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How To Make Your Website Popular [For FREE]


Right now, the problem bloggers face especially at the beginning of their journey isn't starting up that fantastic business idea in the form of a website, it's basically how to get many visitors with interest to visit, engage and ultimately convert. 

Not only that…

…put blogging plus any other digital marketing and online business aside for a moment. Ask the single mom running a grocery store in her basement one single thing she needs most to grow her business and the answer will probably be more eyes to see her products, more customers.

[bctt tweet=”A startup needs traffic, mediums wish and work for more, enterprises chase after it because… it all boils down to more traffic.”]

One powerful way to boost a website's traffic inflow, in a nutshell, is to get people's attention, make it popular and the traffic will come. Manage it well and it will only keep coming!

Some people achieved it the hard way. By aggressive marketing.

In this post, I will teach you how many top websites including “this one” boosted their popularity which has guaranteed a steady inflow of viral traffic.

Shall we? After you please!

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: Many posts and publications inspired this ultimate list of 99 FREE Ways How To Make Your Website Popular [Drive Viral Traffic].

Categories Covered In This Post Are:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. A Go-Viral Strategy
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Website Authority Building
  5. Website Functionality
  6. Content Quality and Quantity
  7. Colour, Design, and Branding
  8. Website Analysis/Audit
  9. Niche Expertise
  10. Social Media Utilization
  11. Viral Traffic Marketing Tools
  12. Final Thoughts/Comments

1…Optimize Your Website [SEO]

SEO-wise optimization of a website is on top of the list of effective methods to make a website popular and drive permanent viral traffic.

It takes some time to show noticeable results, YES! Especially for newer websites. But the effectiveness and benefits weigh far more than the wait time.

Where will you turn to, whenever you hear a new vocabulary, a new song release, the latest gadget, or that newly found interest or skill? You'll search for it on Google. The same holds for million-and-one others.

Also consider the ridiculous estimated number of searches Google gets on a per-second basis on average; 40,000+/sec, 2.4 million per minute, and 144million every single hour. Just look at that!

Imagine for a second, getting 0.05% of Google's hourly searches in the form of daily website visits. That's 72K daily visitors.

If you use AdSense for monetization, 72K of daily visits in almost any niche will be making you $21k plus.

What about affiliate marketers?

Let's say 1% of 72K visitors were convinced enough to buy a product you'll make $10 per sale from. 1% of 72k will be 720 which translates to $21k+ in sales per day!

Remember that the above analysis started with “imagine“. So it can as well be seen as such. But note that it is very much realistic and there are folks out there turning in this daily.

P.S: You can forget any other thing, but always remember that when a website ranks on Google, it's already popular and in-flow of viral traffic is certain.

2…Tweet Your Posts

The Twitter we know today has become such a nice microblogging site–

 a platform that supports only concise posts for audience interaction– that has a lot to offer to individuals and businesses.

It makes it easy to share and discover information, catch trends and news from-and-to millions instantly.

A single post tweeted by you can get phenomenal viral traffic from retweets, hashtags (ings), and mentions.

Fortunately, this is what we do on a normal day… you can tweet with a phone, retweet on a laptop, and every other device.

Constantly tweet and retweet (especially) your latest posts to increase your odds of spiking your web traffic. 

This method of boosting traffic works more effectively with an increased number of followers. So to make the most of Twitter, you'll need to do deliberate work to grow your followers-base. A little Googling will get you going on a sound path to stardom.

3…Revive Old Posts

On the norm, old posts get less and less popular the older they become. 

It's time to rework your past content and get them out to the internet of all things, once again, and, over and over again.

Old posts are not supposed to be the usual colossal waste buried in archives. There's no limit to how many times you should reshare old content because there's always an opportunity to get a new set of eyes on your posts.

Routinely, one can manually push out 2 to 3 old posts on different platforms such as forums and social media.

Luckily, reviving old posts can also be automated.

When you are starting, only a few people had seen the initial posts. As the site gets more popular, there'll be more readers looking for great content to consume. Wouldn't such posts that you spent a fortune of resources creating in the past, worth reviving for more rewards?

Unless you guide them by either suggesting such content or redirection, new visitors will hardly ever navigate to those older posts. 

A single valuable “old post” has just as much potential as the “latest” or “hottest” just-published post on your website. 

Sometimes, great ideas can go unnoticed at first sight, so even those that have consumed the content may enjoy having another sip. Don't you think?

4….Comment On Authority Sites In The Same Niche As Yours

Have you had an insightful blog comment ignite an idea in your head before? Or become that nice addition to a great content you just finished reading?

Commenting on bigger blogs is juicy. Do it right and you have attracted beginners and influencers to your brand.

A comment is worth dropping when you can check one or more on this list:

  • the post got you inspired… and you feel like letting it known
  • when your comment is more like a review and genuine
  • or it is just a meaningful addition, argument, or critics!

Adding meaningfully to a discussion in the form of commenting has a ton of benefits. One of which is generating viral traffic. 

You stand to get more like-mind connections, thereby building your network. Get noticed and if you are lucky, folks will Google your name a few times 🙂

Look at it this way, you're stamping your name, idea, and brand on an authority site with the audience.

P.S: Any time you decide to drop a comment on any post and you find yourself typing “Great post”, or “Thanks”, or “Nice One”. That doesn't count for this purpose, so here's what to do at such instance: highlight everything you just typed and hit the delete key☺.

Creating an avatar is an important aspect of branding and popularity. And as you may know, branding helps you stand out, gives credibility, authority, boosts perceived worth, customer loyalty, and ultimately, helps in achieving viral traffic inflow.

Take, for example, influencers like Neil Patel have built their faces as brands.

What is an avatar? An avatar is a visual representation of you in the form of art, comics, or cartoon. And I recommend creating one for you (if you would use your face) with a studio standard photo.

Avatars are a great way to represent your persona online. And when you have one, your audience will easily feel connected with you. You'll in a way appear more human, real, and tangible.

The people that get familiar with your profile avatar or logo will always take notice of you anywhere else they sight you, or, your avatar or logo will be a reminder of you, at every similarity they see out there. 

This no doubt will help you remain in the consciousness of your audience and, they will be more likely to listen to whatever you have to say and relay it to family and friends.

When you create an avatar, generating traffic by blog commenting also becomes even more effective because your picture or avatar will automatically be added to your discussions while dropping your thoughts.

So get one avatar for YOU and the “INTERNET” will recognize you next time you come, that you were there.

6…Become A Go-To Blogger [Serve People's Needs]

Look around and you'll see something. You'll notice that society needs and will continue to need help on a plethora of life issues.

