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How To Get Free Original Blog Posts (For Any Niche)

How To Get Free Original Blog Posts

The heart of blogging is found in content for obvious and glaring reasons.

The word blog talks about a body of content (maybe about personal opinions, activities, tutorials, expertise, or experiences) and blogging, meaning the process of doing it.

So all in all, successful bloggers had to write tons of publications (posts) to get where they are.

By implication, to be really truly successful as a blogger, you’ll be ready to create quite a number of posts. It’s not stopping there; you’ll also have to always maintain a regular blogging schedule which is not easy to achieve.

So I’m going to teach you how to get free unique quality blog posts free of charge step-by-step in this post.

Q1: Where Can I Use The Content We’ll Be Getting?

Unlike other recommendations that will tell you to use the content only on certain tiers of your blog, the content we’ll be discovering how to create can be used on all tiers of your blog site, just like any quality posts, ‘cus they are one too.

Q2: What Benefits Do I Stand To Get?

** Your content is unique and Google rank-ready
** Available for all niches
** Publish as many posts per day as you want
** Completely free to go about getting your posts

Q3: How to find free unique blog content for my blog is answered in this post.

Stick around!

1. Keyword Research For Content Idea – First Step To Get Free Blog Posts

Keyword research is a must-do when you are writing for your audience in mind, which in turn helps you to rank.

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In essence, your goal is to find out what your to-be readers are searching for and how to write headings and content as close to that as possible.

Your simple purpose in the short term will be to rank (appearing on top of Search Engines like Google), with an advanced goal of maybe, getting more visitors and readers, ultimately to pay bills off of the whole process.

Without knowing the keywords to be targeting, automatically both your simple purpose and advanced goal will likely not be achieved.

How to go about proper keyword research before starting your content creation is slightly beyond what I plan to write here, but there is a post detailing that here.

Check it out.


Disclosure: Before we go further, I want to make a disclosure. The content source of the target will be YouTube- subtitles to be specific. Yes!

What Are The Requirements?

  • You will need to do great editing work for three simple reasons:
  • Enhance the originality and quality of the content
  • To be safe from copyrights or duplicate contents
  • Make it your own by pouring in your unique voice and style.
  • This post is for educational purposes only!

P.S.S: Take this requirement as a very important must-follow for what is discussed in this blog post.

If you adhere to this process, you’ll not have to write content from scratch again, allowing you to focus on editing and proofreading.

Step 2. Download Your Subtitle – Second Step To Get Free Blog Posts

Now that you have a target keyword, the next thing is to get the content for your keyword, so you’ll pop-in your keyword on the YouTube search box.

YouTube as the second largest search engine after Google, will surely load lots of videos that are related to your long-tail keyword.

So read the description of a few videos on the search result page to choose the video you think will make a good blog post.

PS: Usually, you’ll want to select one of the first ten videos that come up, but any other that otherwise, looks good too, is just great.

Once you know the video you want, right-click on the video to get the link. With the link you now have, you can easily get the video subtitle for that particular video.

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Now go ahead and download that.

If you don’t know how to download a YouTube video sub-title, just make a quick Google search for YouTube subtitles downloader and you should be presented with more than enough options to get your job done.

Paste in your video link in the field of any site you have chosen to download the subtitle and hit download.

A text version of the YouTube video’s subtitle should automatically be downloaded.


Edit Your Content

Step 3. Get Rid of Extra Spaces And Paragraphs from Your YouTube Subtitle (If Any) – Important To Get Free and Quality Blog Posts

After downloading the .txt file of the video subtitle on your machine, open it with a text editor such as MS-Word.

Now it’s time to get rid of extraneous paragraphs that you may find in the text.

For that hit the Ctrl + H and place ^p in the find what column then just a single space ( ) in the vacancy where you should put what to replace.

There may also be timestamps and extra spaces in your downloaded subtitles which you need get rid of- this is one thing you’ll have to get used to because it’s a thing with subtitles.

In order to get rid of extra spaces, you’ll want to use the Ctrl + H to open up the dialogue box.

On the dialogue, you will see a find what field, just add double spaces with your spacebar key on the keyboard, and just right below it, another field for what you want replaced, type in just a space here and hit replace all.

After you have rid all unnecessary spaces, timestamps removal will be a child’s place.

In the case of timestamps, just look it up in a Google search and Google will throwback a plethora of services that can help you in a matter of seconds.

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Just search for timestamp remover and copy-paste your text and tada! There you have it.

Proofreading Stage We Are

Step 4: Transform From Spoken Words To Written Standard – 4th Step To Get Free Blog Posts for Audiences’ sake

Editing your content to rid fluff is key, on the other hand, making sure spellings, grammar, style, and flow of the content is up to written standard for audience consumption is the door.

And as a blog post, you will want a blog-post-like styled content. That will mean a content that is written in nuggets instead of a block of unending text.

You’ll also want to have a sprinkle of bullets or numbers whenever necessary in a typical blog post.

Subheadings in Your posts help you the blogger, in terms of ranking. The same helps your readers to easily scan your content and get the maximum value in the shortest time possible.

Sub-headings will also help your blog to stand-out. You wouldn’t want to miss adding them.

Step 5: Make The Content Yours

I talk about your voice in every content you write, make it your own, in your voice.

This comes with a lot of benefits when done right and in the same vein, with a lot of bottlenecks when wrongly implemented.

Trade wisely.

Rounding Up

Discussed in this post is a great way to come up with a great quality content starting from keyword research way down to the finish.

A point noteworthy to make here though is that this method can never (or not yet) replace quality human-written content.

As a matter of fact, this post may sound self-contradictory if I conclude by saying that this is not the best way to go about content creation when your target is to blog as a business.

What Do I Suggest?

Learn Razor-sharp content creation skills now or got a professional take care of your content needs for a token.

P.S.S: This post is for education, I stand firmly against Intellectual Property Theft (IPT).

See you at work.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to Afonne Digital at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. Feel free to read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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