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19+ Best Vlogging Tools For Your Vlogging Kit


In the most basic sense, vlogging is the process of creating and sharing videos online, which requires a well to do vlogging kit with quality vlogging tools that will not only get the job done faster, but easier and more efficiently.

Vlogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways to share your life, your thoughts, and your passions with the world.

People have been sharing videos online for years, but vlogging has taken off in recent years thanks to the growth of YouTube and other video-sharing platforms.

Vlogging can be a great way to build a personal brand, share your thoughts and opinions, or just connect with fans and followers.

There are no set rules for vlogging, and the format can vary depending on your audience and your goals.

But in general, vlogging videos tend to be shorter than traditional videos, and they often focus on personal insights or experiences.

If you’re interested in vlogging, the first step is to start creating videos.

There are lots of different ways to get started, and you can find plenty of helpful tips and advice online.

You can also join online communities and forums where vloggers share tips and advice.

What Is Vlogging?

A vlog is a blog post in video form. It’s a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, and insights with your audience engagingly and interestingly.

What Are The Best Vlogging Tools To Be In Your Vlogging Kit?

There are a number of vlogging tools that you can use to make your vlogging experience better.

Here are the best of the best and most popular tools:

1. Camera

If you want to start making vlogs, the first thing you need is a camera.

While your phone’s camera might be good enough for basic vlogging, if you want to produce high-quality videos you’ll need a quality camera in your vlogging kit— they are designed for videos.

There are a lot of different cameras on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a vlogging camera:

– Price: Vlogging cameras can range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Decide what your budget is and then start researching cameras within that price range.

– Type of camera: There are two main types of vlogging cameras: DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

DSLRs are the traditional type of camera, and they have a large sensor and interchangeable lenses.

Mirrorless cameras are newer, and they’re smaller and lighter than DSLRs. They also have a smaller sensor, so they’re not as good for low-light shooting.

– Features: When choosing a vlogging camera, consider the features that are important to you.

Do you want a camera with a flip-screen so you can see yourself while you’re vlogging? Do you want a camera that can shoot in 4K? Do you want a camera that has a built-in microphone?

2. Microphone

The second tool to add to your vlogging kit is a microphone.

There are some different microphones that you can use for vlogging.

In general, you want to use a microphone that is directional so that it picks up your voice and not the noise around you.

The most common type of microphone for vlogging is the lavalier microphone, which is a small microphone that clips to your shirt.

Other types of microphones that you can use for vlogging include the shotgun microphone and the USB microphone.

My Microphone Recommendation

The Blue Yeti Microphone is also a good one to start with.

The Blue Yeti microphone is a popular choice for vloggers because of its quality audio recording capabilities.

The mic is a USB condenser mic that is capable of recording in multiple directions, making it a good option for interviews or vlogging with a group of people.

It also has a built-in headphone jack, which allows you to monitor your audio as you record.

3. Lighting

One of the most important aspects of vlogging is having good lighting.

And it is as important as a tool to add to your vlogging kit as well as an aspect that allows you to make quality videos.

You want to be sure that you are well lit so that your viewers can see you. There are a few different ways to achieve good lighting for vlogging.

One option is to use natural light.

If you are filming outside, try to find a spot that is in the sun. If you are filming inside, open the windows to let in natural light.

Another option is to use artificial light. You can buy a light kit specifically for vlogging, or you can use a lamp.

Be sure to position the light so that it is shining on you directly.

Finally, you can also use a reflector. A reflector is a piece of cardboard or metal that is covered in foil or white cloth. You can use it to reflect light onto your face. This is a great option if you are filming in a dark room.

No matter what type of lighting you use, be sure to test it out before you start filming. This will help you to ensure that you are well lit and that your viewers can see you.

Lightup with the Neewer Ring 18″ Light Kit

Feel free to start with Neewer Ring 18″ Light Kit for your vlogging kit.

This Light Kit comes with two 18″ LED ring lights, two stands, two power adapters, and a carry case.

The ring lights are very bright and provide a soft, diffuse light that is perfect for vlogging.

They also have a built-in dimmer, which allows you to adjust the brightness to match the lighting in your environment.

The stands are adjustable, so you can easily adjust the height and angle of the lights, and the power adapters are US-based, so you don’t have to worry about voltage conversion.

