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The Only 9 Reasons Your Blog is Stagnant

blog is not making money

So many six-figure blogging success testimonies out there, but you and I can't even afford hosting bills.

In your heart of hearts, you know that things are not going well with your blog, and it could only be a few, or all of these 9 reasons that your blog is not making money.

Here is the deal!

Blogging and making money from your blog is all about trial and error.

That is why you need to know the only 9 primary reasons that your blog is not making money (Every other thing is secondary).

Good news is, together with the reasons for “blog not making money” are the solutions on “how to make money blogging”.

With no further ado, lets do it right away 🙂

The Only “9” Reasons Your Blog is Not Any Making Money

1. Work For Someone Else First

The major reason your blog is not making money and has remained stagnant is because of you!

So, work for someone else first.


Instead of having all the passion today and loosing it all the next day; find a freelance site to engage yourself. Thank me later.

Not only will you master copywriting as a skill, but will unconsciously build-up some well-to-do attitudes and discipline that every successful man on earth has.

You will sure start meeting deadlines, setting and getting goals. Work even when you do not feel like doing it, also will get used to the art and science of writing better copies.

Every freakin time you invest will pay off.

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2. Nothing Can Take The Place Of Persistency- Not Even Talent

Being persistent means to stay or continue to do something, even when it seems difficult.

This simply tells that hard times will come. And it is very obvious.

Afterall, why will everyone not be into it if it was that easy. I mean, so many people started a blog the day you did, not everyone is reading this post.

They all have fallen by the way side. That clearly tells the story.

Talking about staying and continuing to follow your passion, you've got to drop your multitasking skills and pick up focus.

Focus is an asset you will surely need, for persistency to work for you.

Impatient bloggers weed themselves out. Generous, patient, persistent bloggers succeed

So pick up your blog and get it running. This time, faster than ever.

Have any of those gurus told you this? Probably not.

And that is why you got to listen to me, even though I'm not yet in the three-commas-club ($000,000,000).

When I read any blog post, I look for something.

I try to grade the post. Is it just another blog post, or a researched content, or what I call “a sales copy in disguise” (?).

Those sales copies are the real copies. Visitors are likely to buy from your links only when your content stirs it up.

So whenever you write a blog post, you should ask yourself, “Why do they want to read this”?.

It is not enough to litter your affiliate links or Ads all over. But make sure you have established these with your post in your potential readers:

  • A charming headline (too compelling to overlook)
  • Attention and Want (in your intro)
  • Desire and willingness to have, and
  • An actionable action.

4. More Traffic is = Possibilities

You probably are not used to this one. We tend to believe that the money is in the traffic.

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While that may partially hold some water, I have also experienced a case where there are over a thousand of views/visitors with no sales.

Sure is that the larger the number of traffic to your blog, the better.

The general rule is that only the blogs with quality traffic can make money from blogging.

5. You Do Not Have An Email List

Even when you've got the traffic, you are just half way gone. Getting visitors is just half baking.

To make a passive income blogging (that is, having a constant revenue rather than a stagnant blog).

Full baking is when you have your visitors intact in an email list.

So, if you are not working on building out your email list already, you got some work to do.

Build it now, while your blog scales.

6. Performance of Your Site

The performance of your blog is another hindrance to making money from your blog. Because it affects your ranking for organic traffic.

On the visitor(s) end, it really sucks. So your blog is stagnant for not keeping up.

There is no particular yardstick to measure the performance of a blog site. Worthy of note though, are:

7. The Appearance and Feel of Your Blog

Humans are visual beings. Our heart always desires what our eyes admires.

Oboy! Do you remember high school, we all had a crush on beautiful girls.

Which means, once I am attracted to something, I am 80% likely to check that out.

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That is also true about blog designs.

Do not judge a book by its cover, but we are all guilty of it.

So many bloggers care a little about how great our blogs may look. It is time you started fixing things.

That alone is a major road block to monetizing your site.

8. You Are Jack of All Trades

Being an affiliate marketer does not mean you should start promoting anything that pays.

Afterall, that is why you have a niche- to have a focus and direction.

Do this.

Find a product you have tested or trust enough to share to others for years. That product or service that your audience will enjoy for a lifetime.

Put all your energy into promoting it.

9. The Way You Go About Blogging

Blogs are what we make them. To some people, it is just another means of making quick bucks.

While to other folks, it is a business.

The later are far way on their way to success.

If you see and do your blogging as a business;

  • firstly, you will sound less spammy,
  • secondly, you will build trust and
  • lastly, you will make (lots of) money.

Final Thoughts

Do not be like everyone else. Be Your Self At Its Best!

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