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How To Get More Views On YouTube [⮝571%]

get views on youtube

Not getting enough views on YouTube even with an audience of roughly 22 billion monthly visits and an average session duration of 40 minutes?

You can be sure something is missing with what you currently have going on.

Views turn out to be one of the most important metrics for every YouTuber and a good way to measure the overall popularity of a video.

I bet you want more, as many views as possible, possibly ASAP too!

Well, getting a lot of attention on YouTube is ‘tantamount’ to everything else; more subscribers, money, fame, etc.

So how do you start driving more views your way today?

In this post, we go all the way into the strategies, dos and don’ts, and everything needed to get more views on YouTube for free.

We have previously covered how to get started vlogging, do well to read it up to learn how to set up the fundamental of your YouTube channel.

I try to make this post very unlike any dime-a-dozen posts out there; do well to read to the end, apply what you learn and your success will thank you.

Why New YouTube Channels Don’t Get a Lot Of Views

Let’s face it, getting more views on YouTube and growing a channel generally, especially for upcoming channels, is not usually gotten on a platter.

No matter how you try to go about it– white or blackhat– it spells out work, a lot of it.

This pushes newcomers into looking for shortcuts.

If you are not careful in finding a shortcut to get more views, you may even get something entirely different from what you bargained for.

And nobody wants that.

That is because there is more going on under the hood of YouTube than catches your eye.

For one, there’s the smart YouTube bot system and recommendation engine with a lot of algorithms in the background, optimized to work with the stack of user activity, behavioral, and engagement data in ways you might not notice.

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New channels struggle to get more views on YouTube because the space is competitive, with 51 million and counting.

So you need something special to beat such a competition. And no…

Buying YouTube views to fool the algorithms or convince YouTube users that others have watched your videos is not what you need.

We will get to what you should be doing instead.

What does YouTube count as a view?

A view is counted each time a viewer watches a video for 30 seconds or more.

One viewer can generate more than one view actually. If a viewer watches a video more than once at a stretch, or on a revisit, new video views will be recorded as well.

That’s how YouTube counts views. Now let’s see how it doesn’t.

What doesn’t YouTube count as a view?

Any views on YouTube that seem automated or carried out by software may not be counted as a view.

Avoid shady moves that are aimed at tricking the algorithm as those moves may put the channel at a risk.

With 1 Billion Daily Watch Hours on YouTube, Any Niche Is Fine

Just before we get to it, I just wanted to establish the fact that your choice of a niche cannot stop you from getting views.

Of course, niche matters, and the right niche can make getting more views on YouTube much easier.

The fact that you chose your niche means that other people are just as interested in it as you.

But just know that a channel niche may limit or boost views and potential.

With that pinned down, let’s forge ahead.

The sweet spots we target to hit: 3 ways YouTube videos get views

  • Recommendation [Comments and Likes]
  • Search [SEO]
  • Subscribers
  • Cards and end screens

How To Get More Views on YouTube for Free

As well outlined above, the 4 streams of YouTube videos generate views are by recommendation, search appearance, from subscribers, and end screen videos.

These are the four streams we are going to be targeting intensely and separately too.


Takeaway: Encourage more engagement
More views are generated through views than any other means.

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The best metrics that the YouTube recommendation engine considers before recommending your videos include:

  • Watch time of your videos: 30 seconds+ is = a view on YouTube but that’s not your only target, you need longer views to earn the favor of the recommendation engine.
  • Videos that viewers often like to watch together, which is not really in your control.
  • Users’ previous watch history, again, is not directly in your control.
    Many things may not be in your control here, fortunately, there is a lot you can control too.
  • Conduct thorough keyword research to find ranking topics to create your videos about.
  • Do video research to find the best-performing videos in your niche and create a similar, but better, video.
  • Adopt great titling tactics and consistent thumbnail designs to boost views: When you finally show up with other videos, users will look at your title and thumbnails to decide what to watch.

Takeaway: Optimize for search and search engines
YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, with the first being Google.

It’s funny because you must have seen this ‘world’s largest…’ in almost every post on YouTube. It’s just incredible that we can go on without talking about it.

To boost organic views by appearing on YouTube searches, we will need to optimize the channel and videos for that.

That is the SEO part of YouTube.

Interestingly, when you optimize for the YouTube search engine, you also indirectly optimize for Google ranking which is just sweet.

How do you do that:

  • Research your keywords to see how popular and competitive they are.
  • Utilize the selected keyword in your description, heading, recorded audio, and thumbnail design.
  • To make your videos appear beside other related videos, feed it all the metadata it needs. You can grab metadata from top-ranking videos in your niche and fine-tune them for your use.


Takeaway: Get more subscribers
One of the hardest things to do is transform a casual viewer into a subscriber, then into an avid viewer of your channel.

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Fortunately and unfortunately, it’s your best bet to grow your views. With engaging and active subscribers, your average views become the number of subscribers on your channel.

No wonder fellow YouTubers keep shouting on top of their voices for subscribers.

It’s for the views. It is also for the money.

Since your subscribers’ count corresponds to your organic reach on YouTube, you have to put in some extra work to build your subscriber base.

Additionally, encourage sharing your videos, turning on notifications, and dropping comments.


Getting views through cards and end screens, and via subscribers, are two of the methods that do not depend on the YouTube algorithm too much, but have a big influence on your audience.

What that means is that it’s your chance.

What Are Cards On YouTube?

Cards are pop-ups that appear at the top-right end of the video with a beep while a video is being watched.

These pop-pups allow YouTubers to recommend other related videos or playlists that may be of interest to the viewer.

They can appear spammy sometimes, in fact, I don’t really like them on videos when I’m watching. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as they work.

What Are End Screens On YouTube?

End screens on the other hand are a form of call-to-action that you decide to place 10 – 20 seconds before the end of the video.

This strategy of getting viewers to see your other videos is based on the fact that if they got the end of your video, they likely enjoyed it and would probably like to see more videos like the one they just watched.

Conclusion – Bang On!

Don’t just keep doing what you have been doing.

I can tell you if you take all that into account today and effect the necessary changes to your YouTube videos and channels, there’s no way your views will not go off the ceiling.

Just remember to respond to comments, create playlists for your videos, and design eye-catching thumbnails.

Getting more views on YouTube could be an easy win rather than the daunting work it seems sometimes.

You got this!

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