To know just how many people seek assistance and solutions to one or more issues, I use search engines as the tool.

So let's see it.

Yahoo which gets only 5% of the global searches– receives a whooping 340 million searches daily while Google gets 5.6 billion+. Not including hundred-and-one other search engines, forums, and social media platforms on the internet.

Literarily, there are 6 billion-plus needs to solve daily and you have a role to play.

If you can become that “Go-to” solution giver in your niche as a blogger or website owner, you'll end up with an alarming number of daily, weekly, and monthly website visits and get paid millions for serving people with their needs.

So how do you start out serving people's needs instead of writing a bunch of blog posts that are of little relevance to your niche? Great ask…

  • … who are your audience
  • … what are their pain points
  • … how do you get to them (lots of them)
  • … what will likely compel them to visit your website or blog
  • … get answers and put it into practice, and boom!

This is the finest way to make your website viral and become popular in your niche and the internet as a whole.

Deadlinks alias “Broken Links” is a go-popular viral traffic-driving strategy that works any time and anywhere.

This strategy which Neil Patel calls “Don't Let It Rot” boosts practically every metrics of a website when leveraged:

  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Domain Rating (DR)
  • Alexa Rank
  • Website Traffic
  • Increased Backlinks Profile, …

Now let's talk about “Don't Let It Rot” 

Do you remember this quote?

“The graveyard is the richest place on earth because it is there that you'll find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered; all because someone was too afraid to take that step, keep with the problem or determined to carryout out their dream.” 

Les Brown

Bringing this quote back home, what does it talk about a new or old website whose domain metrics are zero and isn't receiving hits?

The same holds for dead links… there lie the opportunities that small websites wouldn't have stood a chance for.

Fortunately, broken links come to the rescue.

Today, start to see every “Sorry, Page Not Found” on any authority site as an opportunity up for grabs! 

This presents a win-win game for the site owner– who wouldn't want to hamper user experience with links that don't work, and you (especially)– who needs the website visits, backlinks, increased DA, boosted Alexa Rank, great DR, etc.

Kick-start your search for grabbable deadlinks and sorry pages today.

The internet is one giant connection of computers from all over the globe to enable them seamlessly share information and communicate from anywhere in the world.

So, what forms the web is the linkings and connections of a plethora of computers. 

In the same way, what gets a site out to the world and hooks it to the WWW, thereby increasing popularity and traffic, heavily depends on the quantity and quality of its backlinks. 

The more (quality) links, the better. simply defines backlinks as links from a particular page on one website to another. 

Backlinks affect ranking, traffic (referred), authority, and website revenue.

The number of a website's backlinks/inbound links in itself is a symbol of popularity and authority to both humans and search engines.

So in a way, the more inbound links a website has, especially from authority sites, the more traffic you can drive.

Worthy of mention is that it's also important that backlinked sites link back to their linking sources to make the links appear more natural.

There are several ways to grow backlinks. As we discussed in this post, a great way to build a website backlink counts includes,

  • leveraging the “do not rot” strategy,
  • by reaching out manually to other bloggers,
  • through focusing on building authority so that people rate you as an authority and link to your site, or…
  • buy backlinks.

However works, should be natural, real, and SEO-conscious. One thing is sure, backlinks boost traffic inflow and all other domain metrics that count for a website's popularity.

9…Encourage Content Sharing

When you make your content easy to share, you automatically invite share and resharing of your posts by others who found the piece interesting and think their friends may do the same.

Sharing content by many people can bring tremendous results.

A popular adage says that two good heads are better than one, talk more of hundreds and thousands of fingers out there who are ready to push your bang-up content to the crannies.

Take brands like Backlinko which gets thousands of social shares as an example of what is possible with audience sharing.

It is psychic how people like to share valuable or entertaining content that resonates with them with others. 

At the other end though, while folks are feeling good for sharing stuff, your hard work of creating content will have been rewarded with more traffic, more exposure, boosted popularity, and more revenue.

10… Answer Questions On Quora To Drive Traffic

Quora is one of such platforms that cannot be underestimated. 

With 340 million users on the platform, you have tremendous exposure to drive new website visitors in a way that's SEO-independent.

Quora gives you an excellent opportunity of branding yourself or your company, and grants you access to a whole 340 million people as potential web visitors. 

You can do these with features you're already familiar with just like on Facebook and Twitter.

There're such features to allow follow and unfollow; become VERIFIED, connect other social media accounts, create or edit other people's pages, answer questions, upvote and be upvoted, like or get likes, share, and many more.

So how do I get viral website traffic from Quora?

Users on this platform have their Bio on every answer and contribution they make. The Bio which is recommended to be below 50 characters, gives anybody ample opportunity to represent their brands.

As a Q&A website, bloggers also have the revelation of topics of interest screaming to create a post around them.

11..Write and Write More Content

I once asked an SEO expert a long time ago, how important content is to a website, and he had this to say; fast-forward to today, I made it my quote:

Like water in the desert is wisdom to the soul- Original

Edward Counsel's quote

[bctt tweet=”Like water is to fish is content to every website– Afonne-CID Paul Onyedikachi“]

How true this quote is, is up for confirmation, but before you go elsewhere that may be too far, this's a good list to start with:

  • You can't rank on Google without sufficient content
  • More content will get more sales and increased revenue
  • Content increases engagement and boost to conversion rate
  • It provides information and enlightenment to the audience.
  • Content marketing is the only channel through which you sell any-and-everything 
  • Helps in building up a relationship with an audience.
  • Echos your voice, brings out uniqueness and expertise to the bare…
  • Amplifies your brand authority, credibility, and awareness
  • Grows your audience.
  • It's one of the 100 ways to make any website popular for Driving viral traffic.

12… Create A Youtube Channel For Your Website

Diversification is not an option when starting on anything. But there's what is called focused diversification and that is the strategy you will employ in pairing up your website with a Youtube channel.

The written word is said to be the most powerful medium in the world for communication. 

In other news, one image is worth a thousand words. And you know what…

[bctt tweet=”… if an image is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth all the words in the world.”]

Now it is time to charge up your written content with visuals in the form of Youtube videos to have an edge over your competition in amassing the amount of traffic that counts in millions. 

How do you go about it?

Fortunately, Youtube provides an easy way to integrate your Youtube videos in your content marketing by embedding them into your blog posts so that while your blog posts with the embedded videos rank on Google (the largest Search Engine in the world), the video content will be leveraging the exposure and free storage of the world's second-largest search engine; Youtube!