The carry case makes it easy to transport the lights, and the included shoulder strap makes it easy to carry them around.

If you’re looking for a good lighting kit for your vlogging kit, the Neewer Ring 18″ Light Kit is a great option.

It’s affordable, it’s portable, and it provides great lighting for vlogging.

4. Background Lighting

To make your vlog look its best, it is important to have quality background lighting.

This will help to ensure that your video is properly lit and that your viewers can see you and your surroundings.

There are a few different ways to achieve good background lighting for your vlog.

One option is to use a studio light kit. This is a set of lights that are designed for use in a studio setting. Studio light kits can be expensive, but they provide a high level of quality lighting.

Another option is to use a window as your background light. This is a cheaper option, and it can be effective if you are filming in a room with a lot of natural light.

However, you will need to be careful to avoid filming in direct sunlight, as this can cause your video to be overexposed.

Finally, you can use a lightbox to create good background lighting for your vlog.

A lightbox is a box made out of cardboard that is filled with white paper. It is a cheap and easy way to create a soft light source for your video.

No matter which method you choose, it is important to make sure that your background is well lit.

This will help to ensure that your vlog looks professional and that your viewers can see everything that is happening in the video.

I Recommend EMART Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit To Lightup your Background For Your Vlogging Kit

This kit includes two umbrellas, two light stands, and a carrying case.

The umbrellas are adjustable, so you can easily adjust the light to suit your needs.

The light stands are also adjustable, so you can easily raise or lower the lights.

And the carrying case makes it easy to transport your lighting kit from one location to another.

If you are looking for a more professional option, the Aputure 120D II is a great choice.

This light is more expensive than the EMART Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit, but it is also more powerful.

It features a 120W LED light, which is more than enough to light up a large area.

It also has a built-in dimmer, which allows you to adjust the brightness of the light.

And the included stand allows you to easily adjust the height of the light.

5. Backdrop

A backdrop can be a great way to enhance the look of your vlogging videos. It can also help to provide some context or setting for your videos.

There are a variety of different types and styles of backdrops that you can use for your vlogging videos.

One popular type of backdrop is a solid color.

This can be a great option if you want a simple, clean look for your videos.

A solid color backdrop can also be a good choice if you want to match the background to a specific color scheme or theme.

Another popular type of backdrop is patterned fabric.

This can be a great option if you want to add some visual interest to your videos.

A patterned fabric backdrop can also be a good choice if you want to match the background to a specific color scheme or theme.

You can also use a live backdrop for your videos. This can be a great option if you want to film in a specific location or setting.

A live backdrop can also be a great way to add some visual interest to your videos.

When choosing a backdrop for your vlogging videos, it is important to consider the style and tone of your videos.

Choose a backdrop that will help to create the right look and feel for your videos and your vlogging kit should have a new addition.

My Backdrop Tool Recommendation

EMART Collapsible Chromakey!

Green Screen Kits are popular tools for video producers and content creators.

They allow you to create the illusion of a different location or environment in your video, without having to leave the comfort of your studio.

However, not all green screen kits are created equal. If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable kit that will stand up to repeated use, then you need to check out the EMART Collapsible Chromakey.

This green screen kit is made from premium materials and features a collapsible design that makes it easy to transport and store.

It also comes with a carrying case, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

The EMART Collapsible Chromakey is also easy to set up. You can have it up and running in minutes, and it’s compatible with a wide range of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality green screen kit that is easy to use and transport, the EMART Collapsible Chromakey is a smartchoice.

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6. Vlogging Tools For Holding Your Camera: Tripod Stand

If you’re looking for stability in your videos, you’ll need a tripod stand to hold your camera steady.

Tripods can be expensive, but there are a few affordable options on the market.

The Joby GorillaPod is a flexible tripod that can be wrapped around objects, making it great for vlogging on the go.

Another affordable option is the Manfrotto Pixi Tripod, which is small and lightweight and can be easily transported in your bag.

When choosing a tripod, be sure to consider the weight of your camera and lens.

If you’re using a heavy DSLR camera and lens, you’ll need a tripod that can handle the weight.

Tripods with a heavier weight rating can be more expensive, but they’re worth the investment if you’re serious about vlogging.

