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Top List Of “The 7 Continents” Highest Paid Bloggers

top 7 richest bloggers in the world per continent

It’s one thing to start a blog, another, to like the act of doing it and always finding the motivation to do it; come rain, come sunshine. It’s also a different ball game to join the league of the highest paid bloggers.

This post (and the entire blog) is a must read for you if…

  1. You care to know who is standing in for your continent. Or,
  2. Needs some motivation and inspiration from those already at the top. Or maybe,
  3. Wants to know what it really takes to succeed as a Blogger

I have come up with the list of top most earning bloggers of the planet Earth, each representing their continents.

  • Note that this list is in no way written on pebbles that it shouldn’t be edited or corrected, if need be.
  • The tools used for the research of this post are no where close to being accurate.
  • Only the people/blogs that a handful of information about them could be accessed, are ranked.
  • The worth of websites are estimated based on potential ads revenue.
  • Bloggers are ranked only according to potential revenue of their blogs mentioned here, (not including any other properties or sources of income they own.

No.7: [Null] Antarctica

Uninhabited! No Bloggers

Antarctica, the southernmost continent and site of the South Pole, is a virtually uninhabited, ice-covered landmass so there no blogger, let alone highest paid bloggers; unless the ones on vacation. Most cruises to the continent visit the Antarctic Peninsula, which stretches toward South America. It’s known for the Lemaire Channel and Paradise Harbor, striking, iceberg-flanked passageways, and Port Lockroy, a former British research station turned museum. The peninsula’s isolated terrain also shelters rich wildlife, including many penguins.


No.6: [Camila Coelho] South America

With the world’s fifth-largest country- Brazil, South America stands at No.6, represented by Camila Coelho as the highest paid blogger from South America.

About Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho's picture- the 7th richest blogger in the world.

The social media influencer Camila Coelho is so immersed in the fashion world.

If you remember, when we are born, we come out into the world with so many big dreams and ambitions. As we grow up and reality hits, we tend to gradually let go of most of those fantastic dreams.

On the contrary, though, Mrs. Coelho is one of those few folks that kept the fire burning even till this moment. She’s loved fashion all her life, and now she’s an icon to look out for.

In 2010, she launched her fashion and style blog. She also has an Instagram account with a 7million+ following as well as a channel on YouTube that has grown 4million subscribers from her series of very successful tutorials.

She happens to have worked also for the big companies in her niche too.

Forbes has seen her promising as she’s one of “The Fastest Growing Style/Beauty Influencers” in America.


Camila Coelho's blog

[Estimated Blog’s Worth: $17.0k+]

Camila Coelho’s blog, which she named after herself, is yet another fertile ground on which the “Influencer Marketer” promotes her lifestyle and fashion collections.

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It’s aimed to be a reflection of her homeland, but definitely not only for Brazilians. Women from all walks of life will likely come across something that’ll catch their fancy so long as fashion, styles, beauty, and make-up is concerned.

Through her blog, Coelho tends to be100% involved to make the different products/brands she’s collaborating with reflect “her”.

  • Blog’s Kick-off Year: 2010 (10 years)
  • Estimated Blog’s Monthly Visits: 109k+
  • Estimated Blog’s Monthly Revenue: $1.6k+
  • Blog’s Niche/Category: Beauty and Fashion
  • Method of Monetization: Unknown SEO Overview

  1. Alexa Rank: 476,121
  2. Google Page Rank (PR): 6/10
  3. Domain Authority (DA):. 67
  4. Backlinks: 2million+
  5. No. Referring Domains: 4.7k+
  6. Page Rank Quality: Very Strong

No.5: [Darren Rowse] Australia- Highest Paid Blogger In Australia

With Australia, Oceania/Australia continent ceases the 5th position, represented by their own son, Darren Rowse.

About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse- the 6th richest blogger in the wordl

Mr. Rowse is probably one of the earliest full-time 21st Century bloggers we have on the list.

He started his first blog way back in 2002, going full time on it.

The 48 years old Australian Darren started his featured blog ( in 2004 as a way of keeping the record of all that he learned about blogging and money.

Happily, it turned out today to become an adventure every beginner blogger will like to experience one day.

When he isn’t the Problogger behind a computer screen, he’s an author, a speaker as well as consultant.

Darren enjoys his wealthy blogger status as a father of 3 children and also a husband.

On basis of achievements, Problogger as he’s otherwise called, has been mentioned in the Forbe’s “Web Celebrity List of 2007” and he’s also the 2006 “Best Web Developer” according to Weblog.

About blog

[Estimated Blog’s Worth: $2.2million+]

This blog is the takeoff and landing ground for wannabes, beginner and intermediate bloggers.