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13… Publish Content on website is a vessel through which text-based information can be easily dispersed by users.

Medium is a user-generated online content publishing platform with over 60 million monthly active users, 153 million/m visitors, and one of the best and easiest ways to allow anybody to get publishing asap.

There's a catch you should easily notice, but at the same time, there's also a workaround.

Medium will own your content but you'll not want to miss leveraging the SEO benefits you stand to get because of that. 

–A 96% Domain Moz Authority (DA), 6.6 million ranked keywords, and a whopping 153 million+ per month visitors. That is a massive opportunity for a free platform you wouldn't want to miss.

I recently stumbled on a medium publication through Google SERP and it seemed promising enough to make me click. 

Funny enough, the post had only the intro of the original post and I had to hit on the blog link to read the full pub.

I think this is a great way to leverage the medium publishing platform while still retaining content ownership. This way, you still own your content because the main post will be on your website but boosts its exposure with thereby encourage multiple means of viral traffic.

A website traffic growth phase is the most important phase in the whole journey. After all, what was it all about if not to get the word out that people may hear it?

Popularity growth is an important objective for brands and businesses of all sizes.

I have consistently heard from friends how they landed a project or freelance job, contract, or even remote employment through LinkedIn and come to the conclusion that “since Linkedin can get people jobs, it can as well make any website popular through surging viral traffic.

The easiest way to try this out can be as simple as sharing every content you publish also to LinkedIn at the same time you're pushing it out to other platforms.

15…Pinterest is A Free Source of Viral Traffic

Pinterest is one of those free gateways to viral traffic. It's easy, free, and ready to kick off in simple click-steps.

  • Log on to Pinterest and sign up for a business account
  • Setup relevant boards with researched keyword-names
  • Create pins for each of your content and fill your boards with them.
  • Grow Pinterest following
  • Reach out to the relevant group boards 
  • Employ enticing images and infographics
  • Pin a lot and consistently
  • Show off your best pins to top Pinterest users/influencers in your niche.

If you can engage Pinteresting and take it seriously, Pinterest in return will bring you phenomenal viral traffic.

16…. Leverage Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign is no doubt one of the best ways to increase website traffic, popularity, and ROI.

And the reasons seem obvious because with email marketing, 

  • …you're dead sure and 101% likely to get a traffic spike.
  • it's insanely effective (if you'll pay the price it requires to grow a list since the size of your email list determines how many emails you'll be able to send and the number of possible visits to expect).

This thing works but also kind of difficult in the beginning because email lists are grown, most times from scratch which is why it's called “your list” or audience.

Some folks go ahead to buy an already-made email list as opposed to growing an email list yourself. 

The probability of viralizing the type of list that is being sold into visitors is pretty low unless you just landed the right “buy”.

Howbeit, if you send emails to people and a good number of the emails land in the inbox, then you are sure to get as many visits…

17…Become An Authority

I hope this authority thing is not overhyped. Sure it's not, because it's just as important.

Imagine reading a top list on Forbes and one unpopular entity starts countering the publication or its content. An authority you can vow for, how would you handle that?

That is what I call authority. Now you are not going to become Forbes, HuffingtonPost, or Lindaikeji right now, but you can start doing things in a certain way, just like these popular authority blogs and websites do, which have helped boost the web traffic inflow to them.

So how did they do it?

  • Publish verified news only
  • Consistency
  • Focus on a niche
  • Use the right headlines
  • CTAs
  • Become help-centered
  • Act like who you want to become

Include more in the comments and I will read and if necessary, update the post.

18… Keep Your Old Content Updated Regularly

You can continue to gain more traffic to the posts you have already written. I mean, that's basically what happens, people only get to read up content when it is published. How about another interesting perspective to it?

It's easier to drive more traffic with your old posts than writing newer ones, and it can only happen when these old content are regularly updated.

A good content marketing strategy includes updating a backlog of older posts. This does not only improve bounce rate and returning traffic inflow but also ranking and user engagement by the “freshness factor”.

So just as you spend your time writing new content, also make out the time to work on reviving already published content; they can be a great gold mine of potential traffic, to kickoff the popularity and visits count of your website.

19…Create A Digital Product That Sales On Your Website

Creating a digital product of your own is a very good way to take digital marketing seriously. When you have your product, every second becomes an opportunity to make a new sale and increase your revenue and net worth.

Great stuff it is, but due to the commitment in terms of time and other valuable resources, many do not go this lane.

That's all by the way… the target here is to get people coming to get your digital product from your website thereby increasing traffic.

And this can't be so difficult especially with a “good product” with a large market audience, affordable price and if possible, testimonials from past purchases.

So a good product coupled with smart advertising will work the work for viral traffic. No manual work, just a digital product that sells on your website and maybe on other popular e-commerce stores too.

20…Substitute Ordinary Images For Infographics

I've discovered that infographics perform better for visitor engagement, less bounce rate, encouraging clickthrough rate… than “ordinary images”, followed by cartonized images and memes, then bizarre and off-topic images.

Human instincts work with patterns and visuals to learn and make decisions, whether or not to read your content. This also happens with every other day-to-day task.

An infographic is a collection of engaging graphic visuals, imagery, and charts with minimal text, that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic and works well to communicates info quickly and clearly. 

Infographics speak volumes by visually representing the boring stuff, information, data, or a piece of knowledge.

You can't do a better job than to entice and appeal to every potential visitor by using as many infographics as possible.

The point here is not to skip ordinary images, but to know when best to substitute them for infographics.

21… Work On Website Speed (Speed Can Kill)

Do you know that speed can kill? 🙂 Yes, it odes and this is how…

When you are driving, overspeeding can lead to a collision and crashing. Even when you aren't driving, if you cross a double-lane rather “lackadaisically”, you also risk being hit… now you know that speed kills and keeps websites alive too.

Enough of the road stuff.

Talking about website speed, the same truth holds.

There are lots of ways speed can kill one aspect or more, of a website, the same way there are so many reasons a website could be slowed down. 

Fortunately, there is a remedy to increase page speed.

  • Page size causing a speed flop can be fixed with the provision of more resources, better management of those resources, size reduction, minifying CSS and Javascript, etc.
  • Slowness caused by the servers of the WebHost you use can be fixed by changing the host.
  • Caching tools can also be used to increase website speed.

there're even more causes of the website speed lag which you'll want to use the Google PageSpeed tool to find and how to fix.

Website speed is a very critical aspect of every website as it can make the distinction between a successfully popular website and a low-ranking old website with no visits.

