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How To Do Keyword Research

how to do keyword research

How is keyword research done, and how do you find a ranking keyword? 

Keyword research is the practice of finding what users search on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc., analyze it, and harness the knowledge into creating better-optimized content (keyword wise), solely to help in increasing the number of visitors to a website by boosting click-through rate and ranking.

It takes knowledge of how to appeal to search engines and readers to confidently beat one’s chest about knowing keyword research. This is one key skill “professional SEO experts” have mastered over time. 

Facts About Keyword Research

  • You can learn to do keywords research for your own content, or outsource and pay for either only having the keyword researched, or an entire content made from grounds up.
  • Imagine search engines such as Google as your local machine at home (your home PC or Desktop). Now, how do you find stuff on your computer when you don’t know the name? 
  • Your website and its content, are like a file with a forgotten name in the example above (but with so many similar other files to compete with). So the better your file name and content, the best. 
  • Keyword research requires that you get into the mind of searchers (or realistically imagine it), cook the best content that will match exactly their next search query.
  • Catapult this fact-based knowledge to your content creation experience today!

Without any more ado; how to do keyword research in any blogging niche...

How To Do Keyword Research- The Best Way To Rank

how to do keyword research
how to do keyword research

Those keyword suggestions you get on Google while searching for another keyword are a gold mine you need to tap into asap. 

That’s a very brilliant way to discover the exact trending headlines related to what you are looking up. And if you can ride a trend, then get ready for some traffic hikes. Though traffic hikes reduce a bit after some time to become regular traffic.

2. Niche Semantic Keywords

Semantics has to do with meanings in English Language, even in SEO and keyword research.

And that “meaning” counts a fortune when making content, especially when your content is sales targeted.

Having a good knowledge of phrases and their search intent will earn you another badge for being on top of your game. 

Fortunately, the same tools that we use for keyword research take semantic keywords into account.

3. Come Up With Initial Keyword Ideas

To get your first keywords drafted nicely, make a list of all the relevant topics in your niche. 

With your top 10 keyword ideas, narrow it down to 5, then 3, and finally 1.

The top 1 keyword you ended up with is now ready for tweaks and you’ll have a post title already.

Lastly, the rest of the 9 keywords on your list, together with their synonyms will be integrated into the full version of your post.

4. Browse Quora, Reddit, and AnswerThePublic 

Every single content you’ve got and going to make is for people’s consumption, likely a lot of people.

So, keyword research is much like asking for what combinations people use to find resources. 

It may interest you to know also that the three mentioned platforms (Quora, Reddit, and AnswerThePublic) have people ask questions about their confusion on a subject matter or challenges. 

Think about how much you can achieve by answering questions that already need answers rather than ask yours!

5. Learn How To Use More Keyword Research Tools

There are several great tools out there to make keyword research and content creation (even blogging) easier every day.

At the same time, some of these tools do not only make the work easier and faster but also, tend to work smarter and 24/7 no closing hours. 

I will like to read your thoughts in the comments box below. Happy success in business…