If you’re looking for a tripod that can do it all, the Benro A38FDH8 Travel Angel Tripod is a great option.

This tripod is lightweight and can be folded up to fit in a small bag, making it perfect for traveling.

It also has a ball head that allows for smooth pans and tilts, and a quick-release plate for easy setup.

Overall, tripods are a must have on your vlogging kit radar.

Types of Tripod

There are a few different types of tripods that are popular among vloggers.

The three most common types are the:

  • tripod,
  • the monopod, and
  • the gimbal.

The tripod is the most popular type of tripod. It is made up of three legs that can be adjustable to different heights.

This type of tripod is great for when you need to be stationary for a long time.

The monopod is a one-legged tripod that is great for when you need to move around quickly.

This type of tripod is perfect for vloggers who are on the go.

The gimbal is a tripod that is designed to move with the motion of the camera.

This type of tripod is perfect for vloggers who want to create smooth videos.

My Tripod Stand Tool Recommendation

If you’re looking for a tripod stand to buy for vlogging, the AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod is a great to your list of kits.

It’s lightweight and easy to carry around, and it’s also very affordable.

The tripod can hold up to 6.6 pounds, which is more than enough for most vlogging cameras.

It also has a smooth panning and tilting action, which makes it easy to capture smooth, cinematic shots.

The tripod also comes with a carrying case, which makes it easy to transport and store.

7. Vlogging Tools To Carry Your Vlogging Kit Safely: Backpack

A backpack is a perfect way to carry your vlogging kit around safely.

It distributes the weight evenly, so you won’t have to worry about your equipment hurting your back.

There are a variety of backpacks available on the market, so be sure to choose one that is the right size and fits your needs.

Some backpacks come with special compartments that are specifically designed for holding filming equipment and fragile vlogging tools.

This can be a great feature, especially if you’re looking for a backpack that is specifically tailored to your needs.

However, not all backpacks have these compartments, so be sure to check before you buy.

Another thing to consider when choosing a backpack is the material. You want to choose a backpack that is made from a durable material, so it can withstand the wear and tear of being constantly carried around.

Finally, be sure to choose a backpack that is comfortable to wear.

You don’t want to end up with a backpack that is heavy and makes your back hurt.

Some of the best backpacks for filming equipment include the Sachtler FSB-4 Backpack, the Porta Brace BACKPACK-2, and the KATA DR-680 Backpack.

8. Vlogging Tools To Control Your Camera From A Distance: Remote Shutter

When you’re shooting a video, there are often moments when you need to be in the shot, but you can’t be behind the camera :-).

This is where a remote shutter can come in handy.

A remote shutter is a vlogging tool that allows you to control your camera from a distance.

This can be especially helpful when you’re shooting a video with a partner. With a remote shutter, you can be in the shot while your partner operates the camera.

There are several different remote shutters on the market. Some are designed for specific cameras, while others are compatible with a variety of cameras.

If you’re looking for a remote shutter, make sure to select one that is compatible with your camera.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a remote shutter.

First, consider the price. Remote shutters can range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.

Next, consider the features. Some remote shutters have a variety of features, while others are basic.

Finally, consider the brand. Not all brands are created equal, so be sure to do your research before purchasing a remote shutter.

If you’re looking for a remote shutter that is compatible with a Canon camera, the Canon RC-6 Remote Shutter is a good option.

This remote shutter is compatible with a variety of Canon cameras, and it has several features, including a self-timer and a 2-second

Alternatively, you can get the AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control to add up to your vlogging kit.

The AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control is a great tool for vloggers who want to take their videos to the next level.

This remote allows you to start and stop recording, as well as take photos, from a distance.

This is a great tool to have if you want to be in your videos and not behind the camera.

This remote is also great for group shots, as you can take the picture without having to be in the shot.

The AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control is a great tool for anyone who wants to take their videos to the next level.

9. Free Vlogging Tools For Video Editing: Davinci Resolve

Are you a vlogger looking for a powerful, free video editor? Your vlogging kit may not be complete wihout the Davinci Resolve.

This video editing software offers advanced editing features, including chroma-keying, motion tracking, and 3D compositing. Davinci Resolve is available for Mac and Windows.

In addition to its powerful editing features, Davinci Resolve also offers a wide range of color correction tools.

