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How To Search Engine Optimize Your Posts

Ranking on page 1 of Google is possible-Tips

To Search Engine Optimize Your Posts is a skill of its own and only those who have this rewarding skill in their arsenal leverages their online businesses to the next levels.

It is as important as learning how to build 10,000 Email List from Scratch

So, we will be looking at the MUST DOs, ranking factors, effective techniques, efficient skills, quick fixes and the sure SEO tools to be employed, before thinking of ranking in any engines (Motor engines not excluded).

How To Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Posts is the key!

But never mind!

Who wouldn't want their blog to show up on the first page of a great Search Engine as “Google?” Even if somebody somewhere thinks it's of no importance, it is still a priority for a website to rank on SERPs of a search engine.

Besides the great opportunities it comes with, showing up in search results on page 1 of Google has this satisfactory feeling in the achiever.

To me, such a person(s) is doing something unique.

Rolling It …

How To Get Your Website To The Top of Google First Page (SEO) in No Time!

PART 1: Why Your Posts never show up on Google SERPs and How To quickly fix it – Search Engine Optimize Your Posts

Why your posts never show up on Google

Your website/blog will only show up on Google either naturally, at a cost or, by forcibly.

  • The natural path as you perhaps know is the hardest but the best way.
  • At a cost, it explains itself. You'll pay for it. What you got to consider is that there is no guarantee that you will get found for a keyword. After all, you're only one of probably 10,000+ others, doing the same thing.
  • The “By force” practice of making it to Google is through blackhats, which comes with a fattttttttt chance for penalties.

You'll rank naturally and permanently if…

… You Take Care of Your Website's Speed/Performance

This is a major ranking factor. Since Google will always show users the best content, it considers the fastest sites and rewards the speedo with better rankings.

This means the faster your blog coupled with these other factors discussed below, the bigger the chance to appear on Google's first page.

Now that you know- how fast is your website blog?

Even if you're using BEST as a host, you are yet to use the ultra-fast hosting service. Not to worry, Fast cometh!

… You Have SEO Ready Site and Content

While all hosts offer to host, there are hosting companies that are SEO friendly and well more Optimised for ranking than others.

A step further, apart from where your blog/website is hosted, the contents on it matter. Do you know when content is called an optimized one(?).

So thorough content on a topic that people are really searching for is key.

“Content is King”! You already know. So put in the work needed to make a post that could get thousands of traffic in one week.

Is there enough Search Engine Optimized content?

… Your Site is Mobile Friendly

More than 75% of your daily visitors are landing from one type of mobile device or another.

Sites that blends good on mobiles, just like they do on desktop screens, will surely be favored by both Google and humans.

So are you favorable?

… You Have In-and-Out Linkings

Those posts are they linking back to those other posts on that your nice blog(?). Whether a “yes or no,” the fact remains- when your posts are doing their work and the user is truly engaged- you retained a customer, increased traffic and trust.

Putting links that take users to other posts on your blog can be called internal linking. You'll also want to link out to outside authority websites in the same niche.

Google has so much love for sites that get visitors from other websites other than social media and search engines.

Fine, are there Links?

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PART 2: The Ultimate Guide for Ranking on Google page 1 – Search Engine Optimize Your Posts

Rank on Google in no time!

1. Know What Many People Are Really Searching For On Google


Gone are the days (if at all there were such days) where you publish posts because you just felt like doing it. The current century demands you first, know:

  • Are there people ready to read that your content; If yes, how many…?
  • How many contents are already out there on the same topic.
  • Uniqueness

Almost everything has been talked about in the online world. EVERYTHING! So webmasters, bloggers and marketers alike are having a shift to longtail keywords.

Long-tail keywords may be your best fit to rank the first page on Google for every post.

Instead of
Short keyword: How to generate traffic

I will write
Long tail: How to generate 10,000+ Daily Traffic to Your WordPress Blog From Social Media in 201…. [Exposed]

This way, I have the best possible chance to get my post on Google in no time, it is not guesswork though.

Find Long Tail Keywords. Type in a keyword to see how many people are looking for the same term.

2. Discover the questions People are looking for their answers in the real world and Answer it To The Core.

ToolAnswer The Public

To put your website on top of everyone else, this approach pays off both in the short and long run. If you have noticed, Google highlights the answer deemed best to a question, in a box usually first on the SERP.

This is content created basically on a specific trending question.

Optimizing your post for more informal keywords is being capable to directly answer questions with your content. In this case, you got to find out what many people are actually searching for.

But how? Locate questions your site can reply to and create content that does exactly that in its entirety.

There is a bang-up tool that finds questions that people ask on sites like forums, blogs and on all social media platforms and it turns those questions into awesome longtail keywords.

Practically make use of every part of this post to watch your blog/website rank on Google and especially see that long-awaited traffic flow, NOW!