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What You Must Do To Get Approved AdSense

What You Must Do To Get Approved AdSense

Now it is your turn to make “that” money from blogging. Welcome to our world 🙂 .

AdSense is the model; if approval of your AdSense account is a must, reading this post is in-evi-table.

So, what are the reasons for the many disapproved applications? What must you do to get your AdSense application approved, even for a new blog? Stay tuned!

What You Must Do To Get Approved AdSense

Create Important Pages

Pages are static information-ful timeless content on your blog. They need no updates (not supposed to change very often) – with exceptions – and remains always useful to every prospective visitor.

A few of the pages on your blog are of great significance than others, okay. And great Search Engines – like Google – recognize this importance and reward blogs with this marvelous pages so handsomely.

Pages like

  • Home Page
  • The About Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Sitemap
    • All the pages here are all important, but sitemap is importanter. By all means, keep Google happy.
  • Affiliate Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • FAQs

Make Sure You Are Getting Enough Traffic

This is so obvious but still worth mentioning here. Google AdSense is an intelligent advertising platform and the last thing they will want to do is place ads on a website that is below average.

So you need an extremely high-traffic blog site before applying for AdSense. If you aren't getting enough traffic already, below is what you can do to boost your traffic.

  • Submit Your Sitemap to Google
  • Optimize Your Blog
  • Be Mobile Friendly
  • Achieve Backlinks

More . . . Check This and That out.

Avoid Copyright Infringement – What You Must Do To Get Approved AdSense

A host of us bloggers finds it simple and fun to just head over to Google to get our infographics.


But a legal part of me is ringing ‘run away'.

Runaway from copyright images and duplicate content. Because it is just hampering your AdSense approval process.

Be Unique and Standard – What You Must Do To Get Approved AdSense

Sure! Be unique.

When others are sitting down, stand-out. When they are standing out, be OUTSTANDING 🙂

Talk soon.