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5 Best Blog Hosts of the Year

Best Top 5 Blog Hosts of the Year

If I was to suggest, I will just point out only one host. But since no two persons' needs are the same; so are the different platforms too.

There is no single blogging platform that's right for everyone.

Before I chose my first paid blogging platform, I searched the internet for nearly 3 months. And finally, I chose the right one for me.

From my experience, I will give you straight-up, the best top 5 hosts of the year based on these criteria:

  • The first thing that makes your choice of web host “wise or stup*d…” is the SPEED – How will you rank your website as compared to your competitors, in terms of speed?

  • Say I am a hacker (but I'm not), how difficult would it be for me to get access to the restricted area of your blog? Security is a priority, the harder the better- “SECURITY”, a top priority.

  • I was working on my blog admin one day, unfortunately, I installed a plugin that crashed my site instantly. It took the intervention of Mr. Sam (A Wonderful Support) to get it back running – lookout for 24/7, (365) SUPPORT.

  • Do you know what price jumps are? When you are given service at a cheap price as a means of trapping you, is what is called price jump. “PRICE”, is one of the criteria.

We have

  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Support
  • Price and,
  • Security

So stick on, you wouldn't have to ransack the internet to make the right choice, go ahead and select from the wonderful list I have for you.

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Disclosure: The Best Top 5 Blog Hosts of the year discussed here are paid services and, because this post contains affiliate links, we may get a commission at no cost to you, if you use “them”“.

Best Top 5 Blog Hosts of the Year

1. BlueHost

From shared hosting to your very own dedicated server, BlueHost got everything you need to bring your website to life.


  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (if you ever want your money back)
  • FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
  • FREE SSL Certificate Included
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Readily Available Support
  • Super Fast Hosting (Relatively fast)
  • Reliable 99.6% Uptime (Good)
  • Cost-Effective (With a little price jump)
  • Easy to Use (Sure)

What Will I Stand To Gain?

User-Friendly and Powerful:Yes
1-Click WordPress Install:Yes
Great Website Builder:Yes
Free Domain and SSL Certificate:Yes
30-Days Money Back Guarantee:Yes
Cost: Starts at$2.75/Month

Order Now!

2. FastComet

The top-rated Hosting Solution for personal and small business websites in four consecutive years by the HostAdvice Community! Welcome to the FastComet Family!



  • SEO ready blog (Search Engine Rooted)
  • Free domain for life (get a free .com domain as a free gift)
  • Uptime 99.98% (Great)
  • Ultra-fast and hack free hosting
  • Mobile friendly
  • 8 Data Centers
  • Fixed Hosting Prices (No Price jumps)
  • 24/7 (360 days) Support
  • Free Website transfer

What Do I Stand To Enjoy?

User-Friendly and Powerful:Yes
Free WordPress Installation by Staff:Yes
Great Website Builder:Yes
Free One Domain Forever and SSL Certificate:Yes
30-Days Money Back Guarantee:Yes
Free Website MigrationYes
Cost: Starts at$2.95/Month

Order Now!

3. DevonWebs

Elastic cloud powered by Cpanel high-performance hosting, designed for small, medium, large or resource-heavy websites.

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Devonwebs Design and Hosting


  • Uptime 100% Guarantee (Excellent)
  • Ultra-fast and hack free hosting
  • Mobile friendly
  • A plethora of Data Centers
  • Fixed Hosting Prices (But fairly high)
  • 24/7 (360 days) sound Support
  • Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Free SSL Certificates

What Will I Stand To Gain?

Light speed hosting:Yes
SSD powered servers:Yes
100% Uptime (Yes, not 99.99%) – 100%:Yes
24/7 (360 days) sound Support Yes
User-Friendly and Powerful: Yes
Free Domain and SSL Certificate: Yes
Cost: Starts at £3/m

Order Now!

4. JustHost

From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, Just Host provides your complete web hosting solution



  • UNLIMITED GBs Hosting Space
  • FREE Domain Name Registration
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • FREE Instant Setup
  • UNLIMITED Data Transfer
  • FREE Site Builder
  • UNLIMITED Domain Hosting
  • CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL,
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Domain Hosting, SSL, FTP, Stats
  • $100 AdWords Offer

What Do I Stand To Gain?

Unlimited Hosting SpaceYes
Unlimited domainYes
30 Day Money Back Guarantee Yes
Free Email Address Yes
Free Instant Setup Yes
Free Security ToolsYes
Cost: Starts at$3.95/m

Order Now!

5. SiteGround

A Web Hosting Platform Crafted for easy website management and rusted by the owners of over 2,000,000 domains worldwide.


  • Security-first Mindset
  • Fully-managed service
  • Technical superiority
  • SSD persistent storage
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Ultra-fast network hosting
  • Trusted by the Big Dogs

Bottom Line

Those are the best top 5 blog hosting services of the year. Powerful web hosts, crafted for easy website management, without deterring speed, uptime, security, and SEO. What do you think? Drop them in the comment section!

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