This can be extremely helpful if you are looking to give your videos a professional look.

If you are new to Davinci Resolve, be sure to check out the tutorials available on the Blackmagic Design website. These tutorials will help you learn how to use the software’s many features.

10. Free Vlogging Tools For Video Editing: IMovie for MAC

IMovie is just another great option of video editing for Mac users.

It does not require a steep learning curve and it’s easy to create slideshows and trailers.

You can add text, music, and effects to your videos, as well as for trim and split clips.

If you are new to video editing, iMovie is a great place to start.

The tutorials on the IMovie website are clear and easy to follow and will help you learn how to use the software.

11. Premium Vlogging Tools For Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing software to add to your vlogging kit that allows you to create professional-quality videos.

It offers a wide range of features and tools that you can use to customize your videos.

One of the best things about Premiere Pro is that it is compatible with a wide range of video formats.

This means that you can import any type of video file and edit it using Premiere Pro.

It also supports a wide range of audio formats, so you can add music and sound effects to your videos.

Premiere Pro allows you do the basic and advanced video editing requirements like cut and trim your videos, add text and titles, and create special effects.

You can also use Premiere Pro to stabilize your videos and remove any unwanted noise.

Finally, Premiere Pro offers a wide range of export options.

With a few clicks, you can export your videos in a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, and MOV. You can also export them in HD or 4K resolution.

12. Premium Vlogging Tools For Video Editing: Final Cut Pro

One of the most most popular video softwares in the rank of Adobe Premiere pro is Final Cut Pro, which is made by Apple.

It’s a professional-level program that offers a lot of features and capabilities, which is why a lot of vloggers use it for their video editing needs.

Final Cut Pro offers a lot of different features that can be useful for video editing.

For example, it has a built-in color corrector, which can help you to correct any color issues that might be present in your footage.

It also has a lot of different effects that you can use, which can help you to make your videos look more professional.

Additionally, Final Cut Pro also allows you to do a lot of different types of editing, such as adding text, music, and transitions.

Overall, Final Cut Pro is a great program for video editing and a vlogging tool to add to your vlogging kit.

It offers a lot of features and capabilities that can be useful, and it can help you to create videos that look professional.

13. Premium Vlogging Tools For Video Editing: Filmora Pro

If you are a video blogger, or even if you just like to dabble in video editing on the side, you know that finding the right tools for the job is essential.

The right video editing software can make all the difference in the quality of your final product, which also makes it a must have in your vlogging kit.

There are a lot of different video editing programs out there, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

Additional to the video editing softwares we have mentioned above, if you are looking for a program that is both powerful and easy to use, you should check out Filmora Pro.

Filmora Pro is a video editing program that is designed for professional use. However, that doesn’t mean that it is difficult to use.

Filmora Pro is one of the easiest video editing programs to learn.

One of the things that set Filmora Pro apart from other video editing programs is its flexibility.

With Filmora Pro, you can create videos that are both professional and creative.

You can also use the program to edit your home movies, or even to create your music videos, but let’s stick with vlogging for now.

Another thing that makes Filmora Pro a great choice for video bloggers is its affordability.

The program is priced at a fraction of the cost of other professional video editing programs.

If you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use video editing program, Filmora Pro is a great choice. The program is affordable, and it is designed for both professional and creative use.

14. Vlogging Tools To Grow Your Vlog: TubeBuddy

As a vlogger, you know that growing and maintaining your channel takes a lot of work.

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But with the right tools, it can be a lot easier.

Already, in your vlogging kit right now, you should have a video editing software, a camera, a tripod stand, a backdrop, shutter, etc. But These are so fare vlogging tools to create and pimp your videos.

You need a tool or tools to grow your channel.

TubeBuddy is one of those tools.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that adds a suite of powerful features to YouTube.

With TubeBuddy, you can:

  • Analyze your videos and see how they’re performing
  • Research new keywords to target
  • Add custom thumbnails and annotations
  • Schedule videos for publishing
  • And more!

TubeBuddy is free to use, but there is also a premium version with even more features.

If you’re looking for an easy way to grow your vlog, TubeBuddy is a tool you should check out.

15. Vlogging Tools To Grow Your Vlog: vidIQ

vidIQ is a tool that helps you grow your vlog.

