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How To Automate Your Blogging Today [7 Step-by-Step Guide]

How To Automate Your Blogging Today!

Imagine if the car could go on errands, and the gas cooker could light itself, and if lots of things could work on their own. What freedom and relief could that bring?

Import that to your career as a blogger, how much money and free time will you have?

Once upon a time in blogging history, the best way to work effectively was only by outsourcing; though a fantastic way of leveraging top professional’s time and soft skills. Fortunately, with more advances in technology comes possibilities; and now interestingly blogging automation is no longer rocket science. 

The cars can’t still go on grocery shopping yet, but blogging can take care of itself (or at least, some part of itself). So this is a step-by-step definitive guide of how to automate your blogging from today.

1. Automate Blogging By Leveraging Auto-Writing Softwares

Since one of the major tasks of a blogger is creating content, it’s quite understandable to start automation from that point. The aim here is not to bring up spun content but to get content ideas fast.

With auto-writing software, it takes less than 5 minutes to get full written content ready for proofreading and editing.

Blogging is all about content, so once you have a faster more automated way of getting it down, you are good to move onto the next automation step. 

2. Automate Post Publishing (Queue)

Now you have a faster way to generate more content on autopilot. You wouldn’t want to post everything all at once, because, blogging as a business, requires you to post on a routine basis.

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Assuming the daily target is to push out 50 blog posts, it will be time-consuming to engage in this task manually. Providing a way to publish your bang-up content consistently is where post-publication automation comes in.

Automating how your posts are published is a critical method of automating your blogging processes and tasks. And it works straightforwardly.

  • Add your content in a queue and set specific dates for publishing. 
  • On the D day, queued posts for the day automatically go live.

3. Use Auto Marketing Tools

After the work is done, what next? The answer, the real work begins!

It’s time for marketing because people have to read what you’ve written. Isn’t it?

Marketing is a very big part of blogging especially, and as well, very very important for any other type of business model, whether online or offline; which makes it a key aspect of blogging that needs to be automated.

One of the effective ways pro bloggers reach out to a huge audience with marketing, and which you should also adopt, is social media engagement through automation. 

This blogging automation is achieved by using plugins that automatically share content to all of a blogger’s social accounts, based on some pre-specified date in the future, or immediately after hitting publish. Such tools can be found with a single Google search.

One very popular tool for sharing to many social media accounts at once is, a plugin called Revive Old Posts.

4. Automate Blogging Through Automatic Newsletter

It becomes easier when new newsletter subscribers will get a welcome email, and get notified whenever you publish a new blog post; all without your knowledge or intervention.

With email campaign autoresponders, you can easily put this on auto-roll. Depending on the tool you are using to get it done, all you will have to do is create a workflow for every process that needs to be on autopilot for newsletter subscribers.

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After you’re done, it should look like this;

  • Collect subscribers email,
  • Send out the first email (welcome mail),
  • Notify everyone on my newsletter of every post update,
  • Done.

5. Create An FAQ Page and How-Tos

A Frequently Asked Questions page will go a long way in reducing calls, chats, and the number of complaints you (if a solo blogger) or the customer care team has to attend to in a day. 

When necessary, How-Tos also explain right off the bat to visitors anything that would have warranted putting a long call across. How-to pages also reduce the number of emails and chats you’ll have to answer.

Now, you are required to make a FAQ and How-To section on your blog to explain some kind difficult terms or ideas and as well answer the identified frequently occurring questions.

6. Outsource

At this point, we are working towards to completely dust your hands off your blog, and just become a supervisor instead of a busy blogger. 

Outsourcing the remaining processes that just couldn’t be automated will save you time, stress, and money.

With outsourcing, there’s no need to hire an employee for any long-term commitments. Fortunately, with the many gig platforms out there, getting a freelance content writer, an advertiser, copywriter, financial advisor, etc., is just a few mouse clicks away from you.

Head over to any gig service of your choice and outsource to the best experts in your industry, people, even more, experienced than you are!

Sometimes, your outsourced jobs are even handled by companies you wouldn’t otherwise be able to employ. Coupled with that, you can review and reject any job deliveries that you didn’t find satisfactory or to your standard, and also have it re-worked. This is one of the beauties of outsourcing.

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7. Pay for SEO (no DIY)

Pay for Search Engine Optimization, don’t toll the path of Do It Yourself (DIY). It’s not everything that you are required to do by yourself. Unless you know it very well, one of such things is the optimization of your blog. 

For long-term success in blogging, you’ll want to hire an SEO expert who may be paid monthly for his services. Apart from individual SEO professionals and consultants, companies also provide their services to clients on a subscription basis.

As a blogger that needs to automate blogging, there are two great options to go for. Either pay as you go service or full monthly or per year subscription plan, the main aim is to lift the hassle of needing to know what happens under the hood of your website.

No need to run audits to fix SEO issues as everything is being taken care of on a professional level. Now you have automated your blogging, you are the boss.

While we call it a rap…

If you could put the above listed 7 blogging automation guides to work for you today, it’s likely blogging will become the real “make money while you sleep” business model it trended for, once upon a time.

Also, remember that automation may at some point fail or need improvement. At such times, you’ll have to step in and do the work. When it gets difficult, always remember that there are a lot of pros out in the market, waiting to solve problems like that. Hire them now!

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