Full Website Audit (Ultimatum)

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Run a full SEO audit

Audit your on-page SEO, which refers to the optimization of individual web pages by focusing on the content and HTML source code.

Audit your technical SEO, which refers to the optimization of your website for crawling and indexing purposes – e.g., page load time and site speed.

Audit your off-page SEO, which refers to potential actions taken outside of your own website, such as link building, social media marketing, and brand mentions.


What Are the Benefits of SEO to a Small Local Business?


SEO is a systematic strategy that improves your website’s ranking. With it, your small business gets displayed more often in search engines which brings in visitors, leads, and sales. The need for strong SEO is great because 80% of users skip paid ads at the top of search engines, so they need to find your site organically.


Benefits of SEO

  1. Excel in Search Results
    The first benefit of SEO is that people will not have to scroll page after page to stumble upon your business
  2. Brand Awareness
    SEO will boost the exposure of your business, eventually helping to turn your small business into a brand. 
  3. SEO is Affordable
    Traditional advertising and SEO have a huge difference in cost and results. Traditional advertising is much more expensive and often has a lower ROI. This is because consumers don’t trust ads but they do trust organic searches!

So if you want to see your business succeed make sure that you have an SEO optimized website and generate organic traffic. Do you need help? We offer a backlink service to increase your SEO that can get you into the top 3 search results for your keywords. So contact us today!