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Online Real Estate [the Billionaire Fastlane]

Online Real Estate Business

Talking about online real estate, how would it feel to start a web-based version of a business model that’s made more millionaires than all industrial investments combined? 

Ultimately how rich can you become? 

How’s This Match?

Real estate is a business that has been successful over the years. 

On the other hand, online-based business as a business venture has made too many millionaires. 

Matching this both will be a match made in heaven. 

In short, this is what I call the Billionaire Fastlane! (inspired by the Millionaire Fastlane by M. J. Demarco).

Isn’t clear yet? No probs. 

Let’s start it this way;

What Is Real Estate Business and How Does It Really Work?

Simple Definition Of Real Estate

Real estate is ‘the property’ made up of the land and every other thing that is built or found on, or as part of the land, within, above, or beneath. 

An example is anything made by ‘man’ such as a building, or natural resources such as crops, minerals, or water.

Simple Definition of Real Estate Business

The real estate business involves buying, selling, reselling, or renting a real estate property to make money.

How Can You Do ‘Online Estate Business’

Note that, this term ‘online estate business’ in the concept it is discussed here in this post, was first found and used on, though the practice of it may already be in existence, as well as the discussed topics.

Simple Definition of Online Estate Business

Online estate business involves the buying, selling, reselling, and renting of online-based properties or businesses.

That is, the buying, selling, reselling, and renting of websites, web pages, pictures, images, infographics, applications, software, blog sites, personal/business accounts, leads, digital products/ideas, services, raw/source code, plugins, post content, sales copies, etc. by an individual, group or a company to make money.

How Much To Start Online Estate Business

Unlike starting a business in real estate which looks something like; 

  • Get your strategy right.
  • Make a business plan
  • Build a unique brand 
  • Register your business
  • Raise a large lump of first required capital, and more …

…online estate business sure has some basic requirements too. But much easier and friendlier ones. 

If you have a little enough knowledge of the internet and how computers work, you are almost ready for business.

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The next question will then be, hope you have some capital and lastly, are you a businessman or businesswoman?

Just those requirements coupled with the right execution attitude can make you a billionaire (or practically, a millionaire) online estate business person.

How To Kick-Start Online Estate Business

As always, time is of great essence, so this is how you can start an online version of the real estate business ASAP.

Let’s get into it.

1. Leads Flipping

Imagine leads as almost-made customers’ contact details.

So, leads flipping is an online estate business where a specific audience’s leads are sold to someone else or a company based on their interest. 

Leads flipping is not just starting. It has been around for years already. 

And now more than ever, businesses are looking out for the next easiest way to acquire their next customer without robbing the bank.

If your leads show a significant return on investment, leads flipping can be an insanely profitable business to run (depending on what you define insane as).

The difficulty level of setting up a leads flipping business will depend on how you approach it. Because as an online estate type of business, you have the option to;

… Grow leads from scratch by yourself (most profitable).

When you choose to toll this path, the easiest part will be creating a website. But then, you will need to grow your traffic to grow your leads generation speed.


… Buy Already-made leads and resell (medium profitability)

You can as well, buy leads that have been built and cleaned up and resell to clients.

Leads Flipping Business: How Difficult is It?

  • You continue to make more money and get more clients, as long as your leads convert to sales for your clients, and this reduces (or stops entirely) as soon as your leads no longer deliver.
  • There’s a limit to the number of times you can resell a particular lead, or it won’t deliver efficiently again.
  • You have to grow your leads from scratch and section them according to their interests (if you choose to build your leads from scratch).
  • Your success or failure depends on the quality of your lead (if you choose to resell).

2. Website Flipping

Website flipping is another method of taking the same business model that real estate agents use to make money, online.

Starting to flip websites can be as easy as buying a website that is making some money already or has seen a significant amount of traffic or both, and reselling it after some time.

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In this flipping business, the waiting time before selling a website is used to increase the valuation of such a website by rebranding or increasing the traffic inflow which in turn increases the revenue turnover of the website.

How Difficult Is Website Flipping Business

In terms of difficulty, website flipping is among the easiest means of getting into the buying and selling of online properties.

With the continuous improvement in technology, it’s easy enough to find a website that is for sale. 

Also, the process of assessing the quality, web traffic count, and proof of revenue is much simplified. 

Finally, it’s easier now to complete the full purchasing process of a website within a day or two.

The real difficulty will come when by any chance, you buy some not realistic valued website or blog site.

How Profitable Is Website Flipping Business

Reselling a website that was bought at the right valuation will always be profitable, maybe even ‘very’ profitable.

This is because the major cost of running a website flipping business is usually towards improving the look and traffic and running some website promotions to increase revenue.

And since the price of a website or blog that is to be sold is usually calculated by multiplying the current monthly/yearly turnover for 2 years time frame; the real flexibility comes with the ability to decide exactly when you wish to sell and the price.

At the same time, there’s also no limit to the number of websites you can flip in a month or year, thereby making website flipping one of the most profitable online estate businesses out there.

3. Selling Your Own Website/Blog

Now, contrary to buying someone else’s website, you can sell yours too. 

Just like building a lead from scratch and selling it, putting up your own website or blog for sale, is by far more profitable than flipping people’s websites.

The business is easier if you already have a blog that is making money or has a few thousand visitors per month.

And if you do not have a website now, it’s all great too.

You can take the next 6 months to build and grow your new website up to a “FOR SALE” status.

If it demands more than 6 months, just know that it’s worth more than 6 months of work, selling your own website can give you a big break.

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Fortunately, your website may even become the next big thing that you may not want to sale it again. 

Give it all it takes!

4. Renting A Custom Ads Space

On a post I published in the past, of Top List Of “The 7 Continents’ ” Richest Bloggers; though their income runs in millions of dollars, a good percentage of these blog sites, had (by estimation) Display Ads as part or only source of revenue.

If you have a website, you need to consider making a little space for additional real income from custom advertisement placements and promotions.

Selling ad space is a lucrative choice even if you don’t like the way ad networks place ads on websites, because you decide where and how the ads will look, and also a great combination if you do.

This is similar to renting in the case of real estate where you lease a room or an entire apartment. But in the online renting business, there’s more potential to earn much more.

The cost advertiser could be charged for an ads space is measured by website quality, popularity, and traffic, and completely custom.

Renting ads space on your site that’s raking in lots of traffic can pay in premium revenue.

That’s the online estate business for you.

5. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you don’t need a product to sell one.

You get the chance to earn as much as 50% of the sale price of any product you are an affiliate of.

In essence, you split the sale of every product in half for most products and the others that you don’t, you get percentile-based commissions you can’t resist.

The real work of an affiliate is only to drive sales. Nothing else!

The product has been made, the sales copies sometimes are already made, the product has also proven itself.

Just take the product or service to the market, do it your way, and drive that sales-making traffic; go home with your commission.

That is down to the floor one of the best business-on-business ways to make money.



And there you have it.

The simple but powerful online estate business paths (the Billionaire Fastlane).

Think about these businesses differently even though you may know about them before now.

See you busy in business!

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