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9+ SEO Traffic Tips For WordPress Sites Less Than 1 Year

SEO Traffic 2 in 1 [10] Tips for Every WordPress Blog Less Than 1 Year Old

With the much I know, there are only 3 whitehat methods to drive traffic to any website.

  • Organic traffic (SEO)
  • Online Advertisements (Ads) traffic
  • Backlinks

Now you probably have more on your list of ways of increasing blog traffic. If you check well though; the rest falls under one or more of the above-bulleted list.

For a blog of barely a year old like yours, following the list outlined above; it can be daunting to achieve organic traffic (the SEO way) or build quality backlinks, except you run some ads – but for how long can you keep up with that(!).

The good news is that we are going to expose the best-proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) traffic driving tips, specifically for any blogger pretty new in the digital/content marketing industry. This will also be a great read for every top-level blogger. It is all about SEO and success.

Let’s take a step further into the real meat of the post.

SEO Traffic Tips for Every WordPress Blog

SEO [Traffic Tips]
SEO [Traffic Tips]

1. Harness The Effectiveness of Image SEO

  • Bonus: Infographics have proven to perform better in SEO and audience engagement than ordinary images

A good way to kickstart image SEO is paying more attention to it.

Image optimization for higher rankings and a possible traffic boost will take a bit more than adding alternative (alt) text, as powerful as they are, I, in the same voice as Google, recommend you take a more strategic step further.

Make it a habit to always name your image files approximately with descriptive names. This gives more clues to search algorithm bots and people with assistive devices on your blog to understand your core content better.

You will also want to size image files consistently across your site (not too big or small) as this helps in increasing website speed. And, very importantly; use infographics when and where possible!

2. Step-Up Your Content Game

  • Pro Traffic Tip: Words count matters in Ranking.

Content creation is more than a skill because it has got some powers that I believe works.

With better content, you can make more sales, engage your audience, expand your horizon, and lots more.

Owning to that, stepping-up your content game is an essential ingredient to growing your traffic.

If you get no other thing from this post, let this be at the tip of your writing pen– pour abundance of quality into your content. This is pretty unlike what you have heard from any other blogger right? That is why here is “the SEO spot on the internet“.

Next Best Reads: Content Mastery Tips for Quality Blog Posts (SEO) | Every Successful Blogger is a CopyWriter– for a more in-depth read on writing razor-sharp content.

However you look at it, your content is all you’ve got. Learn how to do it right or engage another (for a fee).

3. Pay Attention To Your Blog Traffic & SEO Statistics

  • Take-away: Address Any SEO issues ASAP

When last did you make use of speed analysis tools like Google Page Insights and GTMetrix? Or website SEO auditing technologies like Neil Patel’s UberSuggest?

Looking back at our pasts is the only way we can have higher odds of making lesser mistakes in the future. This applies not just to living; but also to blogging (and SEO especially).

When you encounter such warnings as site health: needs improvement, decrease in page speed, or those critical security alerts; it is the best time to act.

P.S: I have discovered that Search Engine Optimization goes way more than keyword researching, page architecture, and structure... It starts with those pretty little things.

As a new blog, a great foundation will mean if the process will be happy happy 🙂 or frustration.

4. Headlines Mean a Million

  • Did You Know: Your Headline is the first sign that you have something great to tell?

It’s magical the way a blog post’s headline can turn on or off your potential blog visitors.

Great headlines that get click-throughs are not too long, but precise, promising, tempting, charming, and irresistible.

And they are not so hard to come up with! Your headline is the first sign that you have something great to tell?

5. Speed Of Your Website is All That Matters

  • Trill: 53% of mobile users click away for every 3s slack

In a usual career job, you’ll get paid probably based on a pre-agreed hourly rate. For bloggers, your pay is determined by seconds; the number that was engaged; the duration, others who got convinced enough to make purchases including the bounces.

That’s how it works here.

6. Write On Topics People Will Die To Read

  • Did You Know: Forums, Q&As, and blog comments are great content ideas?

This is the process of employing what I call “the reader’s delight“. 

7. Start Implementing SEO Best Practices From In blog (On-page SEO) Before Out of your blog (Off-page SEO)

  • Parable: It is the rat inside which tells the other out there about the fish in the house.

As complex as SEO may seem, it could be easily divided into two simple parts: on-page and off-page SEO. And a pro SEO traffics driving tip will start your optimization right from the inner-cycle of your blog.

  • How to optimize your content
  • How to create SEO-friendly URLs
  • How to write titles and descriptions
  • Lots more

8. You’ll Either Guest Blog Or Get Someone To Do That For You.

Guest Posting is named among the top best ways to generate quality backlinks for driving blog traffic.

That is relative to the fact that backlinks and the traffic got from backlinks are permanent, highly rated by Google and other search engines, niche-related, and quality all round.

9. Leverage Blog Traffic by Well-narrowed Audience-targeted Online Ads

  • A Word For You: Online Advertisements are good as a traffic boost, not really as the main means of traffic

It is time to run some ads. Yea!

Establishing an increasing handful number of monthly visits can’t possibly come from only ads. But, ads will surely increase the popularity of your blog and give your site an overnight traffic boost.

And you need it, just as much as I do.

So go ahead and start running some ads.

10. Almost Everyone You Know is On Social Media

  • My Quote– Final Word: Social media platforms have made the world a giant community that share resources seamlessly. Are you in!

Except for your mother (I am just assuming because my mom isn’t), all your family members are active on social media daily.


This tips are hyper-effective at helping your overall success as a blogger, website owner, affiliate marketer or digital market.

If you use the WordPress CMS or, go ahead and implement these tips.

Or have you done already, share your thoughts in the comments down below.

Thanks for ready.

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