Visiting many places around the world can only be experienced by a few. If you are visiting some countries, perhaps Malaysia is included on the list. But, if you are not in the country, you should not leave or travel back without visiting the best spots. Best places in Pontian Johor Malaysia include:

  • Taman Negara Johor Tanjung Piai
  • Tambak Pontian
  • Pisang Island
  • Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary
  • Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm
  • Taman Tepi Laut

These are some of the top places in Pontian Johor where you can spend more of your time visiting Malaysia.

Why visit Pontian, Johor?

If you want to plan an escape from your busy life, perhaps the Johor attraction will be your choice. Pontian Johor brings you to fantastic nature with amazing scenery and yummy food. There is also a great adventure in the beautiful town. Even if you only booked for a day trip, still there is something special in the place that gets your body, mind, and soul satisfied.

There are many places to go and visit in Pontian and experience things while you are in the place.

Best places in Pontian Johor Malaysia

Ulu Choh Tian Ling Dian

Ulu Choh is a small town with the best attractions. From Johor lies a small town with a big history and heart. You can discover the fascinating town where you can find a century-old temple. The Tian Ling Dian Chinese temple is a small temple. As years passed by, it attracted many pilgrims and became a famous temple. The 10 statues became 250, which makes the temple popular, a temple of heaven.

Many pilgrims from north Penang and Ipoh visit the place to worship.

Ulu Choh dirt park

Who says that a small town is boring and it has no playground? Ulu Choh dirt park has large tracts of mud, which is ideal for the big boys. If you love outdoor adventure, there is an off-road motorcycling adventure to experience. The off-road motorcycling adventure in the park is perfect for competitions and photography.

Why visit Pontian, Johor?

Fresh seafood in Pontian

Pasar Awam Pontian is the top destination for any who loves seafoods or anyone who wants to taste the most delicious and freshest seafood. It is the local market where locals buy seafood and fresh vegetables on that day. It is why seafood is best served in Pontian.

Buying sea catches from fishermen uploads the catches early in the day. Additionally, many sea creatures like shrimp and sharks are found at the market. Plus, the vegetables are available. Did you know that other seafood businesses are packed with iced seafood products?

But, in Pasar Awam Pontian, you will experience fresh seafood or freshly cooked seafood upon your request. Since many love to eat fresh seafood, they want them to serve it in a salad version. Fishes are also available. So, if you have allergies to seafood, fresh fish can be a good option.

There are a lot of itineraries in Pontian Johor where you can visit and witness great tourist spots and attractions. There are outdoor adventures that will surprise you and will keep it as a memory to save.