It’s a blog geared towards teaching how to go about blogging right from the creche stage, a ton of how-tos for finding traffic, a bunch of SEO Donts and must-dos, how to write quality blog posts… and ultimately how to make money blogging. was first launched as a way to keep inventory, but now a rippen business for Mr. Darren Rowse.

This site is still the second Technoratis “Most Favorited Blogs” of 2009; though it may have moved from the No.40th “Most Linked-to Blog” on their list. SEO Overview

  1. Alexa Rank: 14,440
  2. Google Page Rank (PR): 7/10
  3. Domain Authority (DA): 75
  4. Backlinks: 1.6million+
  5. No. Of Referring Domain: 35K+
  6. Page Rank Quality: Very Strong

No.4:. [Syed Moiz Balki], Asia

Pakistan, an Asian country, takes her ground as the 4th highest paid blogger in the list, represented by award-winning Syed Moiz Balki.

About Syed Balkhi

Syed Moiz Balki- the 4th richest blogger in the world

Syed powers more than 4 million websites on the world wide web.

A rephrase of the above sentence will be that, it’s not actually Mr. Syed himself per say, (he’s not one of the Dick Tigers of this world), but by the wonderful works of his hands, he does;

  • His OptinMonster founded in 2013 (the most popular lead generation tool)
  • of 2009 (the largest free resource site for WordPress users).
  • WPForms and MonsterInsights of 2016.
  • WP Mail SMPT

As a popular writer and entrepreneural figure, The United Nations recognized him, one of the “Top 100 Entrepreneurs Under The Age of 30” and in the same vein, has been featured severally in top sites and magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, WashingtonPost, FoxBusiness, etc.

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Mr. Syed Balki is a 29 year old American-Pakistan.

About blog homepage

[Estimated Blog’s Worth:. $48.6million+]

This is the so-called largest WordPress resource blog, targeted at WordPress beginners.

WPBeginner is a tutorial blog for all (or at least), most questions that beginners of WordPress may have.

The site is well rounded, from text based content to videos.

  • Blog’s Kick-Off Year:. 2009 (11years)
  • Estimated Blog’s Monthly Visits:. 12.7million+
  • Estimated Blog’s Monthly Revenue:. $190.8k+
  • Blog’s Niche/Category:. Blogging, How-to, WordPress tutorial
  • Method of Monetization:. Unknown SEO Overview

  1. Alexa Rank:. 5,136
  2. Google Page Rank (PR):. 6/10
  3. Domain Authority (DA):. 72
  4. Backlinks:. 2.4million+
  5. No. Referring Domain:. 25.2K+
  6. Page Rank Quality: Very Strong

No.3: [Linda Ifeoma Ikeji], Africa

Africa stands at No.3 of highest paid bloggers in the world represented by Linda Ifeoma Ikeji of Nigeria.

About Linda Ifeoma Ikeji

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji- Africa's richest blogger- 3rd richest blogger in the world (

Linda popularly called Linda Ikeji is a 39year old onlinepreneur.

She was once a model; now a writer and entrepreneur. She hails from Imo state of the eastern part of Nigeria.

Linda began writing at the age of 10. She graduated from the highly esteemed University of Lagos (UNILAG).

From the beginning, she’s always had the passion for creative writing, hence went out of her way to start her first blog site in the year 2006 with our dearest popular platform.

Even when it meant going to the nearby Cyber Cafe shop due to the scarcity of internet access as of of 2006 in the country; she would save-up a few bucks to make posts for her blog.

Now, she is so popular that the name ‘Linda Ikeji’ was once the most searched phrase by users of Google in Nigeria.

Forbes profiled Linda as one of their “20 Most Prominent Women”, August 2012.


[Estimated Blog’s Worth: $76.1million+]

This blog is a household name in Nigeria, the host country. It’s just a surprise how a sub extension domain website ( suddenly turned a Money Making Machine. was started around 2006 and was fully launched on a .com domain on September 30, 2015.

In 2013, this blog was the “Best Blog of the year”, also won the “Best Entertainment Blog” of the same year in Nigeria.

  • Blog’s Kick-off Year:. 2006 (14years)
  • Blog’s Estimated Monthly Visits:. 47.3k+
  • Estimated Blog’s Monthly Revenue:. $711k+
  • Niche Topic/Category:. News & Entertainment
  • Method of Monetization:. Ads SEO Overview

  1. Alexa Rank: 2,974
  2. Google Page Rank (PR): 6/10
  3. Domain Authority (DA): 68
  4. Backlinks: 7.3million+
  5. No of Referring Domains: 8.7k+
  6. Page Rank Quality: Very Strong

No.2:. [Pete Cashmore], Europe

Scotland born Pete Cashmore brings Europe at No.2nd on this list of top richest bloggers of the world as one of the highest paid bloggers in Europe.

About Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore- the 2nd richest blogger in the world

This European-born entrepreneur, Pete Cashmore, is the founder of

He is 34 years old (1985), born and raised in Banchory Aberdeen, Scotland where he lived with his parents.

Mr. Cashmore created blog at the age of 19, in the year 2005, and has since been recognized as an influential entity in the online game.

He was once named by Forbes as one of the “Top 20 Web Celebrities”, and also the Huffington post’s “Top 10 Game Changers” in 2009.

Similarly, he’s the Times’ “100 Most Influential People” of 2012.

Noteworthy also is that Mr. Cashmore (the “Sage of Media”) is no longer with Mashable as of 2017 but still remains the founder.

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About blog

[Estimated Blog’s Worth:. $88.7million+] is a popular news resource website that caters for a connected global audience.

Since 2005 of its founding, the blog has grown into a multi-platform information resource in the media and entertainment industry.

As the usual common grass-to-grace storyline of almost every successful blog, started as an ordinary WordPress site, nothing else attached, with Mr. Cashmore as the author and editor in chief, marketer as well as the advertiser…

In just 4 years of existence, Times Magazine mentioned the young WordPress blog as one of the “25 Best Blogs of 2009”.

  • Blog’s Kick-off Year:. 2005 (15 years)
  • Estimated Blog’s Monthly Visits:. 78million+
  • Blog’s Niche/Category: Media/Entertainment, Tech and Science
  • Method of Monetization:. Ads SEO Overview

  1. Alexa Rank:. 1,895
  2. Google Page Rank (PR):. 9/10
  3. Domain Authority (DA):. 93
  4. Backlinks:. 184million+
  5. No. Of Referring Domains:. 308k+
  6. Page Rank Quality:. Very Strong

No.1:. [Peter Rojas], North America

Peter Rojas emerges the first in the list- from the United States, North America- and the wealthiest blogger according to this list and of course, takes the first position on the list of the highest paid bloggers in the world currently.

About Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas- blog- the richest blogger in the world

If you really love science and technology and likes getting updated news about the latest happenings in that sector, then this name should probably sound familiar.

This 45-year-old Harvard graduate has, even before clocking 18, harbor an unusual passion for technology and all its dealings.

Mr. Rojas launched Joystiq and Engadget in 2004, Gizmodo in 2002; all while he’s still below 30.

In the year 2007, Peter Rojas found himself a wife whom he also later initiated into the blogging world of CONTENT.

Mrs. Fehrenbacher, Mr. Peter Rojas’ wife, later founded herself a blog too, after the birth of their first son.


Engadget homepage (blog)

[Estimated Blog’s Worth: $99.5million+]

From the horse’s mouth, it reads: “Engadget is the original home for technology news and reviews”.

This description in a nutshell, summaries what in its full sense, stands for, their mission and vision.

The blog capitalizes on the promptly reportage of tech breaking news.

And just as the name suggests, Engadget also has their foothold on the review of technological gadgets.

This techy blog houses 10+ sub-blogs within it and has won a lot of trophies such as “The Best Technology Weblog” of 2014 and 2015. It’s also Times “One Of The Best Blogs of 2010”.

  • Blog’s Kick-off Year:. 2004 (16 years)
  • Estimated Blog’s Monthly Visits:. 103k+
  • Estimated Blog’s Monthly Revenue: $1million+
  • Blog’s Niche/Category:. Technology, News, Reviews
  • Method of Monetization:. AOL’s Ads model SEO Overview

  1. Alexa Rank:. 1,038
  2. Google Page Rank (PR):. 8/10
  3. Domain Authority (DA):. 93
  4. Backlinks:. 116.0million+
  5. No. Of Referring Domains: 277k+
  6. Page Rank Quality:. Very Strong

Definition of Terms Used

  • Alexa Rank: The measure, in numbers, of a website’s global popularity (the smaller the better).
  • Google Page Rank (PR): This is Google’s rate of importance and quality of a website.
  • Domain Authority (DA):. A website’s domain relevance in a niche/category.
  • Backlinks: The number of links pointing from other websites.
  • No. of Referring Domains: The count of Domains/websites that backlinks are found.
  • Page Rank Quality: The quality and quantity of backlinks.

And there you have it. A list of the top world’s richest bloggers, their blogs, and worth. You likely have something to say, let’s hear you in the comments.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to Afonne Digital at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. Feel free to read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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