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Why Am I Not Ranking On Google First Page(?)

why am I not ranking on Google first page

So why am I not ranking on Google's first page? Let's see.

One day, I was so happy with how many posts I have on my blog already, having obeyed some few SEO rules to rank.

Then I said to myself, how about searching any of these my well banged-up blog posts on Google. Just to know how much I have achieved.

Then it dawned on me when I discovered that, even with my exact post title and blog name combined (as the keyword), I didn't still make it.

My post showed up, but with lots of others.

And, I couldn't be more surprised when I saw a 9 figure returned SERs. What?

This is just that you may know the level of the competition.

To face the truth, the one and the undeniable reason why you are not the number one on Google's first page is that, you are not the only one doing what you do.

Again, there are lots of people out there. People that are not only as good but far better in doing it, just like you.

So I believe now that we've dealt a bit with the “Why Am I Not Ranking On The First Page of Google”“.

But we are not yet done!

The new promising question now is; How do I show up on Google's first page in my niche.

So if you want to rank on Google, I have the list of a few factors that play big roles in your website crawling and ranking process.

And you will want to have these in place.

  • Website speed
  • Niched down niche and long-tail-keyword targeted blog posts
  • Unique reader-friendly Content/posts
  • A genuine interest in your niche and Consistency

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And there you have it.


  • Why you as a new website will rank faster
  • How yours, that website that has been around for quite some time and nothing is happening in terms of showing up on Google's first page, will get up and running in no time.
  • These influential factors will also serve as a redeeming remedy for all the websites/blogs, who once ranked but …

Now Think of the reason you liked a particular website and why you do not just like the other.

It is directly or indirectly one or more of the above factors.

Remember also that the points above = success

Website Speed as a factor for ranking on Google first page

Website Speed as a factor for ranking on Google first page
Speed as a factor for ranking on Google first page

How patient can you be to wait for a web page to load?

Two seconds (2secs) or 5seconds or what?

A fast website must respond and completely load in less than 2 to 4 seconds (mobile and desktop), to be considered fast.

You may not know yet how important the speed of your website is. Both to your site SEO and Customer satisfaction.

Amazon reported that one second (1sec) lag in their company's website load time costs a total loss worth of about $1.59+ billion.

And you must not be as big and established as Amazon to incur losses. At least, your ranking on the first page of Google will be delayed too.

And as small or big as your blog/website maybe now, for every delay in your website speed you lose significant value.

You lose revenue, conversions, views, and the worst; decreased visitors/users satisfaction- the users that experience first bad impression is most likely not going to come back again.

But why in high heavens will my website be slow?

The one most important reason for a slow website is the host. The place where a website is hosted is one of the first things to consider before starting out.

Some web hosts were really cool when they had a few hundred customers. But as the popularity and population of their client base grew, and there were lots of load on them. They gave up their speed and many more other juices that ‘you and I' really need.

While so many other hosts are just popular but not as good as they are advertised.

That is why I recommend Fastcomet Web hosting. This post is not meant to describe the good features of Fastcomet though, but they deserve a quality post. So feel free to check them out. You will love it.

If you already have a host you can't score up to 80%. Please, consider migrating to a new host. These other guys can do it for you in just 30minutes. FREE!

Fastcomet is fast and has many great features you will need, which will help make your ranking on google's first page be dependent on only on your practices and knowledge (which this guide provides).

So, no excuses! You must rank.

Niched down niche . . . As a factor to rank on Google's first page.

Niched down niche . . . As a factor to rank on Google's first page.
Niche down

Like we discussed in the beginning. There are lots of people in this online thing already.

And the best option is not to quit. The population only signals great potentials and lots of opportunities!

You know what, instead of just a website in the health niche, set up a website that deals, say on hair. Just “hair” only.

Then you can cover topics like Hair removal, hair regrowth, how to get beards for men, body hair, hair maintenance, etc.

To even do better. You will want to choose only one sub-topic (in the hair sub-niche) and write solely on it throughout your blog.

For instance, with the example above, you can decide to write only on beards growth for men all through your blog site.

That is what we call a niched down blog niche.

… long-tail-keyword targeted blog posts as a google ranking factor

.. long-tail-keyword targeted blog posts as a google ranking factor
long-tail keywords for ranking on google

So when you niche so narrowly down and choose topics that are even more targeted; you will rank on Google's first page.

What did I say! ….. it is a PROMISE.

Let's say I want to write a post in the niche I have chosen above.

Then I will write Top 5 ways to grow beards faster for men in summer.

Just imagine how well I will do if I continue to push out great posts on beards growth for me! I will surely do well because the competition is much less and in no time, I will become an authority like

Unique reader-friendly Content/posts

Of course, you already know what I want to say. Naughty you.

Still, hear me out anyways.

You will surely be tempted, just like me, to steal other people's posts, maybe due to lousiness or desperation. Now, can I tell you that it doesn't pay?

Yes, it doesn't pay at all.

Despite how bad a writer you are, the best way to learn how to write is to write.

Afterall how would you know how such a great writer you are if you don't try first?

Apart from not knowing how to write, the only other reason you are not actually banging up those posts in a unique and consistent manner is that you lack —

A Genuine Interest in Your Niche and Consistency

Geniune interest in your niche and Consistency
Genuine interest shows in the passion

Yes. Maybe they've told you just like I heard, that blogging is now the easiest way to make money in the 21st Century.

So, VOOM, you've signed up for web hosting space already. After all the best hosting website we partially discussed here is just $2+/m.

Ready to start making the . . . to do what actually.

Can I tell you that lots of people also heard the same and acted as speedy as you did?

No wonder we have more than 500 million blogs on the internet and counting.

Anyways, don't change that mindset as people will advise you do.

Rather, rearrange it like this:

Hmmm! Did you get that?

With all these in place, there is only one person to hold you back now. So when you get to the house today, approach the nearest full-length mirror. And you will see HIM 🙂