22…Create Free Webinars

A webinar like its physical counterpart– seminar– is a web-based meeting with a global audience that allows the host to share PowerPoint presentations, videos, webpages, audios, text, and other multimedia content to drive viral traffic, grow an email list, expand the audience, more exposure, or to make sales.

That said, webinars have become one of the best ways to get traffic to a website.

It's interesting how you can deliver content to a host of audiences at one spot, from the same screen. Incredible!

Do you need one key effective way to drive viral traffic to a website? A free webinar is a good way to start and can be promoted through various channels before the D-day of launch.

Start thinking of how to host your free webinar for the sake of your website traffic today and now!

23…Run Ads On Facebook

When you think about social media advertising, you'll want to place Facebook on the top of your list.

Now let's check the boxes:

  • Robust analysis – simply means you'll easily see how well or bad your advertisements are performing in real-time.
  • Doorstep-Precision Targeting – You'll be able to micro-target your specific audience way down to their eyeballs.
  • Do You Only Need Traffic, Sales, or just Page Likes? you can't go wrong with Facebook.
  • So many people to reach, as much as 2.5billion human beings… even the least number in percentage counts in millions.
  • You'll have the option to remarket and retarget.
  • It only keeps going.

Are you a website owner, blogger, marketer, or whatever of any sort that has to do with the internet or physical establishment, and will need traffic, sales, or conversions, Facebook has just that touch; the unique opportunity for us all!

24… Promote Your Website On Youtube

YouTube records up to a billion hours of views every day and each view has a ton of one ad or another on them.

So Why Youtube Ads?

Video nowadays has become a major part of everyday modern content marketing. So video content will not only work on Youtube but on pretty any other advertising platforms that accept such.

Youtube comes with its uniqueness why advertisers and business owners go for it.

  • Pay only for actual views and clicks
  • Real targeting
  • Worldwide reach (or based on your targeting)
  • Action-ready
  • Assess performance through analysis etc.

25…Use More of Visuals In Content

Valuable content with great visuals is worth a thousand shares. Quote me anywhere.

A strong content without compelling visuals is just a bunch of text and does not encourage readership and more views, so can't be compared with visually well-optimized bang-up content.

Visually appealing content is well worth adding into consideration in your content marketing.

Great visuals that you should add in your next post includes:

  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Screenshots
  • Emojis etc

One more point. Compare the colors of the visuals with your brand color. And remember to stir-clear from copyright images.

26…Re-targeting Ads Will be A Surebet

Whenever you fail to transform website visitors into conversions, you'll still stand a very fat chance to make the customers with the help of re-targeting.

Retargeting can be a very effective marketing tact compared to other strategies. It works when others; content marketing, paid search, social media ads, pop-ups, pop-under, notification bars… you mention it, simply failed.

Retargeting they say, is the second chance to close sales that didn't happen.

This is a very powerful strategy to add to your arsenal as stats have proven that up to 97% of visitors won't convert on the first visit.

So what has retargeting to do with driving viral traffic to your website? After every visit, visitors will be traced and served your ads, thereby keeping your brand in front of potential visitors until they hear you out (revisits for more…)

Happily, there are stats to prove the power;

  • Compared to other placement strategies, retargeting generated the highest lift in business name searches by 1,046%. [PR Newswire
  • Retargeted search ads have higher conversion rates than display ads. [Wordstream
  • 25% of online viewers enjoy seeing retargeted ads. [CMO]
  • 70% of marketers turn to search retargeting primarily to increase brand awareness. [IAB
  • 91% of marketers who have used retargeting have found it to perform the same as or better than search, email, or other display ads. [IAB
  • 3 out of 5 online viewers notice and consider ads showing products they viewed from another page. [eMarketer]
  • 30% of consumers have a positive or very positive reaction to retargeted ads, while only 11% feel negative about them. [eMarketer
  • Website visitors who are retargeted are more likely to convert by 43%. [Criteo]
  • The click-through rate (CTR) of a retargeted ad is 10x higher than the CTR of a typical display ad. [Wishpond
  • 68% of marketing agencies and 49% of brands have a dedicated budget for retargeting. [Chango]
  • 47% of consumers say that they would sacrifice privacy to get a better deal. [Pew Research Center]

27…Advertize Free Products

You can't begin to phantom the power in the four-letter words “FREE”.

Promoting freebies will help your web traffic generation more than your expectation, most times, than a cutting-edge invention very valuable but paid.

The reason for this is that people have a psychological connection to free stuff where they will be spending nothing to get value.

That's why free platforms focus on traffic and volume and consider monetization last. Take Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Linkedin, Google, and all the host of them which followed this model.

Another model that will do the job of driving viral traffic with cost-free products advertisement is setting the price to $0 instead of just FREE or better still set up a countdown that never ends (wisdom 🙂 ).

28…Create Ebooks [For Massive Viral Traffic]

Ebooks can be used as a viral marketing tool.

If you want massive visits to your website from your audience, then creating, publishing, and distributing a free e-book to all platforms possible can be the KEY, a match made in heaven.

Since e-books can be the simplest PDF files, EPUB, Kindle, MobiPocket, etc and (in the case of HTML files, a compressed HTML file that can interact with the internet); it is simply limitless in its capabilities to drive boosted viral traffic and popularity of any website (big, old, small or new).

The possibilities are simply endless!

A particular method suggests creating a digital product that sells on your site, but instead of only selling on your site, your eBook is majorly distributed to all possible platforms of reach, for free!

How do you get the traffic?

You'll simply fix in as well as hypertext the website links on all relevant headlines and keywords throughout the content of the e-book.

29….Submit Your Site On Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that provides website owners a way to fasten the crawling and indexing process of their properties.

According to Google, their bot will find its way to a new website within 30days of its going live. 

This is just a projection, to boost the discoverability of your website, you'll want to submit it on Google Search Console yourself than waiting for the bots.

Besides being a helping hand to Googlebots, manual submission helps make you start enjoying the console's service as a means to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results fast.

No need for the boring stuff.

How To Submit Website To Google (with Yoast SEO)

  • Go to Google Search Console
  • Click ‘Add a property' under the search drop-down. 
  • Enter your website URL in the box and click ‘Continue'.
  • Click the arrow next to ‘HTML tag' to expand the option. 
  • Copy the meta tag. 
  • Log in to your WordPress website. 
  • Click on ‘SEO'.
  • Click on ‘General’.
  • Click on the ‘Webmaster Tools’ tab.
  • Paste the code in the Google field and click “Save Changes”
  • Go back to Google Search Console and click ‘Verify’.

30…And If You Do Physical Business, Consider Registering with Google My Business

This option is for people that have a physical location and need to show off products online with Google My Business.

