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Why Optimizing for Voice Search a Good Idea


There are tons of people out there doing voice searches, on their smartphones and smart home devices, and this way of searching is trending upward because of its ease and the increase in devices made for it. 

Here are the two main reasons Voice Search is so useful: 

People Use Voice Search to Ask for Directions

40% of adults use voice search to ask for directions. This means that you can generate a lot of traffic to a physical store from strong local SEO that is optimized for voice search. 

Voice Search Leads People to Discover Your Brand

Voice can help you increase your  list of followers and increase your leads.

For instance, let’s say people address their voice assistant with questions like, “How to write a blog.”

If you’re the featured rich snippet for that keyword, the assistant will read them your content, and if they like it, they’ll follow you and you’ll grow your leads.

How to Optimize for Voice Search: 3 Top Tips to Implement

Register for Google My Business

Registering for Google My Business allows Google to confirm the authenticity of your business. This means it’ll more likely bring up your name in a voice search.

The great news?

Google My Business is free and super easy to use.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile

Chances are, you won’t be doing a voice search on your desktop so people who find your website through voice search will likely be on their mobile devices. 

To make sure they love your site, optimize it for mobile.

This is as easy as:

  • Making sure your buttons aren’t too small to be seen comfortably on a mobile device.
  • Going for mobile-friendly plugins.
  • Optimizing your site so it loads in under 3 seconds.
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Get into Google’s Featured Snippets

This isn’t an easy task, but it’s the #1 reason you’ll be featured in a voice search

To get a bigger chance of getting into Google’s featured snippets, work on answering relevant question keywords briefly and directly.

Take Aways: 

Voice search is the fastest growing change in search trends and it is important to your SEO strategy, especially as it gets more popular. Implement these tips to help you bring in more leads through voice search optimization. 

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