimately pick the best of all that you’ll never go wrong with.

But first, what makes a great keyword research tool?

  • Sources keywords with significant search volume and less competition
  • Can give you untapped keywords that nobody already knows about to put you on that Google first page (long-tail keywords).
  • Boosts your SEO ranking … and more.

The question now is; can a single keywords research tool have all these features?

Some keywords research tools will definitely give all the above features and more, while others won’t, or at least, their free versions don’t actually go out of their ways to offer these features.

Since paid doesn’t translate to best, let’s start here with the top keyword research tools that are actually free.

(1) Soolve (Free Keyword Research tool Pick)

, 6 Best Keywords Research Tools for SEO [Fress and Paid], SEO Blog- SEO Marketing Tips | Afonne
soolve for seo google

Best Keywords Research Tools for SEO

Soolve works across the board. It moves into the heart of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, and even Amazon to scrape keyword ideas, based on what works.

That way, you will get a peep-from-the-window view of most searched keywords as you start typing in your seed keyword (your foundation keyword) and eventually, you’ll go all the way into a phenomenal list of keywords, with just the hit of an ENTER button.

And after you must have nodded in excitement- now you have your sure-fire keywords- you can then save and download your keywords as a CSV file.

(2) AnswerThePublic

, 6 Best Keywords Research Tools for SEO [Fress and Paid], SEO Blog- SEO Marketing Tips | Afonne
answerthepublic – afonne.com

Best Keywords Res/earch Tools for SEO

This is a goldmine if you’re a gold digger (never mind).

Maybe you’ve created several contents already, even before getting to know what potential readers were after. That is wrong and not a recommended SEO practice.

It is good to write, but far better to listen to a voice in need, before even setting out to write a word of content.

And you won’t go wrong with a tool like AnswerThePublic.

It combines the suggested keywords in Google and Bing into a cloud of visual data (keywords).

The great deal is that… the keywords you get from AnswerThePublic are long-tailed, also, what real people search for.

So, you’ll have to listen to this tool because it listens to the people at the other end of the equation … your potentials and customers alike.

(3) KeywordTool.io

, 6 Best Keywords Research Tools for SEO [Fress and Paid], SEO Blog- SEO Marketing Tips | Afonne
Keywords Research Tools for SEO

Just as the name suggests, you already know what to expect.

This is yet another one of the keyword research tools with their biggest power in scrapping and licking Google Suggested Searches. And as for strength, KeywordTool.io can confidently boost of two major features not found in every average free keyword research tool;

  • It gives you lots of keyword suggestions without limitations.
  • Analyzes your competitors and gives you keywords based on their cornerstone content.

(4) Google Keyword Planner

, 6 Best Keywords Research Tools for SEO [Fress and Paid], SEO Blog- SEO Marketing Tips | Afonne
google keyword search volume

Despite the noise, you can’t possibly live out big “G”. It’s made herself virtually impossible to be dismissed by a wave of the hand surprises though. I mean, that is why it is Google.

Best Paid Keyword Research Tools.

(5) SEMrush ————- (Paid Keyword Research tool Pick)

You most likely have heard about SEMrush.

Do you remember “what makes a great keyword research tool” that we discussed earlier? You can count on SEMrush on those.

Firstly, your target audience may be in a particular country, or you already know the big dogs in your niche that you want to mimic.

There are few tools out there to invest in and one of them is … you guessed it right. SEMrush?

Best Keywords Research Tools for SEO

No wonder it’s the favorite keywords research tool for many pros.

And above knowing your audience as every online marketer will like to tell you, SEMrush also helps you to know your competitors.

It uses a few terms such as:-

  • Traffic Cost: How much the traffic coming from the keyword is valued.
  • SEMrush Rank: The level at which the tool (SEMrush) places a site based on its number of organic traffic.
  • Volume: The number of visitors a particular keyword gets per month from Google.
  • Keyword: The terms or phrases that people actually search for on search engines.

What makes this tool so cool is that it has gathered so many useful features to itself. You will be able to look up a domain name (website/blog address) as well as a keyword idea.

Either way, the emerging page will usually give you a handful of ranking keywords that you can pop into your content right away.

Or, you can tweak a few things, to discover even more analysis.

  • The sites that take up the first page of Google in your niche and the exact keywords they are ranking for.
  • A list of your seed keyword’s long-tail variations, much easier to rank for and their search volume.
  • The top keywords your competitor is ranking for.
  • A host of organic keywords and an insider’s view analysis.
  • Keywords with high CPC (traffic cost).

(6) Ahref

, 6 Best Keywords Research Tools for SEO [Fress and Paid], SEO Blog- SEO Marketing Tips | Afonne

This is a killer research tool, besides its backlink building capabilities; so super-easy to get thorough breakdown information on every keyword idea searched.

Every keyword research tool will get the data that everyone would expect (a long list of keyword suggestions, search volume, etc). But Ahref has even more.

  • You get to know how difficult it is to rank for a keyword in words more straightforward like- “Easy”, “Hard”,  or “Super Hard”, rather than just a flat-out “difficult”.
  • How many backlinks you’ll need to rank on the first page of Google for every keyword.
  • How many searchers click on posts that make it to the first SERP of Google.

No doubt that Ahref has got a different way of going about keyword research… and it has always been and getting better.

And there you have it: the best paid and free keyword research tools for SEO. See you at the top!

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