You may not need to create a Google My Business listing if you only provide services.

Google My Business is a powerful way to rank your business on top of Google searches of your locality.

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Since the listings will show up in Google searches as well as on Google Maps, it lends credibility to your small business or enterprise and earns you trust from customers who will then be more likely to visit and makes the buys happen.

31…Build A Mobile-First Website

As of 2021, stats showed that mobile devices account for 92.6 percent of the overall global website traffic

That is a whopping 4.32 billion worldwide mobile visitors. 4.32 billion human beings across the world on mobile.

Mobile– and other smaller portable devices like wristwatches– have come to stay and the sooner websites place it as a topmost priority in their website designing, the better the odds of driving more mobile-targeted traffic and increasing popularity.

So when you build with mobiles in mind, it translates to having all other screen sizes in mind because mobile-first website designs are typically responsive even on larger screens. 

For the non-savvy fellow, just know that due to their small screen size, what fits on mobile devices will balance on tablets, desktops, and laptop screens very well.

Building with mobile users in mind will also boost your visibility and reach within your mobile user audience which according to stats, amounts to 4.32 billion potentials.

33…Use More Of Your Semantic Keywords

Good SEO focuses on more than just a few phrases. Semantic keywording of content tries to drive home the meaning of words that the user inputs into the search boxes of Google and Bing and Yahoo.

That means that to be effective with Search Engine Optimization SEO for driving home to your website, unmetered viral traffic, you'll not want to focus only on one keyword optimization.

Yea. You'll need to spray around other semantic keywords (secondarily related keywords) as well. “These are the phrases most related to the meaning and intent behind every search”.

For instance, a keyword for “SEO,” some semantically related keywords could be:

Now, Google tries to make a comparison between the semantically related words and phrases that your content contains, to understand in the bigger picture if your information has the best answers to the questions that are being searched.

So from the SEO side, having more semantically related keywords means that your webpages provide more contextual richness on a specific topic and therefore they can perform better in search ranking results and ultimately drive traffic.

34…Do Weekly & Monthly Website Analysis

As a webmaster and blogger, three key phrases should be your most important concerns, they are; website health, performance, and speed!

These three must be in place to attract the visits, retain and engage them with a top-notch user experience that they can't help but keep coming back for more.

You'll want to familiarize yourself with the status of your website's health, its performance, and speed with weekly and monthly website audits and analysis.

Take auditing your web property like a zoomed view of what is right and wrong with a website, and it's of epic importance that you routinely check the stats and reports of your business which in this case is your website or blog site.

This can range from SEO details to traffic, to speed, and even critical security warnings or updates.

35…Be Unique

In a world that is full of so many resources, you have to either set the pace or be unique.

In owning a blog or website, it may be a bit difficult to set the pace unless you were the first to do what you do, or this is a big firm with deep pockets. Even with that, it is still difficult.

So just be unique in what you do and how you do it.

One way to become unique is branding yourself as an expert in one thing and only that thing.

This way people know when to find you or the services you provide.

  • Focus on one industry [niche] and let your voice be heard
  • Be unique in your voice
  • Exercise your expertise 
  • Be original 
  • Usefulness 
  • Problem-solving
  • Depth of Content

36…Feedback & Reply

Getting a question or an answer straight from your website visitors is what feedback and reply talk about.

So how do you handle this aspect of your website? Do you just create content and live the rest on God?

If yes, you've been getting it all wrong. It's not even enough to reply to comments or other forms of feedback, you're also going to encourage those feedbacks, be it critics or applause.

You can invite more visitor's comments through;

  • Comment boxes
  • Email surveys, etc

Once you continue to listen and read feedbacks, you'll start to get an insider's overview of what the majority of your audience may be expecting from you or the areas to look into.

If you can give the already-made visitors that listening ear, there'll be a wider room for getting new ones.

37…Word of Mouth Advert

Word-of-mouth advertising is incredible and it's one of the oldest and most effective forms of advertising because the advertiser has a reputation to gain or lose every time they make a recommendation to any listening ear.

It's time to get up and onto the streets to advertise your brand. 

This can be done by branding T-shirts, Face caps, vehicles, offices, or buildings, or by one-on-one communication.

38…Use Google Ads

A tool that more than 1 million businesses around the globe use for promotion must be a great tool. Google Ads is another great way to boost your visibility online.

39…Employ Auto Social Posting & Engagement Softwares

Sometimes, you may not be able to share it all, that's where automation comes into play.

It's now easy to automate sharing of your content to almost all social media platforms all at once.

40…Create Longer Content

Creating longer content is a ton of work but you probably aren't aware of the benefits that accompany it.

41…Target More Long-Tail Keywords

Focusing on longer keywords is a low-hanging SEO fruit to drive viral traffic. With this tact, you clear all competition because you will be communicating directly to a specific but limited audience. 

Long-tail keywords are keywords or keyphrases that are more specific– and usually longer– than more commonly used keywords in a niche. 

42…Publish More Often

To make any headway in boosting website traffic with the help of content marketing, you'll need to publish content more often and strategically too.

43…Create A Facebook Page For Your Site

Every website or blog deserves a Facebook Page. A page as a social networking profile will enable you to develop a community for your audience and boost your reach.

44…Setup Own Facebook Group

With a Facebook Group, there are three benefits you stand to enjoy. Readily offer support to your audience, communicate easily and increase organic traffic faster.

Alternatively, instead of creating and growing your own Facebook Group, it is easier to join already popular active groups and you'll also enjoy the same benefit that a Facebook group offers, provided your posts are approved by the admin of these groups any time you do post.

46…Add A Forum To Your Website

Typically, forums allow users to interact with one another, discuss topics and trends of relevance, and exchange tips. 

With a forum, you can successfully build a vibrant online community that can stand the test of time.

47…Add A Blog Section (If Your Site Is A Corporate Website)

This method is especially important for corporate websites because integrating a blog into an existing website is crucial, and the content that this section contains will ultimately boost your website visibility and bring in the awaited customers.

48…Outsource The Boring Stuff

Small tedious projects that don't need your decisions should be outsourced to free up time for more important things in your business.

In our case, you can outsource content creation, web design, and advertising needs to other- even more experienced “pros” to take care of.

49…Focus on One Niche

There are so many reasons why you should stick with one niche.

The job of increasing the popularity of your website is something that is not done twice, so, needs all the attention you can give. At this stage, you don't need any distractions.

  • Diversified efforts at the beginning of anything are always less effective.
  • Broadening your niche will demand more effort and time to achieve any tangible results.
  • Expertise is fastly attained by a specialized provider and people are more likely to listen to an expert than an enthusiast.

