How To Sell on Amazon – $10,000/Month

Make money from Amazon
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Wants to know How To Sell on Amazon?

A business model that caters to both buyers and sellers is Amazon. Amazon sells virtually everything across the entire planet Earth.

Amazon is the largest market on the internet. Amazon is an opportunity. You will know exactly how to sell on Amazon and make money.

Whenever you think about making a purchase online, you automatically go right to the Amazon store.

The whopping number of visitors and millions of active users make Amazon by far the most popular e-commerce store on the World Wide Web.

And then, Amazon is now quickly going from only sales of digital products right into other markets like fashion and even healthcare products and services.

Already many e-commerce brands and many folks are making a lot of money on Amazon. It is high time you learned “how to sell on Amazon!”

Who Can Sell on Amazon

  1. While running your own eCommerce store will surely give you absolute control, provide more opportunities with increased profit margins, yet, you cannot actually underestimate the power of Amazon—in fact, you might be better off joining the moving train since it would be almost impossible to build a site like Amazon so soon.
  • Thank goodness if you already have an eCommerce store, so you can also improve your eCommerce business selling on Amazon superstore. Consider selling things on Amazon. Ready to get your feet wet?

If fall under any of the above, you are definitely one of the people who can sell and make it selling on Amazon.

Wondering how to make $10,000 per month just selling digital or physical products on Amazon?

Do not worry, before we get into how to accomplish that, let’s review some basics to see why Amazon selling is the right opportunity for everyone.

How to Make $10,000/Month Selling on Amazon – How to sell on Amazon

How To Start Selling on Amazon

Before you get started selling on Amazon, you need to first set up your products on Amazon as a vendor.

There are two options for Amazon eCommerce vendors: sell with Amazon FBA or selling directly on Amazon.

How To Sell on Amazon – Option 1: Amazon FBA

FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon, meaning-  you just have to carter for the setting up of your products, then let Amazon ship it to their different destinations of order, doing all the storage, tracking and shipping for you.

How To Sell on Amazon – Option 2: Sell directly on Amazon

Selling directly on Amazon is like selling your product(s) on any other eCommerce store.

You can start selling directly on Amazon for only $39.99 per month plus other additional petty selling fees. Thou registration process is as simple as:

  • Decide what you want to sell.
  • Choose a selling plan.
  • Register online.

The four-step setup process after registration is also user-friendly and similar to Amazon FBA, just:

  • List your products in the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Sell items to customers.
  • Ship the products to customers.
  • Get paid directly by Amazon into your bank account.  
  • Just like that!!!

Worthy To Note About Amazon FBA:

With Amazon FBA, digital ads, SEO, content, and PR is no longer your problems, plus, Amazon’s customer service via email, phone, and live chat tools can save you from hiring employees to handle any complaints or returns-

Just focus on growing your Amazon business and adding quality products to the marketplace.

Get Started with Amazon FBA Now! – How To Sell on Amazon

Welcome to Amazon’s online world of business. Sign up for an FBA account. 

  • Create your product listings—add them in one at a time or in bulk with Amazon’s API.
  • Prepare your products with tools like packing tape, barcode scanners, measuring tools, and make sure they are ready to sell and ship to Amazon. 
  • Ship your products directly to Amazon’s Warehouse. 
  • Once your products are listed and finally generate sales, Amazon takes customers’ orders and provides Prime members with free two-day shipping from their huge network of warehouses.

Done? Now, you’re all set with Amazon FBA! Amazon will start fulfilling your orders, and you can focus on driving online sales.

Worthy To Note About Amazon Direct Selling

You’re responsible for listing your product, managing the inventory, and shipping it to customers. 

With direct selling on Amazon, you have more access to contact customers to request a review or handle issues that may arise.

How much can I earn with Amazon?

With Amazon, anything is possible: You could be making $millions.

But let’s start with our target of $10,000 monthly recurring income. 

No WOWs, a unique, quality, and problem-solving product(s) are all you need. What about… Hey!

Amazon has the traffic you will ever need amazon has more than enough number of active users.

What else?

4 Simple Steps to Make $10, 000/month Selling on Amazon

After you decide whether you want to ship products directly to customers or use the FBA system, you can start focusing on building a well-trusted, well-reviewed brand on Amazon. 

Here’s how to make $10,000/month selling on Amazon.

  • Choose Your Product Niche

A good product niche will be a major success determinant in your Amazon selling business.

Choosing a specific product niche can help you better track which products are selling and which will do better.

My Niche Suggestions

Physical Products: Pet food, Fitness/Health-related product, and Books.
Digital Products: Ebooks.

  • Price Your Items To Sell

If you want your items to sell, you need to price them according to the market demand.

You don’t want to price your products higher than your competition, it can kill both your Amazon venture and any trust your customers have for your product and you.

Once you build trust and start generating sales and positive reviews, even Amazon will start advertising you.

  • Improve product page ranking

You can get your products to page one results of Amazon and Google when you invest in Amazon SEO strategies and good keywords research.

  • Clickable product titles
  • Your Amazon backend keywords
  • Your product’s price and conversion rate
  • Your Amazon customer reviews
  • Your product’s price (Ask yourself if your price is comparable to your competitors)
  • high-quality product photos 
  • product descriptions so that your product ends up on page one of the Amazon search results and Google Page 1. Page one results mean that customers are seeing your products first, which will increase the chances of more sales.


  • Research your competition to continually generate sales from high rankings. 
  • Tweak your product title to generate a high click-through rate so that you can continually generate organic sales.
  • Remember that eCommerce promotions often follow retail holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even other more general promotions like winter clearance or fall sales. 

Promotional Periods are High Sales Period

Now, go and make money selling on Amazon!

Making a profit by selling on Amazon is possible if you think smart, implement a well-planned strategy, and effectively market your business whether you’re shipping products yourself or using FBA.

Engage in Amazon SEO, optimize your product pages, market your brand effectively, and price your items to sell.


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