It does this by providing you with valuable insights into your vlogging performance.

vidIQ gives you data on things like:

  • The number of views your vlogs are getting
  • The number of subscribers you are gaining or losing
  • The demographics of your audience (e.g. age, location, interests)
  • The videos that are driving the most traffic to your channel
  • The videos that are generating the most engagement (likes, shares, comments)

vidIQ also provides you with tools to help you improve your vlogging performance. These tools include things like:

  • A video editor
  • A video transcription tool
  • A video SEO tool

Once you create, grow you need to monitor too which is why you need to add vidIQ to your vlogging kit or set of tools.

By using vidIQ, you can gain a better understanding of your vlogging performance and make changes to improve it.

16. Vlogging Tools To Grow Your Vlog: Camtasia

Camtasia is a powerful, yet easy-to-use video editing software.

It lets you record your screen or import video footage, and then edit and publish your videos online.

One of the best things about Camtasia is the wide range of features it offers.

You can add text and graphics to your videos, create callouts and annotations, and even add music and sound effects.

Camtasia also makes it easy to share your videos with others.

You can publish your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, or your website, and you can also export them to other formats for playback on portable devices or computers.

If you’re looking to take your vlogging skills to the next level, Camtasia is the perfect additional tool to your vlogging kit.

With Camtasia, you can create high-quality, professional-looking videos that will help you attract more viewers and followers.

17. Vlogging Tools To Grow Your Vlog: Social Blade

Social Blade is a website that helps you track your YouTube analytics.

It’s a great resource for vloggers to track their progress and measure their success.

You can see how many subscribers you have, how much traffic your videos are getting, and how much money you’re making.

And you can also see how your channel compares to other channels on YouTube.

Social Blade also offers a variety of other tools, such as a channel analyzer, a video analyzer, and a social media analyzer.

This is a great resource for vloggers who want to improve their videos and grow their channels exponentially.

18. Vlogging Tools To Grow Your Vlog: YouTube Studio

If you’re looking to take your vlogging game up a notch, you’ll need to add YouTube Studio to your vlogging kit of tools.

This powerful tool offers a wealth of features that can help you improve your vlogging skills.

For starters, YouTube Studio gives you access to a wide range of analytics containing data that can help you track your progress and figure out what techniques work best for you.

Additionally, YouTube Studio lets you batch upload videos, which can save you a lot of time.

And you can also use the tool to create custom thumbnails and video titles, giving you more control over how your videos look.

Finally, YouTube Studio makes it easy to collaborate with other vloggers.

You can share videos, collaborate on projects, and more. This can help you expand your reach and grow your audience.

If you’re looking to take your vlogging game to the next level, YouTube Studio is the tool for your vlogging kit.

It offers a wealth of features that can help you improve your skills and grow your audience.

19. Vlogging Tools To Grow Your Vlog: Woobox

Woobox is a social media marketing tool that can help you grow your vlog.

It provides you with a variety of tools to help you promote your videos, including contests, coupons, and sweepstakes.

You can also use Woobox to create custom tabs on your Facebook page that allow visitors to watch your videos, subscribe to your channel, and more.

To really diversity things beyond the bounds of your vlogging platform, Woobox is a must have in your vlogging kit.

20. Vlogging Tools To Grow Your Vlog: Bitly

As a vlogger, you know that creating quality content is essential to the success of your channel.

But what about all the other aspects of vlogging?

From promoting your videos to tracking their performance, there’s a lot to keep track of.

That’s where Bitly comes in.

Bitly is a URL shortener that allows you to track the performance of your videos.

By adding a Bitly link to your videos, you can see how many people have clicked on it, where they’re coming from, and what they’re doing on your page.

Bitly also allows you to create custom shortened URLs for your videos, which makes it easy to share them on social media. Plus, Bitly’s analytics give you a detailed breakdown of how your videos are performing.

So if you’re looking for a tool to help you grow your vlog, Bitly is a great choice to be on your vlogging set.

21. Vlogging Tools To Grow Your Vlog: Pixlr

When you’re starting vlogging, the tools you put together in your vlogging kit to use to make your videos can be just as important as the content of your videos.

Pixlr is a web-based photo editor that’s been around since 2006.

