Reseller Hosting or Affiliate Marketing: Which Should You Start In 2021

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Reseller Hosting and Affiliate Marketing are two big excellent revenue streams and starting a potentially successful online business anchored in any of these models is at its all-time lowest low in 2021.

It can be difficult to decide which is the best path to toll to achieve success in the shortest timestamp while building a long-term business venture. Reseller or Affiliate 🙂

A Reseller? Then you’re reselling a service under your own brand name, but don’t have to worry about the fulfillment of that service and product. 


An Affiliate? Your core job is referring paying customers to businesses for a commission from every sale of their product/service.

Reseller Hosting vs Affiliate Marketing– Which is Right for You?

Reseller Hosting

Being a Reseller Host can be likened to being a CEO of a franchise or owning your own business, and you are almost in control. 

This model allows you to leverage down to the last integrity and prowess of a rather giant company for your benefit. Reseller Hosting or Affiliate Marketing: Which Should You Start In 2021 Click To Tweet

If you can partner with one of the biggest and best web hosting solutions to power your reseller hosting business, then you are going to have a seamless ride.

Since the profit of a reseller completely lies in the margin received from sales, more “desperate marketing” will boost the growth of your customer base which in turn directly impacts profit.

Pros of Reseller Hosting.

  • Your Reseller Hosting can as well grow into a fully-fledged business.
  • Requires less investment of time and resources as everything is already made.

Cons of Reseller Hosting

  • Needs continued support to your clients.
  • The quality of your hosting service can only be as good or bad as your provider’s. 

Affiliate Marketing

On the other hand, “Affiliate Marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.

― Larry Bussey

Affiliate marketing is a very effective hands-off way to earn money online, a win-win game for both the product owner and the affiliate. 

Becoming an affiliate all you have to do is join the affiliate network for a product or service. On signup, you’ll be given a unique link and if anybody uses that link during their purchase, you’ll receive a cut of the pay.

So affiliate marketing is when a product owner or brand pays you a commission for the sales generated from your referrals as a partner, publisher, or marketer.

In the past (and even until now), a lot of fancy words were used to describe affiliate marketing, terms like make passive income, and, make money while you sleep– because this is the real summary of affiliate marketing.

Great deal!

Fortunately, if you wouldn’t want to miss out, you can become both an Affiliate Marketer as well as a Reseller Host.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing.

  • Low entry barrier.
  • Freedom to choose what to promote based on the product quality.
  • No need for any die-hard support setup.

Cons of Affiliate Marketing.

  • You don’t own the product or service you promote.

Conclusion: Similarities of Reseller Hosting vs Affiliate Marketing

  • You aren’t the product owner of either the products you promote or the Reseller Hosting your white label.
  • Both are easy to start and grow than other kinds of online businesses.
  • No physical office required.
  • They are both passive income streams.
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