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Every Successful Blogger is a CopyWriter

every successful blogger is a copywriter

What makes one ‘a blogger', when they cannot write posts that begets sales? Every Successful Blogger is a CopyWriter.

A great and compelling copy that gets that ‘attention'. One that beckons authority, establishes an instant healthy relationship and gets all its curious readers talking.

That is the type of copies copywriters do.

Such content puts your subconscious to work without your knowledge.

Here is one of such write-ups that made me read a 1,000+ words count sales copy, straight up, without raising an eyebrow, totally unawares!

Isn't that amazing?

And blog posts that can measure with this type of copy is more than superb. ‘actionable' as a word, will manage to fit its description, but, it just wouldn't portray the quality of this type of great content.

In fact, I prefer qualifying great things like this as simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Bloggers in the likes of:

Etsetera . . . Are all in their different ways successful bloggers and by extension, great CopyWriters.

Now let's learn how these and other successful bloggers are professional copywriters.

5 Reasons Why Every Successful Blogger is a CopyWriter


..Write Effective Copy

I keep talking about sales copies, copywriting, as a key skill for every blogger.

We bloggers most times have no physical products to sell to our prospects. All we got are digital, all digital products. Even your video course is content (digital). This is a major reason why we need to leverage the power of content creation skills to make 'em all effective.

Check the blogs of any of these bloggers mentioned above. Their blog posts naturally sell.

You probably may or not know that you have the least 30 seconds to interest a website visitor or risk losing them.

Successful bloggers pimp off any clumsy fluff from their posts, making every word tell.

Next time you read a blog post (whether the owner is making money already, or not yet), as a blogger, you don't need to skim the article.

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Read the post word for word, analyze the post to ascertain the quality. Do the same for your own posts too.


A post is called effective if it communicates seamlessly. When it is clear, concise and simple.

Start writing posts that are razor-sharp effective now!

..Market Their Content and Blogs

I remember when I was learning how to create a digital product. I really got into the nitty-gritty of the whole deal. Very progressive and making great momentum until a friend with the experience told me something.

He said that I can create the best product ever heard of. That the marketing of the product is just a new phase of the whole thing. I needed to learn (3 months) how to market a product that will take me 9months+ to create.

While learning to write your blog posts like a copywriter is good, supplementing this wonderful skill with some marketing expertise will always be gooder :-).

It is of no value if nobody actually gets to read that wonderful post.

..Learn From Better To Best

Writing magnet content takes time, not overnight. It is not some sort of Alice in Wonderland thing.

That is why successful bloggers learn even as they write. Most part of this learning is automatic. Your bonus benefit if you choose writing as a hobby is that you will always write improved content subsequently.

So you don't have to get stuck figuring out how to start writing effective posts. Every successful blogger is a copywriter and every hobbyist writers will become one, with conscious learning and steady practice.

Create a blog to start writing or better still, learn how to make money online & work from home writing for great sites.

..Research Before Writing

The neighborhood I grew up in had about 200 acres of woods on the outskirts, which was basically every growing boy’s definition of awesome. I can remember building tree forts and the smell of the campfires and so many other things that most kids never get to experience- like the time I was being hunted against a true alpha predator.

At twelve years old, I definitely didn’t either.  The neighborhood kids and I were running through the woods playing hide and seek… our favorite afternoon pastime…and I ended up drifting way off our typical beaten path.   After a few minutes, I came across this small pond that was sunk way down in the Earth on three sides; almost as if it were a crater from a meteor.  And from the murky depths, there were these spooky glowing red eyes watching me from beneath the surface.

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I was running too fast through a muddy section of the woods and slid straight down a 10-foot cliff to the pond’s edge.  That’s when the alligator first emerged.  This beast was huge; easily 800 pounds and a full four feet across, with a massive tail and what seemed like 10,000 razor-sharp teeth.  And there was no denying it; his eyes were completely locked on me.  I was going to be his afternoon snack.

But the alligator didn’t come straight at me…at least not at first.

I can still remember that it had rained earlier that day as well because the embankment was pure mud and there was no way to climb it.  So I couldn’t go up and I definitely wasn’t going to try to circle around the massive creature; there were far too many limbs and dead tree branches in the way.  So all I could do was stand there.  Every nerve in my body was telling me to run, to scream, to do something. Yet I was frozen with terror- I knew that I was about to die and there was nothing I could do to change my fate.

I can still feel the warm water around my ankles and smell the pungent stench of the mud. Every detail of what happened, every second of the time that passed; I can tell you exactly what I was feeling in those dark moments. It will never go away. 

When the alligator finally got tired of watching me, he shot out of that water like a cannon. It was unbelievable how so much mass could seemingly defy physics and actually gets airborne, yet there he was shooting towards my body in a blink of an eye. The predator came from the far side of the pond at amazing speeds without the slightest hesitation.

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Only one thing saved my life…the fallen tree branches that just happened to be in the water.  When the gator’s belly hit a jagged log, he almost immediately came to a stop, retreated a few feet and then lunged at me again.  But by then it was too late.  I heard what sounded like an explosion directly above me…it was a complete stranger with a wicked 12 gauge shotgun.

I say wicked because it shot out a fire for at least three feet, and he lit that gator up with every last shell in the magazine. The sound was deafening. BOOM! BOOM! I honestly think the sound scared the gator more than the ammunition hitting him did.

How did the stranger find me in time? To this day, I still call it divine intervention.

It was actually a neighbor from a different housing development who took his dogs out to run through the woods in the late afternoons.  Evidentially, his Golden Retriever saw me fall and brought his owner straight to me…and the older fellow always carried his shotgun in case of finding a rattlesnake. Truly divine intervention.

Story – Courtesy of Keith Koons, Iwriter.

Hmm, how did you see that? That is the biggest research I did for this blog post. Taking roughly 3-hours for a story I read years ago was not funny at all.

I can't emphasize the importance of researching before writing even a single word down enough.

Researching a topic is the No.1 stamina of every professional copywriter. Learn it.

..Are Focused, Consistent and Write ‘A Lot'

Top successful bloggers focus on only a niche and try to become an authority.

Then, consistently follow their set goal.

I also get surprised at how pro copywriters use the same 26 alphabets available in the English language. The same alphanumerics all of us use day-in-day-out to form powerful words.

They then manage to assemble them into a meaningful sentence, all the way down to a copy!

Get This Skill

Now that you have discovered the great demand of copywriters and the game-changing power of having this skill within your arsenal.

Nothing valuable comes free. Learn the Art Of Copywriting right away…

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