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How To Get Backlinks from YouTube – The Easy Way

How To Get Backlinks from Youtube

It's flying all over the place…inbound links, incoming links… all that is used to refer to what is popularly know as BACKLINKS.

Backlink in simple terms is a web address that connects two or several websites.

It is so important as well as popular in the online industry – be it blogging, eCommerce, Youtubing, you name it.

And it would be a silly question to ask why you need your own fair share of the 5billion+ daily views on Youtube in the form of backlinks.

Hang tight because this post is made specifically for YOU. We have a bet that you sure, will be going home with the simplest, but an easy way to start creating perpetual backlinks from youtube today!

1. Launch A Channel

I know what you're thinking… I already know. That's fine, I too, know that you know (:-).

Seriously, you need one. And thanks to Google, if you have an email with Gmail, then creating a home for an unlimited number of videos is just a few clicks away.

Head over to Google, login to your email account. Open a new Chrome tab, and find your way to the Youtube home page.

With a few more clicks and typings, your channel should be up and running in a jiffy.

2. Start With A Video Version of Your Blog

What does it mean? For every post you push out to your blog, make video content for it on Youtube.

Only a few people do this, but you'll be thanking me later for the miracle.

It is simple and obvious that, not everyone is that good with reading a 1,000 words count blog post, when they can easily hear the voice, engage with the visuals and even get to see the texts of the same only text-version blog post.

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Doesn't that sound promising already? Take it the other way.

Assuming you were to be an average reader, if you were to choose between reading a 551 paged book, and seeing the same book as a movie; which would you go for?

You'll most likely choose the latter, and so will your audience.

3. Get A Forum into Your Blog

Ahhh! Honestly, that would be the perfectest -yes- the most perfect match.

A blog for contents, and a forum beside it for the talkings (not just a comments section). Merely thinking, that would be a great match.

Besides mere thoughts, it is found that search engines (like Google) will start giving more attention to what your site has to say when it has a forum within it. Maybe because there will be lots of evergreen posts on a forum than a blog.

Above the SEO benefits, after all, we are talking about creating backlinks from youtube, the next point down tells more about the benefits of having your own forum within your blog.

4. Encourage Youtube Video Viewers To Head Over To Your Forum To Talk About It All…

Do you remember we first talked about setting up a channel of your own? We have also discussed the importance of covering more ground… that is, have text as well as a video version of your blog posts.

I'm reiterating it because they are invaluable to our youtube backlink building journey.

After you have had your posts into a Youtube video; when viewers watch your video, make sure to have two calls to action (a fancy way of telling people what to do).

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Your first call to action will be at the main body of your video. And there are lots of things you can ask users to do. In a top-tips post, it will be like: “what other tips do you know? Drop them in the comments section”.

Then, the last call-to-action should be at the end of your video (Note: You can have more than two calls to action).

Encourage viewers who have used any (or all) of the tips you shared to come over to your forum, let's discuss it. And to the ones that have not used the tips; follow me to learn from experts in the industry.

O, boy! Are you going to give it a go? Let me know in the comments section.

5. Build Your YouTube Subscribers Base

To leverage the power of Youtube backlink capabilities, you need to get your videos to as many the right pair of eyes as possible.

When you get more subscribers, you'll be getting more views and ultimately more backlinks.

Isn't that the goal?

Some of the easy ways to get more youtube subscribers, and in turn, more backlinking, are:

  • Create quality posts, quality blog posts = quality videos.
  • Focus on your niche.
  • Always employ calls to action.

6. Embed Your Youtube Videos on your Blog Site

Did you hear that? It sounds so simple and straightforward, but it is more important than, at the least, the words that it is made up of.

This technique of youtube backlinking is what I call “Kungfu”.

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You'll have several channels and platforms work for you, all at once.


  • You have your videos on youtube for searchers… 1
  • Those same videos will appear as suggestions to viewers of other related videos… 2
  • Your Youtube videos get watched from social shares… 3
  • A phenomenal percentage (%) of views will come from your blog visitors… 4
  • And lastly, your blog will appear in authority on all search engines (the power of gaining more ground)…. 5


7. Bonus Point – Promote Your Blog.

A very simple way of doing this is to start writing posts you'll publish on other people's blogs (guest blogging).

Though it is not easy to sit down and write a long well-researched post, only to publish it in one damn blog that is not your own.

But there's a nice way of going about it.

If you have a few bucks you are willing to sacrifice for getting backlinks (lots of traffic) to your blog from other authority sites in your niche.

Check this out. Or, this, if on a budget (just search for “write guest post”, and make your choice from the offers.

8. Reap the Reward

Haven't you paid enough price already?

If you ever follow these effective ways to get backlinks from youtube… I can testify you have paid the needed price.

So, allow the miracle of “labor and wages” to work for you.

Final Thought

Generating backlinks was a great deal of work until I learned about the super backlinking power of Youtube and a forum integrated within the blog.

What do you think? Please drop them in the comments …

Talk Soon.

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