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Wants To Start A Blog? Why You “MUST” Start With A Free Host


The platform you use can’t limit you. You limit your self by:

  • Creating unnecessary overhead costs when you’re yet to balance.
  • Not scaling when due.
  • Being overwhelmed by other bloggers earning reports and for that reason, risking your little savings.

A lot of the top ranking blogs started as either a hobbyist adventure or a personal portfolio a long time ago.

Even the blog you are in, started as a .blogspot subdomain blog with a completely different name than Afonne Digital.

I’m going to tell you, straight-out, why you need to start your blog with a free host, but with two exceptions;

  1. You are a blogger that knows the business of blogging in-out and wants to get yourself a new blog.
  2. You have a significant amount of money in your savings or a reliable source of income.

Except for this two reasons, I don’t think you should start risking your hard-earned funds, right off the bat (Drop any other reasons you think of in the comments).

The Main Reason Is It Not To Make Money Blogging?

It turns out that one of the things in any beginner blogger’s mind is ‘how to start a blog and make money’, fortunately a free hosting service wouldn’t cut short your ambition.

Many free hosts will allow you to use whatever you’ll have added to a blog on a paid hosting company.

Recently, almost all the best ones out there will not put even their own ads on your blog site, so that you have it all to yourself- what is the catch, more on this in a moment.

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So why risk it?

Free Hosting Can Last Forever, As Long As…

…you don’t cross the boundaries or get into violations.

It will remain forever free as long as you are outside the red line.

And if otherwise, you already know your left from your right and can happily invest (now it is an ‘investment’ not a ‘risk’) by migrating to a paid host.

Compared to free hosting, if you were on a billed host, you will have been billed twice, even before you get the stands to establish your voice, brand and authority in your niche.

Note that the word ‘forever‘ here, shouldn’t be the main driving force. If it is, that means you don’t want to grow your blog.

You’ll surely use-up the resources alloted to you at a point, that is why you will be ready to scale.

Migrating at this point will be a plus.

You’ll Have 60% of What You’ll Have Paid For, In A FREE Host

If you’re ready to start something cool, check this out here. And the reviews users give as well.

These prove that some free hosts deliver on what they promise in their advertisements.

Talking about fulfilling promises and best free hosts, I will be recommending only one free host based on:

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000webhost by Hostinger

They have everything spelt out, no hype.

  • No Script Auto Installer
  • Limited 300 MB Disk Space
  • Limited 3 GB Bandwidth
  • No Email Service
  • No Live Support
  • No Backups

They are showcasing the power of their parent hosting service which is paid for- Hostinger (one of the best and cheapest in the market)

These are not the only reasons but, in my opinion the biggest, why you should start out things free then scale.

Use 000webhost and and let’s talk more below (in the comments)

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