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WordPress (.com) and WordPress (.org)

WordPress (.com) and WordPress (.org)- See The Best and WHY!

Most bloggers are already hosting their blogs without knowing the nitty-gritty of the platform they use.

If you’re new to blogging or have not yet understood the WordPress thing, you’re sure of living after reading this post, with the knowledge right under your belt.

We will study their similarities, differences, the best, where and when to use each.

What Is WordPress [.com] is a website/blog hosting service offered by WordPress for free of charge. That means you don’t have to spend any dime to start hosting a fantastic blog with this service; as far as you are okay with a “ subdomain and the fact that you can’t make major moves towards monetizing your blog.

This is the main limitation but it is a very good start for wannabes or if you’re trying out blogging before finally diving into it.

So if you’re looking to set up a personal blog where you can share your stories, experiences, thoughts and more on the Internet at no cost, is your best fit. 

Folks also create cutting-edge websites with to grow their audiences for free and later on add affiliate links, featured posts, Google Adsense, and other ads networks.

You can do so too! 

Remember that “affiliate links, featured posts, Google Adsense” are all different site monetizing models.

Worthy to mention is that also has a business plan that gives you the capability of monetizing your site which is not free anyways. 

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How To Create A Blog With WordPress (.com):

  • Click here to start creating your blog
  • Scroll down to where you have “Start Your Website.”
  • Provide the basic information (personal data) required and choose your blog domain name.
  • Done! You now have a stunning website of your own.

Pros Of A WordPress (.com) Website:

  • Free hosting
  • SEO ready blog 
  • Free domain
  • Security & Backups
  • Uses the services of a great content management system (Fully hosted by WordPress)
  • Readily available support
  • 100% uptime (no downtimes)

Cons Of A Wordpress (.com) Website:

  • Lack of control
  • Not monetizable
  • Risk of losing your hard work, if you ever go contrary to Google’s TOC

WordPress [.org] (Self-hosted)

This is a self-hosted open-source software that you can use to set up any type of website such as E-commerce, Blogs, Forums, even Apps.

You’ll have to host this one yourself. This would have to get your hands dirty with some codes (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, etc) what a heck.

But in this 21st Century buddy! Things are not the analog way anymore. You don’t really have to do all that again.

Most likely, you surely know about web hosting companies, probably yes. So this gave the solution to the equation.

They voluntarily choose to do the coding stuff for a petty bulk so you can focus on more important things- growing your business. 

Without web hosting companies, you’ll have to download and install on a web server, research and install your own themes/plugins, manage the servers, even pay for space where it will sit on the World Wide Web.

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Trust me, this will be more than heck if you’re not a professional. 

However, some programming gurus and webmasters still prefer to take care of this themselves, the hosting. But you dare not toll that path if you had not the knowledge and experience plus resources to do that.  

What the hosting company like Fastcomet (my bestie) does is to make this a breeze. YES, as simple as a few mouse clicks, zoom a brand new website is stirring at your face already.

All this stuff for a few dollars. Shoutout to the good hosting companies, they made this possible.

Similarities of and Self-Hosted WordPress

These are the ways self-hosted and free hosting WordPress is similar.

  • Both are the products of the world’s most popular CMS
  • Secure
  • Easy of use
  • SEO ready
  • Great premium features etc

Differences Similarities of and Self-Hosted WordPress

Similarities bring them together, but

  • Full control over your site
  • Flexibility
  • Monetizability 
  • Scalability and speed
  • Superior premium features etc

all makes self-hosted WordPress the Superman.
What do you think? Drop them!!

Which Is The Best To Use (And WHY!)?

Is the best or
In my opinion, is good but is gooder, sorry I mean, maybe better, all depends on your needs thou.

Let me wear your shoes now! If I just want a personal blog just to publish my experience, hobby, or something not so serious or just testing things out before exploring the blogging world fully, then I will go for Get that?


If you have any hope to transform your blog into a business in the future or want to start off with the intention of making money from your blog, then go for the gooder

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You can’t go wrong with Self-hosted WordPress. No need for any coding skills.

Signup with FastComet here (Note: If you use my link(s), you are part of my online success).

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