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Daily Traffic From Facebook – 10,000+

Daily Traffic From Social Media

Traffic on every website drives growth, popularity and more income. Today we will discover driving daily traffic from Facebook.

You’ve taken care of the SEO aspect of your website, now it is likely that your website will show up for every SERP containing your keyword.

But yet, it is not guaranteed that you’ll get found anyways!

But not to worry…

Driving lots of traffic have just got easier.

You will learn how to turn the whopping 2.27 billion Facebook monthly active users including 2019 projected 275million Twitter(ers).

The 1 billion Instas, 1.9 billion youtubers, 250million pinteresters, and more; into your own website visitors, fans, followers, likers, viewers and especially into prospective customers. also rocks.

The Proven Way To Drive 10,000+ Daily Traffic From Facebook

Kickstart – Daily Traffic From Facebook

Signup For An Account

A social network platform is a too-good-to-be-true, but a real-life opportunity.

It exposes YOU, your BRAND and BUSINESS, to the world’s population on the go- free of charge, stress & worries.

In case you have none yet or will want to create a new account with your business name.

Just sign up for as many platforms as you will want to establish your presence by filling out a simple profile form. 

No special coding skills.

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Create A Rich Content (Post)

Despite the nature of the product or service you are offering, you will have to pass your information across through a piece of write-up.

And putting your information in a Content is an ask on the side of your reader. ASK to spare some time to read. 

This simply means that you will not only write CONTENT but QUALITY.

A Rich Content (Post) Is Made Up Of This Stuff

  • Images: Go check some of the posts you fell in love with, they are powered by visuals. It will take a 200+ of words, just to tell what a simple image conveys at a glance. When you add a visual to a write-up, it saves you some words: You are giving them the data, they will process out the information, according to their abilities.
  • Punctuation: As small and simple as a punctuation mark, it’s presence or absence can make a difference in the meaning of a sentence. 

A popular example:
“Let’s eat, Grandma” —- “Let’s eat Grandma” 

Put everything, everywhere it needs to be- resounding traffic is worth it.

Write-In Simple English: Use everyday informal English, to create your content (posts or pages).

Try not to be too technical if you need readership and remember that online content is different from print- this is not an opportunity to express vocabulary.

  • Make your posts and pages good enough to share. Here your content is informative, entertaining, inviting and friendly persuasive (WORTH SHARING) and there are pretty big social media share buttons (SHAREABLE). 

Roll It – Daily Traffic From Facebook

We are dealing with Facebook. 

Why? Facebook owns Whatsapp, Redkix, Instagram and more than 70 other popular social media networks worldwide.

No doubt, it is the mother of all online social media inventions indeed.

Create a Facebook Business Page

This is your first step to superstardom. 

Facebook as a social media network, is a web-based diverse community of people from all works of life.

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This makes it a great space to easily pass information, create and develop the brand identity and widen reach.

Creating your own Facebook page is just as easy as creating a profile itself and it is going to cost you nothing. 

Giving your page same name as your website or blog and using your logo may be an added advantage for credibility and trust.

Strategy: If you have an engaging page already, share your posts there.

Facebook Group

A. Create a Group: This is especially important. Of course, you will not want to waste your costly time, writing what nobody will be interested in.

Create a group for you and your audience, this will be fertile ground to:

  • Engage your audience
  • Know your audience problem and help them solve it, with your post.
  • Inform them of the lastest posts you just created and why it is a must-read for them.
  • Update them on the trending and free stuff.

B. Join a Group: Find popular groups in your niche and pull the crowd over to your site.

While quality in your content creation process is your watchword, only QUALITY, is not enough to generate the amount of traffic that turns a website/blog into a (Business). 

You will also have to share your posts on every nook and cranny of the world wide web. 

Share every single new post on your Facebook page and group.

TIP: Share your posts (new&old) at list 3-4 times on Facebook and other platforms in every two weeks, for recurring traffic. 

Take It To Extreme – Daily Traffic From Facebook

When you share your quality posts on your page(s) and groups, it will naturally attract traffic.

But a few numbers of visits in a website/blog, which depends on clicks to survive will not pay the hosting bills neither will it turn an affiliate marketer, into a Million$$$ case study.

So you need even more. .

Create A Facebook Campaign – Daily Traffic From Social Media

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Right behind the organic is the inorganic, even the natural has an artificial. Yes(!) it has always been, even before now.

Now, this may be an interesting path, but not free though.

The reality of 10,000+ daily visitors and estimated hundreds of dollars$$ of daily passive income.


The deal is simple, cheap and straightforward. You invest from as little as $5 to drive over, a whopping amount of visitors from specific locations, and if the post, products or services is worth-it;

Then you have a steady inflow of customers for a lifetime.

Sounds good, isn’t it?

Facebook provides you with a host of many options to set-up an ad. For the sake of this course, we will base on traffic.

Let’s go:

  • Your ads objective will be- Click to website
  • The audience will be your choice but must be the type of person that will be interested in your product or service.
  • Set your duration
  • Select automatic placement to have your ads run across a variety of Facebook placements, including Instagram.
  • Budget, sure your budget

Finish-up and publish your ads. You are done with Daily Traffic From Facebook.

Wait a while for approval. APPROVED?

Congratulations, just sit back and watch the multitude!