How To Get Approved for Google News [5 SEO Tips for Approval 2021]

Google news approval
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There’s no doubt that getting google news site approval is a game-changer for any website. At the same time, there’s a proven roadmap on how to get approved on Google News.

These are some 5 SEO tips for any website to get live on Google News feed.

1. Showoff As An Authoritative Source

One of the best ways to flaunt as an authoritative source of news and quality content is by producing uniquely specific niche publications. Focusing on one industry is especially important to get Google-approved for Google news.

Finally, you will want to publish only verified news in all your coverage.

2. Post Evergreen Content Regularly

Content is responsible for getting your website approved. Once approved on Google News, continuous posting and updates will also be needed to sustain your approval and maximizing the opportunities of a Google news site.

3. Create Always Up-To-Date Sitemap

A sitemap is a blueprint file that helps search engines in the short and long run, intelligently find, crawl, and index your entire site. And creating one shouldn’t be difficult either.

If your website is on popular Content Management Systems such as WordPress, then with the help of plugins, generating sitemaps that are always up to date will require only a few mouse clicks. 

4. Optimize For Speed and SEO

Optimizing for speed and SEO is a critical unwritten rule that is required for making the most effective use of Google News both at the application for approval stage, and, while your site is live.

5. Apply For Google News Listing

To appear on Google news, there will first be an application for your website to be included in Google News. This is how to apply;

  • Go to Google News Publisher Center.
  • Verify your website ownership in the Search Console.
  • Send your request for inclusion.
  • Add site details and update news section URLs.
  • Click ‘Submit’.

P.S: You must adhere to Google’s technical guidelines and content policies to get live on Google Newsfeed. Read it up here.

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