It’s been used by millions of people and it’s one of the most popular online photo editors and offers a wide range of features, including filters, overlays, and adjustments.

But Pixlr is also a great tool for vlogging. It lets you add text, titles, and logos to your videos, and it also offers many editing features that you can use to improve your videos.

For example, you can use Pixlr to adjust the color and brightness of your videos, add effects, and remove background noise.

You can also use it to add titles and text to your videos and to create animated titles and logos.

Pixlr is free to use, and it’s available on the web and as a mobile app.

It’s a great tool for vloggers of all levels, and it’s a great way to improve the quality of your videos.

Why Should You Start Vlogging?

There are several reasons why you should start vlogging:

  1. Vlogging is a great way to connect with your audience on a deeper level.
  2. It can help you build a stronger relationship with your audience.
  3. Vlogging is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, and insights with your audience.
  4. It can help you build authority and credibility in your field.
  5. Vlogging can help you reach a larger audience.

How to Start Vlogging

Here are a few tips for starting vlogging:

  1. Choose a topic that you’re passionate about.
  2. Go for a topic that you’re knowledgeable about.
  3. Select a topic that’s relevant to your audience.
  4. use a format that works for you.
  5. Create a style that reflects your personality.
  6. Use quality equipment.
  7. Shoot at a good location.
  8. Choose a good time to shoot your vlogs.
  9. Use a good editing software.
  10. Upload your videos, tadaa!

Types of vlogs

There are a few different types of vlogs, which can be broadly categorized by the content of the video.

The most common types are:

  1. Travel vlogs Videos filmed by people while they are on vacation or traveling.
  2. Comedy vlogs Videos that are made to be funny.
  3. Fitness vlogs Videos that feature people working out or demonstrating exercises.
  4. Beauty vlogs Videos that show people applying makeup or doing hair.
  5. Cooking vlogs: Videos that show people cooking food.
  6. Educational vlogs Videos that teach people about a particular topic.
  7. Product reviews Videos that review a particular product or service.
  8. Vlogs by everyday people Videos filmed by regular people that don’t fit into any of the other categories.

Best Vlogging Niches [+ Strategy for Success]

In this day and age where social media keeps fanning the flame of the surging adoption of visual media, you can’t go wrong with video blogging— vlogging.

There’s also no denying the fact that the vlogging space keeps getting more crowded by the day.

One mistake you wouldn’t want to make is to get things started on the wrong foot.

Because sometimes passion will not be enough; there’s always the question of audience size as well as demand for what you got.

Of course, it’s a given that at this point, you probably have one particular niche that already tickles your fancy in terms of target niche.

It’s just as worthwhile to also know that there are the popular niches, the unpopular ones, and those that generate more money than others.

Three completely different categories of niches!

  • Unpopular niches
  • Popular/most viewed niches
  • Profitable niches

Time for some due diligence.

-> What are the best niches to launch a vlog with a higher chance of success?

P.S: This post only tries to shine the light on the profitable and popular niches and is by no means a conclusive yardstick measurement of how much you can earn as a vlogger.

Gurus: Most Profitable Vlogging Niches

A YouTube case study.

1. Make Money Online – $14.2

The Make Money Online niche focuses on teaching people how to make money online.

It has a high potential of being monetized by many methods but with an average CPM of $14.2 enjoys one of the highest Cost Per Mille (CPM) in the market, also called Cost Per Thousand.

That means that this is one of the highest-paid vlog niches from ad revenue monetization in the vlogging industry.

2. Social Media Marketing – $12.41

From my research, Social Media Marketing immediately follows the Make Money Online gurus with an average CPM of $12.41.

If a video or set of videos in a Social Media Marketing vlog channel gets, say, 500,000 impressions in a month or more, then this vlogger is expected to earn an estimated $4,258 – $6,121

This figure remains an estimate as every video is valued differently. A video in a Social Media Marketing channel or vlog could be more of something else than it is related to social media.

3. Finance & Investing – $12.25

Finance and Investing come off also a very lucrative niche to venture into with a $12.25 average estimated CPM.

If there’s one aspect of life people need help with the most, it has to be with the management of their finance and how to make their money work for them.

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Finance and investing advice vlogs are among one the top high in-demand niches, for this reason, hence rake in more revenue than others.