50…Arrange FREE Give-Away Contests

Since everyone wants to stand out, everyone wants to be the best, we all desire to win; you can leverage this for your website traffic growth and exposure.

Why not arrange a contest for your potential audience? The contest can be on anything interesting that is also related to your blog.

With a giveaway, you'll not only make the day of one lucky winner who will automatically become a lifelong fan of your business, but you introduce your brand to a whole new audience of captivated people.  

51…Build Your Email List

Email addresses and email marketing, in general, is an all-around effective tool and method to grow boosted revenue, Returns on Investment (ROI), and especially web traffic.

52…Collect Phone Numbers

In an order of hierarchy and closeness, emails and phone numbers are the two most seamless ways to get through to people faster and cheaply.

So in addition to email addresses, you will want to also gather phone numbers. In the case of phone numbers compared to emails, they are even more effective.

There are different methods you can utilize your customer's phone numbers to get them to check your website or just to increase the popularity of your website… 

Among them are; WhatsApp messaging and bulk SMS.

53…Allow Guest Posting

In this ultimate post of ways to make your website popular and drive popularity and traffic, we discuss your unique voice, more content, and their importance.

Here is yet another powerful way to take things to the cloud. Allowing guest posts on your site does one major thing (get more content) which is responsible for validating all other methods in this list.

By accepting other publishers and bloggers to drop their content in your platform in exchange for some backlinks, you have also invited diverse content which means- more content, with different styles, voices, and different perspectives which your audience will surely reciprocate in the form of more visits.

Top websites like Forbes leverage this contributorship method of getting more content.

54…Start With A Niche You Know A Great Deal

Considering the areas you know a great deal about and those skills you can sell to others in terms of service, identify problems you can solve, and build a website around them.

It is important to know that ignorance wouldn't be a barrier to whatever you have set out as a goal and is passionate about. But knowing what you want to tell others will help you make a very nice headstart.

55…Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

These two keywords [quality and quantity] are both important. But it would be better to create less but quality service than a million stuff that has questionable quality.

The target is to spread like a wide fire in web traffic while not tampering with other metrics that will ensure the smooth running of the site.

So, if you can ensure quality is always optimum, then quality+quantity content may as well be the best title for this point.

Because “quantity” is great, just as number count matters for viral traffic and popularity of every website.

56…Publish On A Routine Basis

Instead of one random thing that people will have to check back only to find out that there's no new content in stock, you can set a routine of how you publish. 

This can be achieved by determining how often you can write and the average it takes you in time to publish a new post, then put that in a calendar.

Just establish a routine that your audience can bet on.

57…Make Your Site Design Catch And Enticing

Even from the scratch, at the design stage, you want to start to consider how resourceful this development will be to your to-be visitors and readers.

This is where website responsiveness, easy navigation, catch design-and-colors, mobile-first approach, and every other customization is a critical factor to consider and meticulously developed.

Making your website design catch to the eyes attracts web visitors; enticing designs compels the eyes. It comes with a full package which includes;

  • …boost in search engine ranking,
  • …appeals to mobile users,
  • …promotes your branding.

58…I Prefer Minimalistic Designs

A very good web design approach to follow in your web design with traffic generation and SEO in mind is “minimalistic”.

Since so much color will make the design look childish, it'll be perfect at just the minimal level.

59…Do Not Tweak Your Site's Look Too Often

Once you've got the look that's just perfect for the time being, every other change can come later as renovations.

You would not want to tweak the looks too often because you want to be known by something that only gets better not one that keeps changing.

Another benefit of avoiding too many edits in your design is to avert breaking something that will make the site unresponsive or lead to a complete crash.

60…Write Short (and shorter) Paragraphs

One of the ingredients that “very furnished content” must include is short paragraphing. 

The trick here is to give the eye of the reader a break after a particular number of lines of reading. A paragraph should not be more than 10 lines.

We can even fine-tune this further with visuals after several paragraphs. It in general helps boost engagement, satisfaction, and bounce rate. And readers who were satisfied in their last visit are more likely to come back again.

Backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content, they say. 

But what makes this natural is linking back to people who are backlinking you. Confusing right?

In summary, link also, to your backlink websites.

62…Use A “Popularable” Doman Name

Since the goal is to make the site popular, the domain name has two major functions, a gateway to your website and the window to the world. 

So you'll want to stick with a “.com” extension when possible and necessary, try to include your core keyword(s) in your domain name, keep your domain name short and no hyphens, make it easy to pronounce and spell, make sure it's brandable, and overall make it “popularable”.

63…Take Your Branding Seriously

Your branding is more than just a business name or domain, color, and identity. It includes defining how you want to be perceived by your audience, organizing your business around a “business promise”, working a step towards fulfilling the “business promise” daily, and consistently.

Branding is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers but it allows your customers and clients to know what distinguishes you from the competitors.

64…Stand-Out And Do things Differently

Just as we have our different faces and desires, we need to stand out and act differently to stand out in a world like this– full of competition and information overload.

There's a need to stand out by being authentic and emphasizing your expertise to the best pair of eyes that are more likely to visit your website.

65…Be Creative

Do you want those ideas that will give your business an ‘AHA” traffic boost moment? Creativity pays dividends both in business and in life.

This is the deal, it is not enough to become your own boss. These are the responsibilities of a Boss, you have to be the think-tank of your business, this time, your website.

Do you want to drive global traffic, get popular in your nationality first? Do you intend to turn an empire or enterprise business in the future, first become a start-up! It all starts from something.

People who develop a growing appetite to support the audience in their territory will also do well in the global space, which the INTERNET is!

According to, “…despite the internet and social media promising a global market-reach, some companies are certainly reaping the benefits by playing on their location”.

It works, so don't look down on the little you can do as of now.

67…Cold Calling 

Cold calling to get website traffic is a telemarketing technique in which a digital marketer puts a call across to potential customers who have not formally expressed interest in a brand or service. 

It can also involve in-person visits such as one-on-one or door-to-door marketing.

68…Partner With A Bigger Brand

A partnership is an effective way to increase the number of resources available; a way to lease knowledge, leverage time, and expertise for creating better products and reach a greater audience. 

All of these put together along with 360-degree feedback can skyrocket your business to great heights and only comes with the shaking of two entities as partners. 

You\\\\\\\'ll Want To Read Also:  Setting Up Google Analytics GA4 for Enhanced Insight After Universal Migration

The right business partnership will enhance the ethos of your firm

69…Run Follow-up Email Campaigns [like Daily Tutorial]

Unless I don't have time, I do open those ‘daily series' kinds of emails. 

