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Create and Sale a Successful Digital Product

How to create and sale a successful digital product

You probably have always wanted to create and sell a successful digital product of your own.

Or maybe you've even tried to kick the ball rolling but for one reason or another, did not just get that beautiful product you imagined.

Sorry 🙂 !

Every door has a key and without it's key, no matter how small the door/padlock is, you will find it extremely difficult, if not virtually impossible to unlock such a door.

But on the flip side of the coin, if you have the right keys to doors, they will instantly answer for you, at the least significant effort.

Now! Stretch out those hands to have the ultimate all-in-one key you need to create and sell a successful digital product.

Why Create A Digital Product?

  • You can make a digital product within 7-days+ (with exceptions) if you already know what customers are saying, thinking and what potential customers want.
  • You don't need a huge capital to create one. In most cases, just your domain or hosting bills, some intellectual investments, and an optional ads fee.
  • The burden of employing courier services is lifted.
  • Every sales process is automated (Earning money while asleep)
  • Create your product once, sell to the whole wide world forever (as long as your product remains valuable).

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How To Create And Sale A Successful Digital Product

A few points to note before creating your first product, are:

Watch out: “Videos and audio files and worksheets have more value than text-based documents. So pay people to create these videos and audio files for you, if you can't.”

Afonne Paul

Tip: Merge videos, audio files, worksheets and documents together for a better quality digital product.

Neil Patels

Step #1 To Create A Digital Product (1-7days): Brainstorm and Research Your Niche

Step One To Create A Digital Product - Brainstorm and Research Your Niche

1. Research Your Niche and Most Likely Audience

First things first, you will want to know your audience. The people you want to help solve a problem need to appreciate your product and to get their appreciation, you will know what they are likely to reward.

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Besides understanding your audience, nobody is an encyclopedia of knowledge. That means you know your topic way better than I know programming (insert my emoji here).

I agree, but still, you are creating a product that novices and professionals alike will want to learn from your wealth of knowledge.

I promise you wouldn't want to let anybody down.

2. Identify the problem you are attempting to help potential customers solve

After your research, you will have known what people are finding difficult in your niche. Good, only now can you get the interest of a majority of your audience.

3. Find out how best to pass your message

How will be the best way to solve this identified problem?

  • Okay, with just audio over a slide, people will successfully get over this issue.
  • Or, I will have to make a video tutorial. People will very much appreciate a practical approach. Seeing how everything is done in real-time.
  • No, no, no. I am better off creating some worksheets and text-based documents. Then, make a video tutorial separately, but as part of my product. Maybe this will be more appealing.

4. Wrap It All Up In A Catchy Title

Allow your copywriting skills to do the job here.

Gone are the days where people don't judge a book by its cover. The crop of humans of the 21st century will not give a damn for the greatest product with the least possible ugly title.

You can read this wonderful blog post to learn why and how every successful blogger is a copywriter.

Step #2 To Create A Digital Product: Start Creating Your Product (7-counting…)

Step 2 To Create A Digital Product -  Start Creating Your Product
Start Creating Your Product

5. Create an Outline of Your Topics

Now you have researched your niche of choice, found a problem to solve and, also chosen a topic/title.

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The next thing is to push down the wall of Jericho. I mean, you've got to break things down. It is as simple as converting the broad topics to little chunks of subtitles.

This will not only help you write faster but will avert the urge of giving up.

6. Set a target

Your gigantic goal is to create a successful digital product and sell it.

Your midget focus may be on writing a particular number of words per day or shooting a particular length of video payday.

Set a target and try to stick with it.

7. Follow Through and Keep the Flow to How To Create a Digital Product

Creating a physical product basically takes time.

If you are creating an e-course on “Creating and Running a Facebook Ads”, you will spend more time than someone creating a single video tutorial on “How To Use that Latest Gadget.”

But the aim is, when you keep the flow, you will only have to invest that precious time rather than waste it.

You will spend the smallest possible time to create that long-awaited successful digital product.

And giving up won't be an option because you never gave chances to distraction.

Step #3 To Create Sale a Digital Product: Market and Sell Your Product (counting… -Infinity days)

market your product
market your product

And, Wawoo. The deed has been done.

Thank goodness. But the circle is just 180 out of 360. It is finally done but half.

The first half is creating the product, the other half, marketing. Lest I forget, the extra time is updates and upgrades.

Below are some DIY sure ways to market your product fast.

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8. Create A blog/YouTube Channel

create a blog

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9. Run a Webinar

At the time of writing this blog post, I just learned that webinar is a seminar conducted online for the purpose of generating leads/sales/conversions.

Make sure you say things about it in the comments section.


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You did with only one thing remaining which is, read this post again, share it and, see you in the comments.

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