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How to Create and Run a $Million Website

How to Create and Run a Million$$$ Website!

When it comes to making money online, people, even me (then) will ask:

  • How do I make money online
  • Can I make money online
  • How to make money free from home
  • Make Money from a website or blog 
  • More . . .

Just as spammy as it may sound, the answer to all the above is- YES. You can, everyone can and all you may need is right there, staring in your face: those Mobile gadgets and Laptops!

It is self-limiting that some folks already harbor the belief that, “Online Make Money” is a scam.

In this 21st century, you need not be a programmer or coding skill to set up a stunning website or blog. But what of the money part?

That is the billion$$ question well answered in this post. There may be lots of ways to generate income online, but we will deal with website/blog creation and the revenue part of it.

Make Good Money Online – Learn How to Create and Run a Million$$$ Website!


1. Setup Your Own Website/Blog

Every business now needs a website, a blog or any other form of an online presence to be considered complete.

Internet stats have shown and proven that more than half the population of the world is on the World Wide Web. This presents an ever-growing opportunity to all the well-meaning bloggers and the host of all the internet users.

Why not grab this rare opportunity (!)

Head over to Blogger and WordPress to quickly create your own free website/blog that instantly launches on the Internet.

Free is free, paid is best.

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These are my paid hosting recommendations.

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DISCLOSURE: The links here are affiliate links, we get a commission if you use them to SIGN UP or make successful purchases.

You can have more than one website at a time, but you will need to give equal attention. Below are reviewed tested-and-trusted 99.9% uptime and reliable web-hosting providers, you instantly launches a brand new website/blog now!

If you already got yours, congratulations, so read on to know what's next!


2. Start Creating Good & Well-Styled Contents

Good content is Queen and style is the beauty of this “Queen”.

Of course, the savvy bloggers and copywriters will see this as a piece of common knowledge; but it does not nullify the potency of well-styled meaningful content.

Putting alphabets together to form words, words-to-sentences, sentences-to-paragraph(s), all the way down to a full-fledged CONTENT; in an informative, entertaining and educative way is a skill of its own.

There are two (2) ways to go about your content creation:

Get It Done For You 

Fiverr is a five-star gig site, crowded by a mixture of professional content makers, designers, SEO experts, music producers, etc. Customer satisfaction is a priority, quality is guaranteed, speed delivery is a watchword- in Fiverr.

Get your content written by an experienced writer. Click here.

Do It Yourself

Here you will do the work all alone. But as challenging as may seem, it is great and fun if you have what it takes.

Monetize - How to Create and Run a Million$$$ Website!

3. Affiliate Marketing

Why is it that virtually every time you see monetize, the next thing is Affiliate Marketing? It is simple, the affiliate marketing industry grows at every tickle of the clock.

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Companies and reputable brands are looking out for advertisers to promote their products & services for them. And because of how simple the business seems, everybody is in.

Affiliate Marketing = You advertise your own way and get commission for the sales that you help the vendor make.

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Pretty huh!

But it does not end there, there are more to it than this!

Wealthyaffilliate is one of the top affiliate marketing academies with a host of professionals with the same goal as you. People you normally would have had to pay, just to ask them shitty questions.

  • You will get free state-of-the-art websites
  • A keywords research engine
  • A community of fellow bloggers and webmasters that are willing to help out
  • How-To Monetize A Website/Blog free complete course
  • Ability to blog for a 1.5million+ community of people and still have your post found in Google SERPs
  • Lots More

I learned and still learning in Wealthyaffilliate. It is too good to be covered in a single post. Click Here

4. Ads

This is another way to turn a website/blog into a  stream of passive income and it is usually advised to come after the site has more traffic.

Ads here means Advertisement and the formula is:

Lots of traffic = more money.

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When you are signing up as an Ads publisher, the volume of your traffic is measured and you will then be accepted or declined.

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At the nursery stage, if you only have few visitors, no worries; just stick with consistency in creating posts and always share every new post on social media networks, to extend your reach and popularize your online presence.

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Once you are sure of a few 10-100s of daily visitors, then it is time to hit the ball rolling!

Finish-up - How to Create and Run a Million$$$ Website!

5. Collect Email Addresses

With email addresses, you have an ample chance to communicate directly to your customers. You can easily give them updates about the latest or trending products/services, alert them of discount coupons, talk about the next webinar, newest posts . . .

6. By Creating Pop-ups

Pop-ups get a very positive result in email collection, no wonder you see them on every website. From experience, it is 110% effective.

I was browsing a website, suddenly a pop-up window without an exit button appeared- I couldn't exit the stuff, so I exited the site.

This is a mistake most bloggers are making and you should take it as a warning!

NOTE: Two forms of pop-ups that work fine are the entry and the exit button.

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Bottom Line

Do what you love. Be consistent, determined and committed to hard work, for every hard work has a reward; and that is- SUCCESS!

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