These types of campaigns deliver follow-up value content in the form of an everyday tutorial, and since a subscriber signed up themselves they will likely visit until the end of the tutorial series which is where the catch is realized, which may either be to close a sale or drive traffic.

We already know how effective adding sharing buttons can be for more viral exposure. Yet another effective way is to encourage sharing.

In this case, you add the links and buttons, and at the same time persuade its sharing.

Take, for instance, some website owners will only allow you to download a checklist or ebook when you have clicked a link that automatically prompts you to share a post/product link to your social media accounts.

That is a fantastic way of encouraging link sharing and popularity growth, provided the downloadable has a high value that one won't help but do what it takes to have it for themselves.

72…What Is Your “Go-Viral” Strategy? [The Plan]

[“bctt tweet=”One thing is to set a goal another is goal planning— an action strategy to get the set goal.”]

It's a great thing to set the goal of making your website go viral. A combination of even only two in this top 99 list of tips, tricks, methods, and ways to make your website popular with viral website visitors, will work miraculously for some, and nothing may happen for others.

The only difference between these two sets of people is their strategy! 

  • How long are you ready to implement these web traffic generation methods, and how long will you keep doing it until it works?
  • What will be your approach to getting your website popular? 
  • Is it a short or long-term goal for you?

73…While Running Ads, Use More of Videos than Mere Textual Designs

Stats show that visually appealing ads perform better. And I think the reasons are obvious;

  • There's an increase in website traffic with video ads than other ad types.
  • Great performing video ads has guaranteed link clicks
  • This type of ads grab peoples attention
  • Higher engagement of viewers
  • Improves brand recall (since its more memorable)
  • Videos also work positively on viewers intent
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Boost Click Through Rate (CTR)

And more.

74…Write As A Guest For Others (Guest Blogging)

One of the finest benefits of becoming a guest blogger is that it allows you to spread your brand’s message thereby growing your brand exposure while driving traffic.

And if you have mastered the art of creating razor-sharp content that goes viral, earns trusted links, and ranks at the top of Google on your website, you are good to go. 

Just export this skill to guest blogging to fastly transform any website's popularity with a content marketing strategy that works.

There's a lot to gain from guest blogging besides viral traffic from vetted popular websites:

  • Improve your online authority
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Instant exposure to targeted traffic
  • Expand your networks
  • Stimulated social media shares
  • Increased social media following
  • Stronger backlink profile
  • Brand exposure
  • More sales

75…Viral Content Are usually “Top Lists Posts”

List publications perform, hands down better when compared to their counterparts.

In fact websites like publish only “Top Ten Lists”. So there is a reason for that. 

And this is it…

Readers love reading list posts. Content marketers love creating list content. Because it works.

76…Internal Linking is Your “On-Page” SEO

There are too many advantages associated with SEO, On-Page SEO especially, that it cannot be counted.

On-page SEO optimizes web pages to rank higher in search engines to attract more traffic and paying customers. This is just one of the many.

If you can create a valuable Helpful Resources Section, just as WpBeginner has, it can boost how long visitors will spend on your site before leaving.

78…Perform A Face-Lift (Add or Remove Something) Once In Awhile

Most times, you'll need to perform some website facelift in the case of outdated designs. Besides this, you need a website face-lift anytime there is any one or more of these to take care of;

  • …need to update brand's core message, its mission or vision, or 
  • …website users and visitors keep complaining, 
  • …purpose had a little shift or entirely has to be updated,
  • …maybe the trends changed
  • …or a situation where the design or feel of the website design causes trust issues…
  • …the site started wrongly,
  • …speed optimization problems,
  • …or, the current theme build-up isn’t SEO supportive,
  • …responsiveness and difficult to navigate,
  • …hard to edit or add more functionalities,
  • …poor user experience, etc

Overall, it is a good practice to do some upgrades when necessary because when the design is right, SEO is better, the same holds for the website's general functionality, and the traffic it can generate and sustain increases too.

From the horse's mouth, The easiest way to promote, share & track

your content on Twitter (and it's free) is Click-to-tweet

Click To Tweet is a free WordPress plugin that can boost social media traffic by allowing you to create content, and allow anybody to easily “tweet” by clicking the active spots in the content. 

So right from now, you can start to make it easy to share your content on Twitter, and grow your website traffic.

80…Pay Attention To Google Updates

Updates are important because they often include critical improvements that may help or impair performance. 

Google's broad core algorithm updates (which are the most impactful) are released seldomly throughout the year but rolls out close to a thousand small algorithm updates each year.

Be it big or small, you'll want to be on the watch for the changes that can help or down your business.

Since Google's core algorithm change in 2012– the Penguin algorithm– Google has been cracking down on bad links.

A bad backlink is a link to your website that may be coming from a suspicious, niche-unrelated, or not-so-good website. 

One of the major causes of bad links is black hat SEO and buying of links.

Sites that have this kind of backlinks risk being penalized. Purge your website of any unhealthy backlinks to boost your website organic traffic fast.

82…Use For Auto Guest Posts

Accessily is a digital solution platform that was solely built with the aim and mission to enable you healthily grow your website backlinks profile in the fastest, efficient, and easiest ways possible.

As a well-rounded guest posting marketplace, you can find the best quality guest post opportunities for SEO ranking, website traffic, and brand awareness. 

You'll have the option also to sell quality guest posting opportunities on your site and earn money.

83…Create Podcasts Or Go On others Podcasts

Podcasts are surging in popularity these days and it is time to join the moving train as they'll help you promote your site more effectively.

Creating a podcast as part of your website or blog comes with increased traffic generation, better relationships with a vibrant audience, a highly engaging community, etc.

And if you get booked as a guest on a podcast, that will be a great way to grow your audience. It's also a highly effective way to promote your products or services, and the good news is, there are lots of services out there that can help you get booked.

84…Publish Content To All Social Media Platforms (Schedule or Instant)

Currently, there are over 101 social media platforms in the world with outrageous monthly active user reports.

Coupled with that are already too many benefits that can be traced with sharing content on just one social media;

  • Auto-pilot viral website traffic generation.
  • increased Brand Awareness.
  • More Inbound Traffic.
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings.
  • Higher Conversion Rates.
  • Better Customer Satisfaction.
  • Improved Brand Loyalty.
  • More Brand Authority.

How much more can these benefits become when you leverage already made tools that can publish your content on 10 -to 20 social media platforms at once? 

