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How To Get A Lot of Views On Instagram

How To get more views on instagram

It's crucial to get more views on Instagram because it has long passed the stage of ‘just a photo-sharing app' as Kevin Systrom thought it to be into becoming a whole new unicorn platform around the corner.

In just 2 years of existence (2010 – 2012), Instagram miraculously turned into a billion-dollar app company and was acquired by Facebook.

A whooping 1.22billion people around the world, within the age bracket of 18 – 24 years of age, actively use Instagram per month to view memes, photos, videos, memories, conduct business, share ideas, make sales, etc.

Those are just a few of the many interesting stats about Instagram you should know. Maybe you should also know that celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly charge $1,604,000 per post with 296M followers.

As a vlogger and influencer, that should be joy-giving.

Since influencers need more views to influence such feat and you are not a celebrity yet, how do you drive more views and engagement on your posts, stories, photos, and videos on Instagram?

In this post, we got you covered on exactly how to achieve more views and engagement on Instagram faster than you could imagine.

What Is Instagram Engagement

Engagement, just like the name suggests, is the act of doing something else other than just watching and scrolling past.

Based on the platform, it comes in different forms.

On Instagram, engagement will mean liking a video and or dropping a comment during or after watching a video.

Any interaction other than viewing a post on Instagram can be considered an engagement.


Instagram is already the most highly-engaged social media platform out there, based on a 2015 analysis of more than 180,000 profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It has everything that is needed for engagement inbuilt into it; relevant recommendations, a way to drop a like on posts you love, comments with emojis, high-resolution images, photos, videos, punchy content, etc.

Simply put, if you do the least that is required, the engagement part of the job can be taken care of by Instagram.

The stone that is left unturned becomes, getting more views.

How many views should I get on Instagram?

It depends on your engagement, followers count, and other things.

There's usually not a single yardstick to measuring how many views a channel should get, but a close estimate can be reached.

In our calculation, we will consider followers count and post engagement.

Say a personal or business account has a total of 10k followers. If such an account has a very high engagement rate (10% – 40%+), I'll estimate a 3,000 to 100,000+ in a day.

What Is A View In Instagram

Instagram counts a view anytime your video is watched for at least 3 seconds.

A view does not have to be only 3 seconds and, it's not every 3 seconds your videos get that is called a view.

Every watch time of at least 3 seconds on Instagram gotten after a video load or reloads can be counted as a view, even if it's the same viewer or the owner of the video.

What Are The Ways To Get More Views On Instagram

There are four perfect places we need to get more views to have increased brand audacity in the Instagram platform:
On your Instagram profile.
On your stories.
On posts and videos.

How to Increase Instagram Profile Views

A 1.22 billion monthly active users, is not just a number.

It also means that there are way more than a billion accounts on the Instagram platform.

It will take a lot of sifting, filtering, and optimization to grab a top spot.

Brand accounts get searched more and need to start working out how to get more views right from their profile.

Personal accounts are just as important too.

Let's start on how to get more profile views or become easily discovered on Instagram.

Use short memorable usernames.

A straight-to-the-point username will boost your Instagram handle presence more, than long complicated random usernames.

Optimize Your Headline

Right after your username is your headline.

Great usernames allow users to remember them quickly and to also appear on searches.

The same way your headline will show you alongside your username on every search you happen to appear on.

Pick a niche and stick with it.

It's more obvious to notice that your Instagram account is niche-based with a professional account than a personal one.

To get the most views on Instagram with a personal account, just stick with one type of post as it helps Instagram best determine your audience.

Businesses especially, should also only post on the topics best-related to the category selected for the account.

This ensures your account is exposed to only the relevant audience.

If it was not important, that feature would not be there.

Things change in a business in the future, you can just update the category to reflect the current state and offerings of the business.

How to Get More Views on Instagram Stories

Let’s now take a look at how to increase views on Instagram stories which is the most used and viewed feature on the platform.

Instagram Stories, inspired by Snapchat's disappearing posts, strikes a native ad resemblance and performs so well at generating sales and in getting a lot of views.

And the sense of urgency that the posts will disappear after 24 hours makes it more interesting and people tend to engage with it more.

How to make the most of Instagram Stories:
Boost your stories' discoverability with Instagram story stickers to show up on the Instagram Explore Page and get seen by people who aren't following you.
Utilize the engagement features that come with Instagram Stories such as polls, quizzes, and questions to encourage reactions. Stories with more reactions get a wider spread.

How to Increase Instagram Post & Video Views

First was your profile, later, Instagram Stories. Now it's going to be about the usual posts and videos that live in your feed.

How can you increase Instagram post reach and video views in your timeline or feed?

Post Consistently

You don't have to post too often to post consistently.

If you are always in the front of your audience with new posts, there's a higher chance some may not be of good quality or it's just some random post.

Instead, schedule your posting and always deliver on that promise.

Only Post Niche-related Stuff

For the sake of your brand, audience, and Instagram, you'll want to post only niche or business-related things, when you do post.

Post Quality Content (Image, Text, or Video)

Instagram and its users appreciate visually appealing design and content so much.

A little extra work on the things you post can easily get you that quality people will appreciate looking at or watching. And when people like something, they'll want to have something to do with it.

That in turn encourages shares, which overall brings more views.


For every relevant hashtag, you add to a post, there's extra exposure to the content in question.

That is because hashtags represent a lot of things. It could be the trending product, a niche, business, group, movements, campaigns, brands, events, and more.

So to maximize your reach (search, recommendation, views), you can use just a good measure of hashtags that is not too small or spammy.

Post Timing Could Work Sometimes

Picking a time to post should be done after research on your audience which Instagram actually allows you to do right from your app.

A lot of things could make some times more productive for your posts than others, depending on your audience demographics and time zones.

With Instagram insights and analytics, you can get information about your audience in a matter of a few clicks.

Based on the time that your posts perform best, you can choose the timing that is just perfect for your everyday post to get the most out of Instagram, grow your brand and boost your views.

How to Increase Instagram IGTV Views

The IGTV, short for Instagram TV is a standalone video application by Instagram that allows for longer videos than are allowed on Instagram feeds and stories.

Just like on YouTube, IGTV allows Instagram users to create channels where they can upload 15s – 10 minutes long videos, that have thumbnails.

Accounts with more followers are even allowed to upload videos for as long as 1hours.

How can you get more views on IGTV?
Share your IGTV videos on your feed.
Share IGTV video previews on Instagram Stories.
Create eye-catching thumbnails for your videos.

FAQ: How To Get More Views On Instagram

Should You Buy Instagram Views?

Buying Instagram views will only hurt your account in the long run, but if you think it's one of those risks you want to take, wishing you luck.

How to See How Many People View Your Instagram Profile

Go to your Instagram Insights page, where you'll see a breakdown of all your activity for a date range.

Bang On

If you have read and understand this piece of work, ready to implement all the tips and strategies contained in it, then you will be on your way to getting more views on Instagram.

Together we have broken down the best practices to get more views on your posts, Instagram Stories, IGTV, and in-feed videos.

You got this!

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