4. Educational Videos – $9.87

With the growth and popularity of online tutorials and digital education, educational videos seem to be performing well in terms of ad revenue payoff.

The average CPM of the niche of educational video is estimated at $9.87 on the YouTube (Google AdSense) platform.

Coincidentally, some of the most viewed niches may not be the highest-paid if you utilize Google AdSense monetization.

The primary categories of these videos seem to be the entertainment industry. This type of video can easily take off and goes viral without anyone’s knowledge.

From my research, the niches that get the most views on youtube and other vlogging platforms, but not necessarily more money include (in no specific order):

  • Comedy vlogs
  • Educational videos
  • Gaming vlogs
  • Food vlogs.
  • Music vlogs.
  • Sports vlogs.
  • Motivational video vlogs
  • Entertainment/Pop Culture vlogs
  • Lifehacks vlogs
  • Conspiracy theories

According to, the most popular video types worldwide during the 3rd quarter of 2021 by weekly usage reach
were educational videos at 29.8%, product review videos at 27.7%, gaming videos at 27.4%, and sports clips or highlights videos at 28.5%.

The Winning Strategy For Success in Vlogging

According to M.J Demarco: The best business strategy is that you either reach a mass audience or sell premium products.

Those are the only two ways a business could generate a huge monthly or yearly turnover.

With the idea of reaching the mass market, the more people buy your products or services, the more money you cash in.

Whereas, with a premium product or service, your prospects are limited to a few select people with deep pockets, and even a few hundred sales can give you a home run.

Let’s apply this strategy to vlogging.

Your winning strategy is to choose a niche from any of the two categories; more profitability or most viewed.

If you choose more profitable niches, every video you put out there gives you a chance to earn bigger.

On the other hand, with popular and most viewed vlog niches, rest assured that the large inflow of people will eventually boost earnings.

Another hyper-profitable monetization strategy for vloggers in the ‘celebrity’ category is taking on brand deals.

Why Some Vlog Niches Get Paid More Than Others

Content creators get paid from advertisers’ money.

On YouTube specifically, businesses and advertisers are willing to pay more to appear before viewers on videos related to their line of business.

Most of the time, those types of videos fall under educational videos, making money online, finance and investing in social media marketing, etc.

While for more generalized videos like comedy skits, there’s really no target audience, hence advertisers want to spend less to get their business before comedy viewers.

And it makes sense because when you are watching a comedy skit, you expect to laugh but may not be prepared to spend.

However, advertisements that are focused on building brand awareness than sales are good on any type of content, on or off YouTube.

Vlogging Tools and Vlogging Kit Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before vlogging?

First and foremost, you should have a good understanding of what vlogging is.

Vlogging is the process of creating and sharing videos online, typically in the form of a diary or journal.

Unlike traditional blogging, vlogging is heavily reliant on video content, which can be a great way to connect with your audience and create a more personal connection.

Before starting a vlogging channel, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, make sure you have the necessary equipment. This includes a good-quality camera, microphone, and lighting. You’ll also need to have a solid internet connection and good editing software.

Next, you’ll need to come up with a concept for your channel. What are you going to vlog about?

Are you going to do product reviews, travel videos, or just document your everyday life? Once you have a concept, you’ll need to come up with a name for your channel and create a logo and branding.

Finally, you’ll need to start creating content. This can be a daunting task, but it’s important to start small and gradually build up your audience. Be consistent with your content, and make sure to respond to comments and feedback.

If you’re ready to start vlogging, there are a few resources available to help you get started. YouTube has a ton of helpful tutorials on everything from equipment to editing. There are also several vlogging communities and forums

What should you not do when vlogging?

1. Don’t speak too fast

People often speak too quickly when vlogging because they are nervous or excited. This can make it difficult for viewers to understand what you are saying. Speak slowly and clearly so that your viewers can follow along.

2. Don’t be too scripted

It’s important to sound natural when vlogging. Don’t read from a script word for word. Instead, prepare some notes beforehand so that you have a general idea of what you want to say, but don’t be afraid to go off-script if something interesting happens.

3. Don’t ignore your viewers

Make sure to engage with your viewers by responding to their comments and questions. This helps to create a community around your vlog and makes the viewers feel more engaged.