A sponsored link is an advertisement to products and/or services that are paid for by the third party who owns those websites, products, or services advertised.

Now here you are going to be the sponsorer. 

You'll find, and, approach an admin of a website in your niche, that has the website traffic and authority you want; then negotiate your interest to place an advertisement of your website for some one-time or renewal fees. 

Once there's a deal, you will be on your way for some hefty viral traffic.

86…Public Figure “Outreach” (Influential Marketing)

Celebrities are called their names for a reason.

If you check on different social media, they usually have the highest number of followers and likes.

That's because they are influencers, or better say, public figures.

Based on what you can afford at the stage of your business, “public figure marketing” is another way to land your first success on a viral traffic marketing campaign.

A single mention of your domain on a popular skit or live video can change the traffic story of a website.

87…Get Referred Traffic From Reddit

Reddit is a social news and entertainment website which runs entirely by user-generated content. 

Users submit content as a link or text for others to up-vote or down-vote the content. This way, Reddit makes sure that the content reaching the first page of Reddit is of higher quality.

Driving an ample amount of traffic to your website is not supposed to be difficult, at least, not with Reddit.

With Reddit, all you need to drive tangible web traffic is to share valuable content in the appropriate sub-Reddit.

88…Integrate Call-To-Action Buttons

Call to actions are obviously for people that have already found their way to the website, so may not probably be eligible to be on a list of website traffic generation post.

True… but what was it all for anyway. If not to boost conversion, make more sales, and ultimately increase revenue?

Calls-to-action helps make ordinary visitors convert into paying customers.

89…Read Competitors' Publications

Time to read! To peek inside your competitor's traffic growth marketing strategy.

‘Cus it's not only me and you in this game, but there are also big (even bigger) fishes in this water too.

It's time to learn from your competitors. How they do their stuff, when, and where they make it happen.

So once in a while, you'll want to peek at your competitors' holy grails viral traffic content growth marketing strategy.

This way, you'll know the strategies to imitate, the ones to drop or improve, for the maximum result.

90…Use Traffic Exchange Services (HitLeap)

From a simple Wikipedia definition of what a traffic exchange service is.

It is a web traffic exchange network that receives website URL submissions from webmasters that join the traffic exchange network. 

The person who submitted the website then has to browse other member sites on the exchange program to earn credits, which enable their sites to be viewed by other members through the surf system.

In a nutshell, traffic exchange is when you visit other people’s websites and they visit yours in return.

This can be a life-saver if your website is pretty new and you just need a way to deepen your foot in a kick-off web traffic.

91…Use Catchy Headlines (Hype Things Up)

Data from statistics prove that using charming headlines is a formula that works for traffic generation.

Good catchy headlines tell the complete but concise story beforehand and make a promise that it delivers on.

There are lots of blog title good practices you should get yourself familiar with;

  • Make a promise right from the content title
  • Let it seem too informative to skip
  • Use psychological triggers in your content titles
  • Engage your audience’s emotional energy
  • Use the keyword in your blog title (for SEO)
  • Use facts that include numbers for more website visit
  • Provide a practical way to solve a problem

Topics are hotter when are trending and a lot of folks maximize this opportunity to drive targeted traffic to their website.

It is called the “trendy” strategy. This is one of the easiest ways to activate the viral triggers of website traffic and popularity. But it takes the work of keeping your eye open for the latest or even discovering that strategy, news, update, or whatever it is before it goes live on many other websites.

Keep up with the times and lookout for opportunities. Get set on your mats to catch the next trendy topics for more targeted website traffic and robust links.

93…Disclose New Ideas AND Indicate Stuff That No Longer Work

I have hardly seen a post debunking a no-longer effective method of doing things. There are but a very few of them out there.

And I think that is a very low-hanging fruit that can be easily plugged for major brand popularity and website traffic “overnight”.

This type of content is up to “blank check percentage” to go viral when done right. 

Right now, what techniques, strategies, or tips and tricks do you think are no longer valuable in your niche? 

Do you have proves or anything to show that it isn't effective anymore? 

Then you have a very popularable viral content idea right there. 

Publish it and be ready for some critics but one thing is sure, the traffic will flood your site for it and within no time, other bloggers would be publishing the same.

Give it a try today.

94…Create Ever-Green Content

Evergreen content in simple terms can be defined as content that lasts, and it has everything to do with organic search traffic.

The entirety of this post may be well worth nothing without content. 

Content and backlinks both stand as two of Google's top 3 ranking factors.

That's why every strategy is built around content marketing and that is the more reason you'll want to get your content right with creating evergreen content.

Viral traffic that can make a website popular does not work with all types of content. 

Evergreen content does not easily get outdated and remains valuable, hence it is called EVERGREEN CONTENT. 

95…Meet Needs With Solutions

Content is a solution put together in words, videos, audio, or any other form of communication. As a digital marketer, content creator, or blogger, your overall intention should be to meet people's needs with solutions.

The aim of all the different types of businesses that have/will succeed is to meet needs and to be a solution to an identified problem.

When people notice you can offer solutions to problems in a particular industry or niche, they will always come around.

Leverage this method to encourage revisits and craft your hyper-engaged audience. Getting popular through viral traffic is one, having these visitors return another time is even the most important.

96…Pay Attention To Emotions

An emotion is flexible energy that can be put to work negatively or positively.

Emotions go into a lot that we do daily especially in decision making. 

You can easily predict the search intent of a depressed person, hence some words will soothe better than others when creating content for a set of such audiences.

It's also the same way for every other visitor.

  • People who are searching for School Bags will likely pay more attention to durability, portability and may probably buy from one that checks all the boxes.
  • A blogger will pay more attention to traffic, SEO, revenue, and nothing else may matter. 

97… No Much Theory, Show things Off In Practice

The news is everywhere that we are in the era of information overload. The overload is so much that in the midst of it all, we're still searching for knowledge.

In reality, we are not searching for more knowledge, but an arranged information and most especially, hands-on practical information.

No matter what you do, to get those clicks which will count as site visits, take the time now to organize the content and guide people from a start to finish of skill, and you'll become popular

98. Stumbleupon & Tumblr

Don't wave goodbye to Stumbleupon just yet, it has something you need at this stage of your website. Yea it's true that Pinterest is taking over, but both are here to stay (though, as long as they fight too).

Tumblr on the other hand is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. In other words, it's where your interests connect you with people of interest.

A nice match for viral traffic.

Automation is not yet at its peak, so there will be a need still, for manual labor. After all, we did our stuff ourselves, even before the advent of the prevalent technology.

What's Next

Refine, Relearn and Repeat!

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