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How To Build an SEO Blog

How To Build an SEO Blog [Afonne]

This blog post is an ultimate definitive guide on how to build a successful SEO blog like mine, that of Mr. Neil Patels, Backlinko, Moz, Semrush, SEJ etcetera. 

What Is An SEO Blog?

This is the type of blog site that serves as an SEO resource for strategies, tactics, best practices, updates, dos and don’ts, tips, trends, techniques, tools, insights, and ideas of Search Engine Optimization SEO.

An SEO blog serves a host of an audience, ranging from the wannabe SEO guy way up to the Experts of the field: up-coming SEO specialists to intermediate SEO practitioners who are looking to learn more about SEO, Social Network Marketing, or just digital marketing in general.

But first of all, why an SEO Blog?

The SEO blog niche is indeed just as crowded and competitive as every other niche out there, so why will you want to choose this niche over others? Well, there’s a big reason you will want to spend the next 6 months+ building on a blog based on sharing all-things-SEO than any other industry.

  • Build awareness for yourself and your brand while helping others solve website optimization problems.
  • Have fun. Get paid for doing what you love.
  • Make money while you sleep.
  • Leverage the internet to start something that can become one of the biggest enterprises in the future.
  • You can achieve as much as you can imagine.

How Profitable is the SEO niche?

It may interest you to know that the Search Engine Optimization niche is ranked one of the topmost awesome paying niches out there.

An average SEO blogger can make consistent $5,000-$25,000 per month in their second year of blogging and it subsequently grows exponentially in later years.

Top blogs like generate roughly $1,000+ in revenue every day.

Steps To Build an SEO Blog

Building a successful SEO blog can be very demanding, but well worth it too. Anyone can build a blog around SEO and make a lot of money from it with the right knowledge. And this blog post is just that information to start it today.

So are you ready to hit the road running starting your SEO Blog? You are on the right post. 

This blog post is solely about how to build an SEO marketing blog like many successful SEO content-driven blogs out there, that make a ton of money, blogging about SEO. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it right away…

1. Learn Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Thoroughly

A popular mentor of mine asked a powerful question about KNOWLEDGE that is well worth sharing here…

When you meet two able-bodied 21-year-old men who are ready to join the army. One with weaponry but without knowledge; the other less-equipped but with abundant knowledge and experience. 

In a battle, which is most likely to come back alive? 

The answer is simply, the knowledgable one. The same holds for blogging and pretty much every other business venture on/offline.

Applied knowledge is power and holds the all-unlocking key to several doors including SUCCESS in blogging.

In a niche as competitive as SEO, you can’t risk teaching what you don’t know a great deal about because it can backfire! 

So start out by first learning the SEO skills to start, grow, and, establish a popular SEO blog on the internet.

2. Build Your Blog Website

* — Get A Webhost

With the latest technologies that have been unleased in the hosting industry, it is now easy to build a full-fledged website without any complicated technical skills requirements.

All you need is a well-too-do hosting service with great uptime, ultra-fast page load speed, round-the-clock support, security-first build-up, that is also cheap and user-first considerate.

Fortunately, the above features can be found in this list of researched web hosting provides. Check out my already-made best hosting recommendations and comparisons here.

* —Choose A CMS

If it were not for Content Management Systems (CMS), every today webmaster would need a B.Sc in Web Development, or at least a sufficient skill of working with codes, to own a website.

Thanks to such great Open Source projects as WordPress, all you now need is a laptop and an internet connection to start your SEO blog.

At the stage of choosing a CMS, you’ll want to also choose for your hosting needs!

3. Banging-Up Content.

As a blogger, your major asset is content. The success and failure of this venture depend on the quantity and quantity of the content you create consistently.

The more the better, the QUALITY the best.

Sometime in 2021, a very influential blogger/internet marketer celebrated having published 5,000 blog posts. Incredible!

And as a reward, this website stood at least, at No.3 on the first page of all its semantic keywords.

That’s how powerful content is to an SEO website.

4. Marketing.

The way a product or service is promoted has always been the distinction between “Best Sellers” and the ultra-awesome products that never sold more than 2-and-half pieces.

The success of a business is directly tied to the VALUE the business can provide and the way it is presented (marketing).

Having a product or service to sell has always been half-cooking, marketing the product in a way that compels people to buy it, makes all the difference…

5. Monetize Your Hardwork

Now, it’s time to make money.

Part of the reason you’ll be on this journey is that it helps you satisfy a purpose. You get satisfaction doing what is probably your passion. 

Besides all that, what was it all for anyway?

It was directly and indirectly about the benefits, the entitlement, and ultimately “the money potentials”.

At this stage, you’re integrating what allows you to get paid.

There are several ways to monetize an SEO website. But these stand out the most:

  • Publisher Networks (like AdSense)
  • Affiliate Ads/Marketing
  • Sponsored Content
  • Direct Display Ad Buys
  • Influencer Marketing, promote companies’ product
  • Consulting to get paid
  • Coaching upcoming SEO practitioners and website owners

Top SEO Marketing Tips (To Teach and Implement)

  1. Add images and videos for visual appealing.
  2. Try adding focus keyword in blog post first paragraph.
  3. Adopt a post formatting style that suits everyone.
  4. Proper keyword research.
  5. Write posts that are as comprehensive as possible.
  6. Find stronger semantic keywords for your focus phrase.
  7. Write effective post titles. 
  8. Always link your site together by internal linking.
  9. Add a meta description to blog posts before publishing.
  10. Write longer content.
  11. Content marketing.
  12. Website authority building.
  13. Website functionality.
  14. Content quality and quantity.
  15. Color design and branding.
  16. Website auditing.
  17. Niche focus and expertise.
  18. Social media utilization.
  19. Marketing tools.

In The End!

SEO bloggers and blogs are a hit ?. Take the success of SEO masters as proof. The important part of owning an SEO blog is that you’d be exemplary of what you teach in terms of on-page and off-page SEO optimization, page loading speed, internal linking, etc.

Consistently learn, teach, practice, and implement SEO optimization practices and sooner than later, you will have a blog based on SEO marketing tips that you’ll forever be happy you tolled this path.

See you in the comments, and at work!

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