4. Don’t be afraid to be yourself

Vlogging is a great way to show your personality to your viewers. Don’t be afraid to be funny, quirky, or sarcastic. Just make sure that you are always respectful.

5. Don’t forget to have fun!

Vlogging can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember to enjoy yourself. Don’t get too caught up in the details and make sure to take some time to relax and have some fun.

How do you start a beginner’s vlog?

Starting a vlog can be a great way to share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas with the world. However, starting a vlog can also be a little intimidating. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Choose a topic that you’re passionate about.

When you’re passionate about a topic, it’s much easier to come up with content for your vlog.

2. Choose a format that you’re comfortable with.

There are many different formats you can choose from when starting a vlog, such as talking head videos, Q&A videos, or vlogging about your day-to-day life. Choose the format that feels most comfortable for you.

3. Make sure you have the right equipment.

To make your vlogs look their best, you’ll need some basic equipment, such as a good quality camera and microphone.

4. Be consistent with your content.

If you want people to keep coming back to your vlog, be sure to post new content regularly.

5. Have fun!

The most important thing is to have fun with your vlog and be yourself.

What makes a successful vlog?

Many things make a successful vlog, but the most important factor is that the vlogger must be interesting and engaging. They must have a personality that people want to watch and they must be able to produce content that is both interesting and engaging.

Another important factor is the quality of the vlogs. The vlogs must be well-made and of high quality to keep people interested.

The vlogger must also be consistent in their posting. If they go for long periods without posting, people will lose interest.

Finally, the vlogger must be active on social media. They must be engaged with their audience and be willing to interact with them. This will help keep people interested in the vlogs.

What are YouTube tools?

YouTube tools are a set of web-based applications that allow you to manage your YouTube account and videos.

They include a video editor, a creator studio, and a channel manager.

The video editor lets you trim and merge videos, add music and text, and create custom thumbnails.

The creator studio lets you view analytics, manage your videos and channels, and create new videos.

The channel manager lets you create and manage multiple channels, and add links and descriptions to your videos.

YouTube tools are a great way to help you manage and improve your YouTube channel. They make it easy to edit and publish videos and track your analytics so you can see how your videos are performing.

What are YouTube’s clickable tools?

There are a few different clickable tools that YouTube offers.

The first is the “annotations” tool, which lets you add text overlays to your videos.

You can use annotations to add call-to-action buttons, links to other videos or websites, or simply add text to your videos.

The second tool is the “end screens” tool. This tool lets you add a call-to-action banner or video at the end of your videos.

You can use end screens to promote other videos or channels on YouTube or to promote your website or blog.

The third tool is the “cards” tool. This tool lets you add interactive cards to your videos. You can use cards to promote your products or services or to drive viewers to your website or blog.

What equipment do most YouTubers use?

We have listed all of it and more in this post.

Additionally, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the equipment that different YouTubers use varies depending on their individual preferences and budgets.

However, some of the most common pieces of equipment that YouTubers use include cameras, microphones, and editing software.

Cameras are a key piece of equipment for YouTubers, as they are responsible for capturing the footage of the videos.

Many YouTubers use digital cameras, although some use traditional camcorders.

Microphones are also important, as they are used to capture the audio of the videos.

YouTubers often use either internal or external microphones, depending on their preferences.

Finally, editing software is necessary for editing together the footage and audio of the videos.

Many YouTubers use Adobe Premiere Pro, although other programs such as Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas are also popular.

What are the Top 10 YouTube topics?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the popularity of different YouTube topics varies greatly depending on who you ask.

However, according to recent data from YouTube, the top 10 most popular topics on the site are as follows:

  1. Music
  2. Gaming
  3. Comedy
  4. How-to
  5. Film and TV
  6. Pets
  7. News and Politics
  8. Fashion and Beauty
  9. Cars and Motorcycles
  10. Sports


There are many different tools that you can use to help you create your vlogs, but not all of them need to be on your vlogging kit.

In this article, we have looked at some of the most popular and effective tools.

If you are just starting, I recommend using a simple tool like YouTube or Facebook.

These tools are easy to use and you can create a basic vlog very quickly.

We hope this article has helped you to choose the right vlogging tool for your vlogging kit.

See you vlogging!

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