Uncovering the Super Brain Power That Made EINSTEIN a GENIUS

Become a genius

To stand-out in a competitive world, you will forever have to be compelled to prove you’re smarter than everybody else.

This is quite sure! To achieve a promising future, to skyrocket within the field of business and in every other facet of life; to become illustriousa problem solver- just like a genius, then you will want to have an Intelligence Quotient measuring within 120 and above; that is, you will have a genius intelligence level! 

To become a genius is not a rocket science and could be achieved.
Merriam Webster states that a genius is-  a very smart or talented person: a person who has a level of talent or intelligence that is very rare or remarkable.

The people who are more intelligent are the people we today call ‘genius’ –  becoming intelligent, wise smart and wise has to do with the  MIND and the BRAIN.
So, you got to work on your mind and brain and this is how.

Uncovering the Super Brain Power That Made EINSTEIN a GENIUS



†       Play Games

Playing of games is not a waste of time or a thing for idle people. Just like we perform yoga workouts and exercises to keep healthy or improve physique.  

Games stimulate the brain to reason, act, perform, and try to tackle the everyday life challenges.

One of such games is CHESS. Chess is no doubt a game for the smart minds.  Chess, no arguing, is one of those games that make us smart. Thro & fro moving of pieces, those L-shape moves we make with the knight, even the critical & logical thinking and all those strategic decisions we take on the chessboard have been proven to boost our intelligent quotient (IQ) level.

Interesting games that challenge the brain and mind to work, raise your IQ level, help exercise both the right and left sides of the brain, they increase and improve your creativity, memory, problem-solving skills, reading skill, concentration, coordination, the brain’s speedand are great sources of learning.

Read a lot

Reading everyday broadens the brain scope and improves your analytical thinking. reduces stress. analytical thinking, vocabulary, improved memory.

More . .

Laugh A lot
Meditate always
Sing songs
Sleep more



Though increasing intelligence is very necessary for folks with low IQ, however it is recommended for everyone who wants to awaken a wiser mind and a smarter brain (!).
Anything within 90 and 110 of I.Q. is taken into account as average. However, if you’re the fellow with anything below that, then it really stinks.
But there is an easy way out!
Now the gist:

Two-exceptional 21st-century discoveries have created a fertile ground to unleash the hidden alertness of the mind & brain, so much on the far side super Genius.

It is for everyone . . . 

†       Students
†       Programmers
†       Businessmen & women
†       Workers/Staff
†       ME & YOU!

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